In the third quarter, the score was 4 minutes and 3 seconds, and the Clippers were 5 points behind.

The difference returned to 5 points again * * Vicky immediately requested a timeout.
"On the offensive end, let’s aim at their fourth position and see if defending him can also replace the fox."
* * Vicky is very cunning and quickly made arrangements.
It may be lucky to attack, but there is not so much luck in defense
Almie Johnson may surprise the Spurs on the offensive end, but it’s easy for jamison to play him on the defensive end. His defensive ability is not the same as Ji Guo’s humiliation.
Ji Guoshi suddenly smiled when he saw jamison’s successful attack on Amir Johnson in the locker room.
"Sure enough, I can’t lose this game without my dead panda."
This guy now hopes that the Clippers will win. Almie Johnson’s performance has proved that he is indispensable. At this time, his mind changed immediately.
"… fuck you!"
Ji Guoqiu helped Amir Johnson make up the position online and was made a foul. He was extremely unhappy.
It’s like he killed three dead foxes by guarding Avenue A alone, and Yao and Taiyi defended Point B but broke it.
Clippers offensive Ji Guoqiu received the basketball spurs in the low post and the outside players immediately double-teamed.
Ji Guoqiu turned and threw the basketball to the outside line. Billups faked and shook Parker to the line and scored the ball.
The clippers remembered at this time that they were also the Big Three and Billups.
"Yes, Billups and Anthony can play in the Western Conference finals. I can’t do it without reason."
Ji Guoqiu saw Billups score and thought to himself that he was not without help.
One-on-one combination of nba teams is enough to win. Besides, the Clippers and Crawford, a fan, may not be able to play without a dead fox.
Billups is going to play longer today. Chou He Crawford, a Canadian, played the third quarter, and the Clippers gradually adapted to the game without discipline and national humiliation, such as playing.
Crawford is the fastest player to adapt to the Clippers. At this time, when he got the basketball, he didn’t hesitate to directly put Ji Guo’s shame on his behalf, and Crawford was happy to do it himself.
Billups, on the other hand, stepped up his breakthrough in holding the ball. He wanted to break through Ji Guo’s humiliation and Mr. Bu Jian could win.
In the end, he doesn’t need to fill in the hatred of the country. He just needs to work harder at both ends of the attack and defense.
At the end of the third quarter, the score was 6:7
The Spurs were embarrassed that the other team had lost Ji’s national humiliation, but they were narrowed by the Clippers.
"Should I praise your performance? Because you are still two points ahead so far, well done! "
* * Vichy’s face is not good. In the third quarter, he didn’t pull the score gap. In the eyes of the coach, it was just like shit
Furthermore, if they don’t win today’s game, they will definitely be eliminated without Ginobili Spurs!
"That rookie is dying. Let’s continue to break through the defensive end in the other direction and let him shoot from the outside. We want to make him a white hero!"
The Spurs have identified Amir Johnson, which is indeed their best choice.
If the Spurs are shot to death by Amir Johnson, then * * Vicky will also recognize that there is nothing to say that the Emperor won’t let them win.
Chapter five hundred and twenty-two The 131 defense
Charles Buckley said before the fourth quarter, "Almie Johnson did well in the third quarter. He is a growing young player. He is 22 years old and very young this season. He still has great potential to tap."
"It’s good that he has an advantage in jumping because of his height, and it’s also good to have a three-point shot at the corner of his wings. If he is more serious, he can become a good defensive player."
Kenny Smith’s word "defensive player" did not fall. jamison turned to jump shot in the low position … Naturally, he was a fake but Amir Johnson had already flown …
The referee’s whistle sounded like a slap in the face of the former star point guard
Old Deng Liwei cursed a piece of shit in his heart. Although Ji Guo’s humiliation was sometimes shaken, he would never easily let his opponent score two plus one.
"Since this ball has broken the rules, it must be made harder. That’s not what I usually teach him."
Ji Guo shamed Amir Johnson’s brain damage in the locker room. He wouldn’t make such a mistake. jamison has scored 25 points now, so I’m afraid he will get 3 points.
"Well done, Antoine!"
Duncan went to touch jamison’s head again and again, buff he didn’t have hair damage when he came to his head.
In the fourth quarter, the Clippers didn’t change their main core. Billups and Crawford played the third quarter and stayed on the scene without rest.
The Spurs don’t dare to play like this. Besides Parker and jamison, Duncan has already had a rest.
The score is 6:72. jamison added a penalty and accidentally missed the rebound again. This is his 19th rebound.
"It’s me!" The giant panda silently grabbed the basketball and handed it to Billups.
Parker made a mistake at this moment, which only appeared five years ago. The Frenchman found that Billups didn’t seem to be paying attention, and immediately jumped forward and tried to break the ball.
Billups smiled in his heart. At the age of three, Parker wouldn’t be so impulsive. I didn’t expect Westbrook, a clueless Frenchman, to make mistakes.
Billups let out an exaggerated cry and put his hands together to cheat Parker for a foul.
* * Vicky didn’t chew gum, but he was obviously in a bad mood.
That’s why Parker changed to Westbrook. When he was young, he didn’t know what he would be sprayed by * * Vichy.
The Clippers served the frontcourt ball. After Billups received the ball, he didn’t want to pick and roll. He dribbled directly and broke through Parker’s own strong body to push the basket.
Ji Guoqiu’s goal is blocked by Billups on the line. Oberto needs to break through. In front of Parker, there is a Ma Pingchuan.
* * Vicky doesn’t feel quite right. It seems a little strange that he noticed the Clippers’ defensive end position before.
Parker and jamison played a roll-and-roll line and threw a shot, but they missed the defense basketball in Ji Guoqiu.
The Clippers immediately counterattacked Chou He Billups of the Republic of China, hit the pick-and-roll key, and Mr. Billups made a stop jump shot and scored two points.
The Spurs immediately asked for a timeout in the fourth quarter, and the Clippers’ main attack turned to Billups, and they all underestimated the former finals mvp.
Although this guy’s scoring data is decreasing year by year, his scoring ability at key moments is more threatening.
"He is not tall enough in the front double-team, but he has excellent speed and strength. If he has a breakthrough sign, double-team immediately."
Vicky is not afraid of Billups breaking through the Clippers now. There is only one animal left. They have the strength to double-team the Clippers perimeter players to break through.
However, after the timeout, Vicky felt that he had been played. Billups did not re-enter the Clippers point guard and replaced it with Drazic.
Old Deng Liwei snickered and said that his rotation was bad, but it was only because the Clippers were powerful that they could kill their opponents without any intrigue and intrigue.
Conspiracy is the real way to stop the plot. It’s sheer stupidity for him to play any more tricks with his animal brothers.