It is not until the part of the story of Feng Shen that Yang Jian’s plays will compare some QAQ.

Did you eat Chan Chan or Yang Chan and Xiao Jinwu? Little Sun is so cute.
By the way, Wen 99% love is very harmonious.
Chapter 3. Chapter 3
Yang Jian followed the mountain soldiers who went to fetch water to the stream, swung a stone to smash the mountain soldiers’ body armor, and was cheerfully moving towards Yang Chan’s side. He kept Yang Chan, a girl tied with chicken’s strength, behind the rocky side waiting for him to go back quickly, but too many mountain soldiers came and went, which delayed him.
Whenever those three-legged birds are clever and send a few mountain soldiers to stare at them, they will definitely be able to hold them tightly at this time.
Nezha saw a headache, but rushed to make moves, which not only caused trouble to Taiyi reality, but also caused some trouble to Aobing. She kept a close eye on Yang Chan’s movements.
The heat wave in the air was scorching, and Yang Chan-fan could not bear it, and her lips turned pale. She waited for Yang Jian for a long time and no one came back. Her heart was burning, for fear of what had happened.
Nezha’s heart suddenly gave birth to a way to flicker to Yang Chan’s side when the two classes of soldiers were relieved. In Yang Chan’s shocked eyes, his left hand pressed her lips and hissed at the middle finger of his right hand, writing in vain, hitting a rune with a dark red light on Yang Chan’s forehead and then burning it with a wick of yellow incense in Yang Chan’s hand.
Nezha whispered, "This wick incense can make you invisible for half an hour. Go and find your brother."
Yang Chan asked without worry, "What about you?"
Nezha smiled and leaned into Yang Chan’s ear. "Is my sister worried about me?"
Yang Chan took a sideways look at Nezha and told him, "I didn’t help you, but I was a burden to my second brother. Thank you. Be careful."
Looking at Yang Chan’s careful departure, Nezha turned into Yang Jian and walked out from behind the stone, picking up a stone from the ground and smashing it.
"Hey, are you waiting for me?"
The mountain soldier who was stoned wiped his sweat and shouted, "The boss is Yang Jian."
"I didn’t know it was Yang Jian?" The leader shouted, "Why don’t you hurry up?"
In order to act more like some Nezha, he resisted a little before the mountain soldiers took her to Marshal Tianpeng.
Aobing looked up and looked suspiciously before’ Yang Jian’ and frowned. Nezha was too impulsive to go behind Nezha. It seems that they are guarding against this person’s escape for the Sun, but Nezha is preparing for possible changes.
Nezha changes at first glance and flaws, but Ao Bing is so familiar with her that he knows all her little habits like the palm of his hand, so he recognized them at a glance.
Mountain soldiers holding down’ Yang Jian’ fuels bowed their heads and said, "We caught Yang Jian in the main hall."
The sun frowned and asked, "Where’s Yang Chan?"
The chief replied, "I didn’t see Yang Chan."
Nezha struggled. "I’ll go with you. You leave my sister alone."
The sun glanced at’ Yang Jian’ in front of him with awe. "Don’t worry, Yu Zhi has a life, and none of you can escape."
Xiaojinwu said, "Eldest brother’s cousin is a mortal and has not inherited her demigod blood. Let her go."
The big sun coldly stared at the little sun and refused his slightly reasonable request to turn to the canopy. Yang Jian also fled to Yang Chan and sent someone to find it. "
The first thing that the canopy should hand over is to let the four teams of heavenly soldiers go to the southeast, northwest and four directions respectively.
The sun is cold. "You go too. Don’t stare blankly. I can’t find anyone here. I only ask you."
The canopy pie pie is full of reluctance to hold the nine-tooth rake and find a direction at will to go to the Sun. I have not been idle to take a few of the Sun to hold Nezha together to find Yang Chan.
Nezha intuitively followed them and silently counted. After half an hour, she stopped and shouted, "Hey, do you have any humanity? Can you give me some water?"
"It’s not a big deal, it’s not a big deal," the Sun said coldly.
Aobing reached out and offered a glass of water and laughed. "Let’s drink ice water." See Nezha looking up and drinking Aobing and asking "Is it enough?"
w w w 8
Nezha patted Aobing on the shoulder and pointed at several generals of the Sun. "This brother, you are a good man. I told you not to play with this gang."
Ao Bing asked with a smile, "What’s the explanation?"
Chapter 4. Chapter 4
Nezha left, and Aobing naturally didn’t want to stay here and found an excuse to leave with several gods of the sun and turn back to the sky. He never thought that Lu was meeting a little sun who seemed to have been touched by tears.
The sun wiped away tears and said hello to Aobing and turned back to the sun, muttering something. The more he said, the darker his face became, and then he flashed a trace of unbearable color, so that he could shut up and stop talking.
Ao Bing stepped on the cloud and saw Nezha staring at a strange cave. The cave seemed normal and evil, but the cave door was like something with two rows of sharp teeth in its mouth. It was like waiting for the prey to take the initiative to enter, which was chilling.
Nezha was about to turn around and tell Aobing to find Yang Jian and them, when he saw Yang Jian Yang Chan passing in the direction of the cave. At this time, the tooth plate of the cave was generally two halves of the stone gate, shaking slightly.
Aobing sharp-eyed, immediately woke up, "that cave Shimen just moved."
"If something goes wrong, there will be a demon. What magic thing is sealed here?" Nezha slapped his forehead in hindsight. "If I had known this trouble, I wouldn’t have let them walk thousands of miles."
Aobing said, "It is not impossible."
Nezha nai sighed and then went straight to the clouds, and took the two brothers and sisters to jump for a flash, which was hundreds of miles away and landed on the top of Yuquan Mountain.
Yuquan Mountain is worthy of being the deity of the Yuan Dynasty. Jade Ding was personally selected by real people. Dojo Mountain is high in clouds and flowing water, and there are countless ancient trees, such as pine and cypress, and the ape crows and cranes in its steep cliff stream. It is really a hidden dragon vein with nine twists and ten bends.
"Good mountain! Good view! Good wind! Good water! " Nezha saw the mountain and praised the landscape from his heart. Then he rushed to the cloud and waved Aobing to the ground with the wind.
Yang Chan whispered to Yang Jian about Nezha’s earlier rescue of her from behind the rocks. After listening to the first few steps, Yang Jian went to Nezha and bowed his hand, saying, "The great kindness of Nezha brothers Yang Jian will be remembered."
"It’s a piece of cake" Nezha waved and they gossiped to Jinxiadong.
Three doors in Jinxia Cave Nezha pushed open the door with Ao Bing, Yang Jian and Yang Chan and shouted "Uncle Yuding".
The second door shouted, "Be good, be good, come in and play chess yourself. Don’t make any noise."
Nezha walked back and took precautions with Yang Jian. "Brother Yang, I am a bit sloppy."
Yang Jian nodded and Nezha pushed open the second door.
“ ` ` w w w 8
The door is the living room where Yuding’s real people stay and the place where he meditates. The layout is simple. First, there are a lot of simple cases piled up. On the back wall, there is a portrait of the Buddha at the beginning. At the bottom, there are several futons and a stone table.
At the table, two Taoist priests were slovenly dressed in green, with messy hair and a black chess in their hands, thinking hard about the kind-hearted white-robed old man next to him and sipping tea with his sleeves covered.
This white Taoist dress material looks a little familiar!
Nezha stared intently at the door at the white road flyover "ShiShu" who rushed to the green road flyover.
The road flyover in green turned his face to look at Nezha. He grinned and played chess here. Three steps and two steps went to Nezha’s side and looked at him. "Oh, smelly little boy grew up and almost didn’t recognize him."
"Martial Uncle, don’t look at me." Nezha took a real jade tripod and looked at her again and again. She went to Yang Jian to explore her hand and said, "Look here."
Jade tripod reality will move the line of sight to Yang Jian patted his shoulder and pinched his arm with his mouth nodded "bone is good" and turned to Nezha and said "where did you get him?"
Nezha casually said, "Take it from the top ten suns."
Jade tripod reality shocked to repeatedly step back and stare eyes shouted "what! Yao! "
The old man in white listened silently, and the sleeves were too high, and the sleeves were not wide enough to show some long white beards.
Nezha from jade tripod real shoulder look red-handed, before she parted jade tripod real with inquiry eyes.
The road flyover in white listened to the footsteps and turned his body to the left. Nezha blocked his face and went to the right. Nezha went forward and he hid back, forth, left and right for a long time.
Nezha lost patience and suddenly stepped forward to know more about this doll in front of him. Seeing that he can’t hide from the past, he immediately put a face of kindness and smoothed his beard to show a slight smile.