"Stop it, shaquille …" Malone saw that the momentum was wrong and quickly dissuaded O’ Neill.

"Kobe shaquille has been fighting hard enough, so you should talk less …" Peyton is also a veteran who walks up to Kobe. Of course, he doesn’t want to have a quarrel during the game.
"You shut up for me. You don’t look at the score and see which side is behind. You look at so many rounds. Are you alone playing other players? Have you got an offensive chance? !” Although O ‘Neill laughs and laughs at ordinary times, it is such an angry scene when he is present at the game. His "shark" also shows his ferocious teeth.
"If you have something to do, just keep our restricted area and you are qualified to comment on me. No, I have been in the front. Do you think it will still be this score now?" Kobe is also aggressive.
"How do you want to rob to be the boss? Don’t take a piss and look in the mirror to see how much you have! " Shaquille O ‘Neal is waving his fist. It seems that he is going to beat Kobe Bryant.
Malone saw that the posture was wrong and quickly grabbed O’ Neill’s side. Grant was also the first two people to hold O’ Neill together.
"Why don’t you look at yourself this season into what kind of shit you are qualified to say me? !” Kobe Bryant is also throwing caution to the wind at the moment, and all the new and old grievances have been said.
The quarrel between the two people was not small, and it was soon heard by the fans behind them.
"This is … how did Kobe and shaquille quarrel?" Brown was surprised to see what happened on the Lakers bench and shouted that Lakers Du was still in the lead, although he didn’t play very well, so it shouldn’t make the two bosses of the team quarrel so much.
Johnson also frowned at the Lakers bench. The Lakers’ team name Su naturally said that this kind of fighting on the court would hurt the team. After watching the Lakers’ team name for a while, he couldn’t help but sigh, and he couldn’t help but feel a feeling of hating iron and not turning it into steel.
The fans at the scene, including Brown and Johnson, are puzzled by this sudden noise, which is normal because they don’t know that the contradiction between Kobe Bryant and O ‘Neal has been simmering for a long time since the season.
However, the Lakers coach "Jackson" quarreled with the two lovers in front of him, but what happened today was just a fuse. As Kobe grew up and demanded the ball, the team’s top battle would be played sooner or later.
"Shut up!" When he heard that Kobe wanted to expand the situation to the point of legal control, the old man who was as kind as "KFC grandpa" finally broke out.
Jackson’s roar was so loud that several rows of fans leaned against the bench to hear it. It was the first time Kobe Bryant and O’ Neill saw Jackson so angry that they suddenly shut up and dared not speak.
"Do you really want to lose?" Jackson continued, "Kobe, don’t you see that this is a trap for the Nuggets?" If you want, I can ask Mara, the teaching assistant, to show that your performance is definitely not as efficient as you think. "
If this statement comes from someone else’s mouth, Kobe Bryant will definitely refute it, but if it comes from Jackson’s mouth, he dare not speak. He is not the only coach in the league who has trained him single-handedly. He dare not expect to come to Jackson, but he led Jordan to win six consecutive championships and three championships. On the other hand, it naturally comes from Jackson’s esteem and cultivation for him. It can be said that without Jackson, he would not be today.
"shaquille, are you satisfied with your defense? I know you are not satisfied with not getting players in the attack, but is this the reason for your poor defense? " Jackson turned to O ‘Neill after saying Kobe was speechless.
"I didn’t do it well." O’ Neill bowed his head and admitted a player who had played in the league for so many years. He also knew that he hadn’t been honest in his previous defense, and he admitted his mistakes when he made mistakes.
Jackson nodded to O ‘Neill, but didn’t say anything about it. He told both sides to hit 50 boards first to reduce the anger on both sides.
"This time, let’s stop here. We are champions this season. No, I can’t emphasize that it is because of this that Gary joined our team. Moses is even more successful in starting a team, especially in Salt Lake City. Moses is already a symbol of their contract. It is definitely not difficult, but isn’t his basic salary to join our team a garden championship dream? Is this how you two old players treat two former stars and two seniors who are passionate about each other? "
Jackson made Kobe Bryant and O ‘Neal feel ashamed.
"I was wrong, coach …"
O’ Neill and Kobe almost said the same thing.
Just then the sideline whistle sounded and the time-out had arrived.
"If you want to prove you wrong, go to the field and show me." Jackson dropped the last sentence and then was silent.
Kobe Bryant and O ‘Neill nodded their heads and then returned to the game.
Kobe Bryant and O ‘Neill are noisy. Anthony also found out that he thought it was a good opportunity to counterattack. But after seeing the fighting spirit in Kobe Bryant’s eyes and O ‘Neill’s eyes, he suddenly found out that he was careless or ignored someone, Phil? Compared with f4, Jackson is the hardest link in the Iron Triangle in Jackson.
Jackson really returned to the court immediately. Kobe Bryant no longer craved the ball. After O’ Neill got the chance on the offensive end, the defensive end also showed his power. As soon as the Lakers’ offensive firepower came, the short board of the Nuggets line gradually exposed.
Anthony saw that the strategy was gone, and he didn’t force it, but he also tried his best to lead the Nuggets to a hard battle.
The Lakers once attacked Payton, controlled the ball and made a pick-and-roll dash with George. When the horse threw the ball to Malone, it ran to the other side and made a pick-and-roll for Kobe.
Malone hit twice and didn’t really attack. The horse returned the ball to Kirby Payton when he picked and killed.
When Kobe got the ball, he was already in the hinterland of the Nuggets. He took the ball and killed it.
But just then Anthony ran out of George’s pick-and-roll and quickly killed Bryant when he broke through.
Kobe didn’t expect Anthony to get rid of the pick-and-roll attack so soon, and Anthony blocked a dead ball.
Seeing Kobe preparing the ball for O ‘Neill, Anthony thought that Camby had fouled his back four times, and the horse defied him, "What’s wrong with Kobe?"
When Kobe heard Anthony’s provocative frown and tried to take back the ball, what Jackson said suddenly came to his mind. He hesitated and threw the ball to O’ Neill.
After O ‘Neill caught the ball, the horse pressed Camby against the top and was ready for another violent dunk.
Camby was put in front of O ‘Neill at this time. He was badly repaired by O ‘Neill, not to mention squeezing him for violent dunks. Twice, he was forced to dunk in the middle. He made him feel humiliated. Although he knew he could not help it, O ‘Neill was not allowed to play a slam dunk here again. He jumped up and was ready to block O ‘Neill’s dunk.
When O ‘Neill squeezed, he found that Camby didn’t squeeze, but he found that Camby jumped up. His fat body was incredibly taken back, and then he turned around and shook Camby with a gentle and slender hook.
Swish a ball and gently fall into the net bag.
Camby saw that O ‘Neill could still make a move, and he was shocked. He didn’t pay attention to stepping on O ‘Neill’s heel and fell to the ground
"Marcus!" Anthony turned his head when he defended Kobe Bryant’s ball. At this moment, he just saw Camby fall to the ground and ran to hold Camby.
"Du! DuDu! ……”
When the referee saw someone injured, he quickly signaled that the game would be suspended.
Camby covered his ankle with pain.
The team doctor of the Nuggets also rushed to Camby and knelt down to ask how Camby felt.
O’ Neill also scratched his head at this time. He really didn’t mean to kick the ball. Camby was a little impatient and didn’t look at it when he landed. This was the scene.
Nuggets players gathered around Camby at this time, waiting for the team doctor’s sign.
It took a long time for Camby’s face to ease the pain, and the team doctor also got up and said to the players, "It shouldn’t be too serious to help him to the sidelines and see the situation first."
As soon as Anthony and White heard that Camby was okay, they helped Camby forward and walked towards the bench.
The fans at the scene stood up and applauded Camby. No one wants to see a player injured to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Dream back to the peak
Camby was supported by Anthony and White on the sidelines, and after a few foot massages with the help of the team doctor, the horse tried to limp for a while on the sidelines, but he could walk without help, but it was obvious that he couldn’t play the game again by gnashing his teeth.