I smiled and gave him a hand. "I’m here to see my sister. You haven’t seen me. What’s my crime? But don’t call me long live. "

"Yes, long live." He still failed to change his mind. "Miss, please go in alone."
"Good," I ordered to Dian Wei, "Tiewei, you will wait here for a moment."
Dian Wei looked at me and nodded.
"Please give me some drinks for these guards." I threw a few large sums of money and the doorman rushed to receive them in my belt.
I walked through a gate along the guard’s finger, but I came to a tinker.
Lu Bu’s father and daughter are not meticulous people, so this wide house is also decorated with generosity and martial spirit.
Before I got to the front yard, a sharp arrow broke out.
"Miss, this archery is getting better and better!" There is also a young woman in the field, Xi Xi laughs
"It’s a 20-step distance. If you miss, there is a real problem." Lu Lingqi said with joy.
I coughed and stepped over.
"Is Lingqi practicing archery?" I know the past and ask.
"Hum!" Lui Ling-qi’s fine waist was restrained as if she could hold it in one hand, because she was practicing her bow and arrow, and her forehead was slightly undulating, and she also had some glittering and translucent sweat.
"Who made you angry again?" I asked with a smile, "Say it and let my brother take it out for you."
As if she hadn’t heard of it, she drew another long arrow and shot it at the farthest target in the field without glancing at it.
The tinker covers an area of almost three quarters of Lu Fu, and the target is at least sixty paces away from Lu Lingqi. This arrow was shot too casually and missed the target and flew out.
I made a decision.
"Come on," I stepped around behind her and my left hand climbed gently. She held the bow and the back of her left hand. "Shall we shoot together?"
She shivered slightly but didn’t dodge after all, muttering that "men and women are not close to each other …"
This time, I didn’t know it. I twisted a long arrow in my right hand and handed it to Lu Lingqi’s right hand.
I’m afraid I can fall in love with her outside on the spot if I have a good idea-of course, that’s just the thought.
Although Lu Lingqi never said it, at the moment, her physical reaction has expressed her mind in vain.
Is that she is still trembling slightly in spite of herself.
"Lingqi don’t be nervous" I said in her ear.
But she was blown into my ear in one breath, and the whole slender neck was pink.
"You … are quick to shoot …" She couldn’t help urging me all over.
I couldn’t help laughing. "How can I shoot when you are shaking so much?"
"You …" She leaned back, and her ass was just against my hip.
I think a hot air from a channeling immediately steel gun stand directly in the two pieces of jade.
"Ah!" Although Lui Ling-qi was unconscious, she didn’t seem to vaguely feel that her face was pink with shame, but she didn’t move a step forward. She loosened her hand and lost control of the arrow, and it flew out obliquely without even touching the edge of the arrow.
"It’s no good. Let’s do it again." I rubbed the back of her hand and spat at her crystal earlobe.
"hey?" She clamped her legs, and the two elastic jade strands immediately caught the steel gun in it.
What is the flexibility and comfort of practicing kung fu … I almost cried out.
"Good, good …" She finally struggled in my arms with shame, but her hands showed little strength.
"Don’t move." I threw my bow and arrow around her waist. "Let me give you a hug."
With a slight quiver on her shoulders, Lu Lingqi finally gave up her struggle. "Why don’t you stay in the palace … but come to me?"
"Do what I want to do …" I laughed a lot. "Qi, can I ask you a question?"
She lifted her head back. "What?"
I put my head next to her cheek and whispered, "Do you think … when is the best day for me to marry you?"
"Huh?" She was taken aback and the whole person melted directly into my arms.
I gently closed my arms with a slight force and added, "What do you think, yee?"
Her cheeks seemed to burn, and the tip of my nose was a little hot. "Dad … is still out fighting …"
"Ha ha" I laughed. "Your father also told me before he left that he would give you a victory dowry."
"really?" She was pleasantly surprised.
I gently sucked on her ear bead. "Why should I lie to you?"
She snorted jiao, and her whole body became more and more tender.
"You’re wearing a sword … it’s hard for others …" She finally came out with a novel.
I suddenly laughed out of breath.
"What are you laughing at?" She glared at me, stretched out her hand and dialed her ass.
Hey … I didn’t bring a knife …

After successfully solving the problem of Lu Lingqi, I immediately turned my gun to find another breakthrough.
I dressed and chased my life to the pity star building.
The lobby of the pity star building was greeted with great enthusiasm. "Long live the villain!"
"Do you recognize me?" I’m a little surprised
"Wang is joking," he explained with a grin on his face. "Long live the little people who came to the small building a few days ago. Every day, they are greeted and sent to Wang, a once-in-a-century guest. If you want to see it again, you will never forget it again."
I smiled. "You have a good memory. I want to meet the girl Haitang. By the way, I’ll ask you about her …"
"Yes," he blurted out without waiting for me to ask the wise men. "Haitang girl took off her Baihua Building in Chang ‘an two months ago and temporarily stayed in the small building to sing a little song on stage occasionally, which won the reputation of Luoyang City."
"Oh?" I finally asked the question, "Is she … accompanying the guests?"
"eh?" He hesitated for a second and immediately understood what I meant. He immediately shook his head like a rattle. "Wang is joking! She even plays and sings on the stage to see where the mood will accompany her for the night … "
"That’s not quite right, is it?" I find it hard to believe that "she is just a woman. If the guests spend a lot of money, you can’t refuse, can you?"
"The king didn’t know that this Chinese flowering crabapple girl was stunted." He lowered his voice. "I heard that the reason why the Chinese flowering crabapple girl left Chang ‘an before was that Baihualou received a noble money to force her to accompany her. She was so angry that she smashed the whole Baihualou to pieces that she came to Luoyang …"