The person in charge of the reward said "! Congratulations on your final victory in special training again! "

Lin replied, "Thank you!"
The person in charge of the award said, "Let’s get down to business first. When you won in the third special training, you won a class award for eleven years. I wonder if you want our God Corps to prepare the award or choose other awards this time?"
Lin asked, "Can it be accumulated?"
The person in charge of the reward smiled and said, "I still want to exchange the earth’s historical records in 214 … I advise you to give this reward directly and give you some information to exchange ten level rewards for one level reward and ten level rewards for a+level prize."
Ten+level awards can only be exchanged for a B-level award … And the historical records of the 21st century need at least an S-level award a year, even if it is not an important age. "
Lin knows that if you want to get the earth’s historical records in 2014, you can’t do it now. You need 100 million level awards to upgrade to S level awards.
Lin was silent for a moment and said, "All right! Then I want to exchange a clone woman for 100% Chinese descent! "
The person in charge of the reward said, "To reproduce?"
Lin said, "Yes!"
The person in charge of the award made no secret that "the first-class award can not be exchanged for any top-class dna, so it can be exchanged for advanced DNA … and advanced clones can be obtained if they have money in the universe market!"
"Ha ha!" Lin smiled and said, "Yes, it can be bought, but I dare not buy it!"
The person in charge of the reward said, "Now you can be said to be a thorn in the side of the interstellar consortium universe consortium … what they have secretly offered a reward to kill you! Your life is quite valuable now, which is equivalent to the b+ reward of our God Corps! "
"So high …" I don’t know Lin Qian, but now it’s clear that the b+ level reward value of Shentuan is equivalent to that he now gets one thousand exploration flying saucers.
A numb that can drive several people crazy!
Of course, this is also because the universe is too big to hide, and there is no contact with others except the God Corps.
It’s easy to kill Lin, but difficult to find Lin!
"Not high, after all, you have won three consecutive special training victories. From the third time, the winner of each special training can get a reward, and each time it is higher than the last, the highest reward for the fourth special training can reach B, and the fifth special training can reach B, and the sixth time is b+," said the person in charge of the reward. "At present, even if all of them unite and let one of the players get the highest reward, the first thing to do is to eliminate you first … and now you are getting stronger and stronger.
Lin frowned and asked, "Can you get specific information about special training?"
The person in charge of the reward said, "No! I can know for sure that the final winner and the final winner came out of the special training … You stayed in it for two hundred years this time, which is several times more than the previous two special trainings combined. If there is no progress, it would be too sorry for the word’ special training’! "
"too!" Lin smiled. "Let’s get down to business first!"
"business?" The person in charge of the reward said, "Don’t worry, I will definitely pick one of the most perfect Chinese ancestry in this level, and it will be a little balanced!"
"Balance?" Lin doesn’t understand this word a little.
The person in charge of the reward explained it to Lin.
"Yes, it is a balance, a balance at the golden section."
"For example, the size of the eyes, the height of the bridge of the nose and the size of the mouth … these are the balance of the five senses and the proportion of the bust."
"This is the balance of the body and the balance of IQ, career and love. You should not want a tool to reproduce."
"There are family, relatives, children, etc. Of course, this kind of balance belongs to the ideological balance, which will change due to the life experience, but it is not a problem for our god group to finish."
"As the saying goes, behind a successful man, there will be a woman. The most perfect woman in Chinese descent will also be the most perfect helper!"
Lin listened and said, "That will trouble you!"
"You’re welcome. It was a pleasure doing business with you!" The person in charge of the reward said, "I’ll send it to you directly, but it will take a few days for you to learn about the development and changes of Time. Well, you haven’t been in the game for a whole year, so hurry to learn about it and don’t be killed outside."
It is true that since the first anniversary of Time competition ended, Lin won the competition award. After reading historical materials in reality and entering the game, he quickly went to the third special training and then came out only now.
It’s been nearly a year.
One year … Lin equipment was acquired a year ago. Although it is still at the top of all players in Time, it is not the only one.
General armor is owned by a lot of people now.
Vulcan gun and streamer wing
This level of weapons and equipment is no longer a Lin patent.
Lin said faintly, "In fact, special training is also a way to change direction and slow down the development of the game!"
The person in charge of the reward said, "Yes! All that expert take part in special training, especially you. if you didn’t take part in special train, I’m afraid that with your equipment and technology, you can now break into the 6 times gravity area. "
"Er … no one has entered the 6 times gravity area yet?"
"Ha ha! Find out for yourself! " The person in charge of the reward said, "I should get busy, too. Bye!"
Sixteen star regions have joined forces against the rebel forces in the fifty times gravity area of Time.
Fifty times gravity area is a very important demarcation point!
Lin got the golden wisdom brain chip from the Secret Institute for fifty generations.
It is also the 50 th generation for Lin to get the dark armor with anti-gravity device.
The fifties … are the dividing point of science and technology. Even the fifties can’t popularize science and technology. It’s good to say that keys are all kinds of rare and precious resources.
Matter is the carrier of technology
Without reaching a certain level, the material roots can withstand the corresponding technology.
Fifty times the gravity area, this is also the way of human assembly line industry to limit the development of resource planets, and then go deep into it to achieve large-scale development
Lin didn’t play in Time immediately, but quit the game and woke up in reality.
When you lie in the game cabin for more than a month, you always need to exercise your body. However, because of the abundant energy on the exploration flying saucer surface in the game cabin, your body is still in the best condition.
After a physical activity, Lin lay in the game warehouse again and entered Time to continue the game.
He’s the only one who wants to talk to someone, but he can’t connect to the internet, and he doesn’t dare to do it, for fear that someone will find his current position through the internet.
Enter Time!
Walking out of the special training room, the base of fifty times gravity area, Lin Huanzhen.