Little Blackie has just finished speaking. Cows, royal beasts and a group of fourth army players in the guild channel have also spoken. They all expressed their support for not fighting and donating money to the guild warehouse.

Looking at so many people who say that they don’t want to fight for profits, my heart is full of joy, but I can’t take back what I said. "Haha, brothers, you should keep this head and send it to everyone according to the performance of the participants. After that, all the pk battles are paid to the guild warehouse in half, and the other half of the participants are divided according to the performance. It’s not good to win. That’s not a fart! Don’t talk nonsense, don’t envy if you don’t succeed, there will definitely be opportunities. Everyone wants our fourth army brothers to set an example and win. Everyone has a chance to get benefits! "
"Brothers have heard? Let’s run faster when we have a chance after the first legion. We can’t lose to the fourth legion! " Lin Hao this guy suddenly cried in the guild.
"Hehe, the brothers of the Third Army Corps have worked hard to train, and we have to have the strength to win when we have a chance!" The breeze also shouted
"Hey, don’t shield the boss. Without our second legion, we won’t call our brothers to refuel. Let’s all run faster if we have the chance. Don’t be afraid!" See you later. This guy sent a message on the guild channel.
"The Second Legion has cheered for once and we have also shown our faces!" Wu Shen also sent a message in the guild channel.
"Ha ha ~ then I’m welcome. This time, I got a total of 9 pieces of gold-grade equipment. It seems that several guys with good status have good explosive properties. Let’s keep four pieces and pay five pieces. Pay 26 pieces of 52 pieces of silver-grade equipment and keep 26 pieces; Pay 47 pieces for 94 pieces of bronze equipment and keep 47 pieces; There are still three whiteboards ~ I won’t pay the amount. It’s really cool to kill the red name ~ "Blackie announced in the guild.
"Ha ha, let’s do what we should do!" I said with a smile
I was just about to continue drilling in the Woods when the message rang. Let me have a look, huh? Star shooter? What does this guy want with me? When I read the information, I found that this guy is very well-informed. Everyone knows that pk just happened and is preparing to reply to a message. There are new ones ~ one after another.
A look at Ling Zhou, Wu Yun, Cold Stranger,, Immortal Knight, and even the enemy of the warriors ~ The arrogant Qingyun, Cold Stranger and Immortal Knight are almost the same as the star shooters, that is, they say,’ Well done ~ Pei ~ Congratulations ~’ Wu Yun, this girl, said,’ Yo, just set up a guild, you can play group P, and at the same time clean up the warriors and the sky, but be careful not to be jointly destroyed by others. But it seems that there should be ~ there is such a snack!
It’s different when Ling Zhou sends it. First, it is said that we really should establish a bully, so that maybe we can temporarily guarantee that we won’t always be missed. The guild has just been established and develop when necessary. Second, we should wake up. We shouldn’t really get too stiff with the two guilds at the same time. It’s best to keep the enemy there temporarily and don’t be hostile. After all, there are already Dali Empire and Tianji Guilds, which are definitely hostile.
Finally, the enemy of the war. This guy didn’t know what to think, but he told me that this incident was purely a misunderstanding. People were fighting with heaven and man outside, and many people were pulled on both sides. At that time, there was no way to fight, and the result was careless. I didn’t mean to.
For our side, we killed dozens of people in front of him and took away the equipment. This guy actually said that we didn’t come to evacuate when we were looking for revenge from heaven and man. How did it seem that we were fighting with heaven and man? They were koo and wave, but he seemed wronged, but he was generous enough to say that it was not a pure misunderstanding ~ Come and go, this guy gave us a bad taste after this, but at least one thing I didn’t understand. This guy didn’t want the horse to get stuck with us, and this guy had to make me embarrassed because he said he was the victim ~ People and heaven. Pk emergency accidentally caused us to hang up a few people, but our side was just like pk in the sky, and the players of their guild of fighters hung up dozens of people. Isn’t he a victim? Yeah, it’s like he’ll be wronged and hurt if we don’t return his equipment to him ~ nice try! By ~ I sent back messages to the arrogant Qingyun, the star shooter, the cold stranger and the motionless knight, saying, "The leveling team was hung up and fought back in self-defense."
Reply to Wu Yun, the girl, "Thank you, Xiao Yun! I’m sure I’ll pay attention, but today is really an accident. Who knows how those two guild guys got into a fight and killed a few of our guild people? Brothers are just taking revenge and will definitely not continue to expand. "
Ling Zhou didn’t reply too much there. This girl doesn’t need to say much. A very clever sentence is enough. "Thank you, senior, I am white."
Finally, I thought about the enemy here for a long time before I finally went back to the past. "The president of the enemy said that today was really an accident. The brothers in the guild were hanged, and they all went back for revenge. They all attacked those who killed people and later died. The brothers of the fighters were forced to fight back because they had to be attacked in the battle. Maybe the brothers of the fighters attacked the wrong object in the chaos and were attacked by the people of our guild. It was an accident that the guild people would definitely see who attacked themselves and then fight back."
After the information was sent out, Wu Yun was the first to reply, "Don’t worry, you and your glory guild members were all hung up by others, and I didn’t know how to bring people to practice?" What are you messing around with? If you ride wildly with the enemy of the war now and pull Duan Wenhai’s three guilds together to deal with your glory, I’ll see how powerful you are, and then you can cry! "
Hehe, this girl really cares about me ~ will the warriors and the sky increase the empire again? Shit, how proud of us? If the three guilds fight together, it’s estimated that we can’t even think about practicing in the wild. Then it’s really white for us to work hard, and it’s really crying.
"Little crowd, thank you. I know. Don’t worry, I will try my best to maintain the enemy’s position. How do you say that the enemy is behind you three? If he is not too hard, I will definitely not take the initiative to get stuck with him."
"You can do whatever you want. I don’t give a shit ~ and the representative family of the war enemy told me and Lingling not to talk nonsense with you. Miss led the team."
"Ha ha, okay, you’re busy."
Just dropped the message, and Xiao Yu sent a message saying that Xiaohe and they came back. We were hung up in front of us and we also took a video when we went to revenge. We wanted to post in the forum, and I wanted the president to send a list to show us the position of the glory guild.
After thinking about it, the widow is the most suitable guy to do this. Anyway, the vice president is also in charge of guild diplomacy, and this guy has a good literary talent ~ But this guy is not online now, so he can ask them to tell him if he is good. Finally, we can take this job ~ The little black guy put two videos in the guild database, and all guild members can watch them. He found a place to land on the ground and sit down and summon the bronze armor leopard demon to guard beside him. I watched two videos.
The video is very clear. The first paragraph is that during the leveling, there was a conflict between the photographer and the fighter because of the competition to refresh the monster, and then they fought. It seems that a group of amateurs deliberately ran to shoot the video, and the fighter chased after us, and then the fighter attacked us. Two of them were attacked and tried to hide, but they were run to the side for a few days, and then they were killed by malicious attacks.
After that, several teams around our guild saw that our own people were attacked and hung up, and they rushed to attack. Those who started the fight would also attack the people who chased the fighters behind them, and then it became a three-way scuffle. People on our side saw that there were so many people on both sides and they were consciously retreating to the side ~ The video clearly showed that our people were attacked before they were hung up, and the names of the fighters and fighters changed color after attacking our people.
After watching the video, we will have confidence, whether it was an accident or intentional, whether we were killed first or not, and the reward should also be paid.
Directly from the inside of the game, I logged into the forum and posted a post, "Idle Players’ Heart-Glory Self-Defense Counterattack". The glory guild is composed of idle players. We don’t want to fight with major forces and big guilds. We hope to maintain the free game of idle players, seek stability and practice, and brush the strange things. Fortunately, we can kill two boss and produce two pieces of equipment. We even go to the wild to see if there is no scenery in reality.
We will never take the initiative to provoke the forces and bully the weak, because we are all idle players who have suffered oppression. We don’t want to impose ourselves on other players, but we will never tolerate the oppression of a glorious member! If someone provokes us and deprives us of the right to kill monsters and train, we will resolutely fight back, even if we are crushed to death in the face of the strongest forces! Vow to defend that glory and profit that belong to us!
Please don’t doubt that’ weak, thin’ idle players will have the courage to face strong and not bow their heads!
After writing the text, I deleted both videos. I posted the post directly without annotation and explanation. Actually, we really don’t care ~
Chapter 325 Dragon’s blood swamp
Get the post and read the forum news at will. Today, the three guilds will hold small-scale pk posts. There are really many warriors and many people fighting each other in the forum, and some are cursing glory ~ Hey, hey, scold me, I’m too lazy to pay attention to you.
Quit the forum and go back to the game. Two people with the third legion have gone behind the grassland and followed many people. However, after following the Gobi Desert, many players have returned. The strange level is too high to hold.
It is normal for some people to follow, and the glory has just been established. A large number of members have participated in the activities. With so many people out of the city, players will be curious to follow.
According to the report period of drowning fish, when the large troops passed through the front leveling area, they didn’t move those strange original leveling teams, and no one made trouble automatically. However, in those leveling teams, many people may see that there are many of us or there are orders in the guild, but looking at our eyes is like looking at the enemy who killed our father ~ "Hehe, no matter where they are, you can take people there and feel at ease. There are other players who can level in the past or rob us. Don’t worry about it. Otherwise, be careful and arrange a few thieves at any time." Looking around Gert City, except for idle players, most of the Goose Exams are Tianhe warriors, especially Tianhui, who suffered a loss. I really can’t think of any reason why they would swallow it. "
"Well, let’s all get busy."
I lost my voice and got up again. I looked at the Bronze Armor Panther next to my eyes. This guy can also be used as a mount. I’ve never ridden land to run in this mountain forest. If I fly, I guess I can’t see a lot of things in the forest. I’ll ride this guy in.
Turn over and ride to the bronze leopard magic body and pat its neck. This guy rushes towards me in the Woods. It’s really fast. At ordinary times, the speed of flying high is definitely not slower than this, but when you look up, you won’t feel too strong. When you look at the things around you on the ground, you will feel strong. I’m not used to it for a while, and I almost’ dizzy’ ~ Sitting on this guy’s body is fast, but I don’t feel bumpy, and it adds a lot to our defense effect of bronze armor protection.
After drilling into the forest and riding a leopard demon for a rough mountain road, the forest became flat and slowed down. After walking inside for a while, I finally saw something strange, but the situation was quite different from what I expected.
Originally, I was supposed to be full of monsters with high levels, at least 50 levels, but it turned out that the monster level was more than 30 levels. When the monster level in my mountain gradually rose like that in the grassland outside me, I found myself wrong again. Not far from the 3-level monster, I found the 6-level monster again, and then there were 4-level monsters not far away. I didn’t continue to go to the mountain. I went straight around the mountain along the forest. The monsters in this mountain forest were all mixed up from 3-level monsters to 7-level monsters.
After more than an hour, I walked out of the mountain forest and became a meadow again. When I walked on the meadow, the map showed a swamp, a dragon’s blood swamp. When I looked at the big map, it seemed that our direction was a lot off. It seems that we are in the northeast of Gert City, southeast of Black Dragon City, and further east. Because the map has not been explored, I don’t know where it will be through this swamp for the time being.
Looking at the’ grassland’ as far as the eye can see, there is occasionally a big tree isolated on the surface, but it seems that many lakes that are not big can still be seen in the distance. What’s strange about it?
Summon the little dragon to ride, and let the Bronze Armor Panther continue to move towards the swamp. I don’t have the courage to run on the leopard for the time being. It’s not said in this swamp whether this guy will run directly into the mire. If a strange thing suddenly happens, it’s not good. It’s better for us to fly in the sky.
The swamp looks very quiet, and it shouldn’t be dead ~ I can’t see the monster or hear the sound, as if there is nothing. Just when I was wondering, the Panther suddenly stopped moving forward and watched one direction warily ~ I wondered if there seemed to be nothing in the whole area. But why did the Bronze Armor Leopard demon stop? It’s not because it thinks there is no road ahead. It’s a quagmire, is it?
Of course, it won’t be like this. Just as I was wondering, the Bronze Armor Panther suddenly sprang to the side. After 1 second, a piece of mud flew in front of where it stood, and then a bright green strip-shaped object emerged from the surface, which was as fast as lightning.
The bronze leopard magic flashed for several meters before turning around to the bright green thing. Opening his mouth was an ice bomb. That thing dodged and was not hit by the ice bomb, but it was tightly dropped by thousands of points of blood and didn’t see any other effect. Instead, the body suddenly stretched and chased it towards the bronze leopard magic.
I’ve been watching God’s eyes and seeing the attributes since that long thing emerged, and I’m very familiar with it. It was originally seen that a guy with a length of more than one meter can instantly lengthen his body and attack a target a few meters away ~ How flexible is that ~ But it’s normal. Many things in this game are designed in real blue, which is the leech in reality ~ But this leech is magnified several times, and in this case, people are not as simple as pure leeches, but have a rare dragon blood mutation, World of Warcraft 55 gold-level boss Bixue leech!
This guy’s skill is monotonous, but it’s very difficult for ordinary physics players to kill him. It’s estimated that it’s very difficult to bring blood-sucking skills, break his body and drill the ground and water. When I see this guy stretching his body, I feel goose bumps all over the floor, and I’m too lazy to wait for the Bronze Armored Panther to slow it down, and maybe it’s dead and resurrected. Let’s be direct for you.
Death Kiss ~ The skill sends out a game-writing protocol, and the leeches’ blood drops a lot, but this guy wants to drill back into the swamp when he shrinks his body and looks at it.
Hey, can you drill the ground? I think it’s frozen. Can you still drill? Ice spikes! Can a broken body be reborn? I’ll see if you can be reborn by turning you to dust. Flame prison! Judge Lei Guang! Burst fireball! Holy light burst bomb! Curse inflammation! Ghost inflammation hell!
In my skill attack, this game-writing-writing-blood leech method escaped from the blood volume, and the little dragon also cooperated with the dive to spit out a poisonous breath, and the bronze armor leopard demon also rushed to claw the crazy greeting, accompanied by ice bombs and cold attacks on the poor dragon’s distant relative, the game-writing-blood leech, and soon hung up the body and was frozen to death, so he couldn’t die any more.
Kill the blood-writing leech and drop out a few pieces of equipment. I will slowly land on the grass and put away the equipment and prepare to collect the body. Hey, hey, this is dragon blood. This guy’s green blood may be refined. Although I don’t know what it will be, it must be a good thing. Besides, this guy’s body is so soft and has no bones, except blood and tendons, there is a layer of skin, which is absolutely top-grade material.
Some time, this guy’s variation of Warcraft didn’t pick the magic crystal, which makes me depressed. Is it because of blood variation that Warcraft has no magic crystal? Before killing boss of Warcraft, there were magic crystals.