Lin Ke, the unlucky child, was very miserable at this time, lying unconscious in a cave on a floating mountain in Feixian Valley.
At this time, Lin Zheng, instead of Lin Ke, was lying in the room belonging to Lin Ke, dressed neatly, with his right hand gently on his left hand and his eyes closed, sleeping.
Lying in the cave, the palm of Lin Ke’s left hand was cut off neatly, and the trace of disappearance was that there was not much blood flowing out. Before the palm was cut off, Lin Ke performed hemostasis exercises, and at the same time, a faint slender bloodshot oozed from the corner of his left eye … His left eye is not in his eye socket now!
Lin carved this faint at least have to be in a coma for two days before you can wake up.
I’m very sure about this time … Of course, the former was that the forest carving was not found and the floating mountain where the forest carving was located was very hidden. At the same time, the hole of this cave was covered up by the forest, which was difficult to see clearly.
The next day!
Lin sat up from the bed, put his left index finger on the wrist of his right hand, and when he heard the drop of wisdom brain, he raised his right hand and dropped it on his left eye, and then wisdom brain started completely.
Lin immediately closed his eyes after Zhinao started, took out a pair of dark roots from his pocket, and couldn’t see the mirror. After that, his eyes opened his mouth and said, "Check out and book a taxi to the Star Airport!"
"It’s the master!" Wisdom brain answer
Zhinao arranged for Lin to get a ride to the Star Airport after checking out, and at the same time, he did not forget to buy some special products of Jiyaxing wine.
Arriving at the star airport, hiring airport workers to salute themselves, packing and sending the spacecraft to sit in the waiting hall and waiting for Lin’s friends to arrive. Lin didn’t arrive at the star airport until he calculated well. It didn’t take long for others to arrive. They arrived at the distance, and there was not much when boarding.
Liu Shao saw’ Lin Ke’ and immediately walked over to’ Lin Ke’, patted him on the shoulder and said, "You went to pick up girls alone yesterday … what a disloyalty!"
Lin said with a wry smile, "Liu Shao really should ask you to go together yesterday …"
Six little strange way "what? Are there many girls? "
Lin said, "There is one … otherwise, how could I sneak away by myself?"
Six, say less, "There is one, so why call us?"
Lin frowned and said, "No bubble!"
I knew it!’
"I …"
Everyone together crusaded against "Lin Ke" … Yesterday, after Lin Ke stunned Lin Ke and got his wisdom brain, left hand and left eye, of course, the first thing to do was to prevent Lin Ke’s friends from looking for him, so they sent them a message saying, "Pick up girls and don’t wait for him", a simple excuse that won’t make people doubt.
A group of people arrived when they boarded the plane, talking and laughing. After checking their brains, Lin successfully boarded the spaceship for the earth.
Everything went smoothly, because Guanyin had been dragged down another road by Lin’s smoke screen, I didn’t expect Lin to meet such a group of tourists from the earth on the way to the embassy of Central Star.
At this time, there is also a beggar who is extremely similar to Lin’s figure, who is haunting the embassy of the Central Star. This is because Lin found an ordinary person in Jiyaxing to hypnotize him and let him dress up as a beggar … If Guanyin tries to test it, he can immediately find that this beggar is not Lin. Unfortunately, the beggar dressed up and won Guanyin’s sympathy, even though Guanyin herself didn’t realize that her sympathy appeared.
It can’t be said that Guanyin didn’t realize that Guanyin Zun did, but Guanyin members didn’t realize it.
When a group of people with the same body and the same memory have different levels of status, different ways of doing things and different ways of thinking, there will be great differences immediately … Commanders and executors have different ideas, or it should be said that when a person who is unwilling to be commanded by others has to do things according to other people’s orders, even if he conforms to them, he will involuntarily drill for orders, especially the person who carries out orders is a very scary person who is very clear about everything.
Guanyin has the experience of manipulating others but not herself, which is that she doesn’t realize her mistake.
This is also the main reason why Lin can escape from birth again and again, and this time it is the same.
Guanyin realized that the situation was wrong when Lin’s spaceship headed for the earth hit a wormhole and flew into it. Let’s split up and capture body double, a beggar from Lin …
But it’s too late
"Time" gm extremely handsome man saw such a situation and had to sigh with emotion, "I really don’t know who will win or lose this special training for Guanyin! Personality is extremely unique. It is difficult to control the freedom even if it is bound by belief genes, but it can also cover up the original extremely strong personality … If Guanyin doesn’t realize this shortcoming, I am afraid that Lin will find an opponent! "
An opponent!
In a way, Guanyin is the protector of the dark king.
Behind Guanyin, there are also protectors. Once Guanyin is killed, Guanyin protectors will appear.
The reason for this is simple: power needs to be restricted.
The Dark King has the memory technology. In order to ensure that the memory technology will not be killed, the Dark King needs to monitor the Dark King to some extent and clean up the future trouble after the Dark King is killed.
Similarly, there is no doubt about the horror of remembering the technology, just as Guanyin monitors the dark king, so some people also monitor Guanyin’s every move … If Guanyin is killed, Guanyin’s protector will come to Guanyin to deal with the aftermath.
Extremely handsome man shook his head. "Of course, it is still not difficult for Guanyin to kill Lin now, although the battlefield is on the earth … Guanyin on the earth can’t make those advanced scientific and technological weapons, but Guanyin’s forces on the earth should be mobilized, and Lin can’t resist it."
When Lin arrived on the earth, Lin Ke also woke up from the coma.
There is no panic or doubt. The expression is frowning and touching yourself, such as the left eye socket. Only the right eye is left, and the left hand palm is watching you swing and disappear.
When I got up, I left this floating mountain directly from Feixian Valley to call the police!
Just when Lin Ke appeared, Guanyin had already found out that he was going to the earth by spaceship, and Lin Ke immediately drove his own spaceship to chase it … And Lin Ke had a spaceship flight from Jiyaxing to the earth every year, and he wanted to go back to the spaceship flight that could wait for years. After all, Lin Ke was born in a powerful family of earth potential, but he was also able to make it happen on the earth by Jiyaxing method.
You know, it takes a huge amount of money to open a wormhole on an interstellar flight. Even if his family knew what happened to him, it would not be possible to spend so much money to get him back to Earth from Giyaxing quickly.
Chapter five hundred and seventy-seven Terror memory!
After calling the police in Gia Xinglin, I went to the hospital to repair my semi-disabled body.
At this time, although Lin Ke returned to the earth, the network was able to quickly return his information to the earth. It is hard to say what will happen when he arrives at the earth forest.
Lin Ke didn’t care at all what would happen to the man who took his left hand and left eye, and his identity was confirmed. Lin Ke’s original wisdom brain was scrapped and a new one was reissued (there is a network data backup that needs to be reissued by the official virtual wisdom brain management office). It is still a watch-type wisdom brain, but it is different from the original one. It turned out that his habit was to wear wisdom brain in his right hand, but now it is changed to wear it in his left hand.
Then he can’t go back for a year, and he can rent a suite in Jiya Star and live here.
Lin Ke is rich. Although this is Jiyaxing, Taibi is connected to the earth in human society. He can live in the most fashionable society. In Jiyaxing, he can live in a civilian area because of his identity.
What kind of person is Lin Ke? It can be said that he is a dude. He is a dude who eats, drinks and plays all day long (more pleasant to talk). He accepts everything arranged by his parents step by step, unwilling and unwilling, and has no intention of refusing. He slowly gets what he can get and slowly walks on a route that others have set for himself.
Finally, he didn’t refuse to come. This road was completely changed in Jiyaxing because of the encounter with Lin.
I stayed in the room I just rented, and suddenly I didn’t know what to do after talking to my parents and friends who were far away from the earth … What was in his mind, eating, drinking and having fun? What else?
There seems to be nothing left!
Lonely … Now he doesn’t know anyone in Gia’s face, and he has no friends but himself.
"I’m not even in the mood to play … what should I do?" If it is the former, Lin Ke will definitely lie in bed and watch the virtual film and television drama when he meets such a situation.
But now Lin Ke is different … But what’s different? I’m afraid even the most familiar people can feel different when they see him, but they can’t see the difference.
"I don’t know if these extra things in my brain are true or false!"
"I don’t know how many years I haven’t seen it … it seems that I should still be a student of Huaxia University now. If these things are true, I can try to take a walk after I go back. I want to take that road myself!"
"What to look at first … whatever, just start from the computer!"