Of course, the most important thing for Ye Zhang to learn anti-stabbing is to escape rather than control.

When taking the game helmet, Ye Zhang got up and just wanted to exercise his body, but he heard Linglong laugh from the outside room, which made his muscles tighten. Isn’t that the dead Ni smile from the bell? She actually came here to block him.
Can’t Zhang Ye crustily skin of head and walked out, just to see Feng Siyi get up and wave at him and then show a cute smile, which makes roommates who are still telling jokes with her show envy, jealousy and hate eyes.
"Let’s go eat."
Feng Siyi appears to be quite active. Ye Zhang feels numb and stiff, and doesn’t even know how to leave the dormitory.
A man and a woman walked out of the No.4 dormitory and immediately attracted a large number of onlookers. Everyone was whispering, and from time to time, several girls with red eyes whispered behind their backs.
"Don’t be ashamed!"
Very not easy to clean to Ye Zhang eagerly asked.
"Miss, why did you come to my dormitory?"
It should be said that Zhang Yegen didn’t know when the other party was online. If he had found it earlier, he might have delayed it, because he had a hunch that this dead Ni was definitely a little witch.
"I will never look at you if you put your heart into it."
Feng Siyi was very naughty and blinked at Ye Zhang, which made Ye Zhang feel very annoyed. Well, with your sweet words, I still have the same heart.
Ye Zhang thought so in his heart, but he seemed to be looking forward to something with this cute smiling girl. Am I too animal?
"put away your dirty mind. I’m hungry!"
Ye Zhang was completely defeated by this Feng Siyi. Let’s eat. He is hungry, too.
Street shops have a unique style. Ye Zhang once came here for dinner, but that was with a group of people from Ceng Hao. He hardly had enough to eat. At this time, Ye Zhang, who is facing the beautiful woman in front of him, has a different mentality. He found that this kind of emotional appeal can easily make a man have some other associations.
"What does your brother mean?"
Ye Zhang ate a bowl of food and casually asked Feng Siyi from time to time.
Feng Siyi swallowed the food and then stared at Ye Zhang directly until the latter didn’t face away, then smiled and said in a serious tone
"Come and confess to me."
Ye Zhang sprayed a mouthful of tea on the ground and then coughed repeatedly, causing Feng Siyi across the street to smile. At this time, it was 6 o’clock, and many people in the store looked at this side in surprise.
"Then I confess that you are my girlfriend?"
Ye Zhang had a rare shame and looked at each other with interest.
This time, Feng Siyi blushed and immediately let Ye Zhang shout in his heart that men and women are different after all.
"Kill you!"
Feng Siyi made a neck wipe angrily, but it didn’t look fierce at all.
The atmosphere became ambiguous. Ye Zhang buried his head in eating, and Feng Siyi also blushed and ate his bowl. Two people said nothing until the support was exhausted. Ye Zhang said a sentence embarrassedly.
"Who will pay the bill?"
Feng Siyi immediately stared at the sight of this ungrateful man who took out money from his bag and threw it on the table and got up to leave.
There are few people in the street at night. Feng Siyi tightens her fluffy coat, but it still looks cold. Ye Zhang wants to learn to take off her coat in a TV play, but she is afraid of catching a cold.
At this moment, Feng Siyi leaned over towards Ye Zhang, and then put her hands in Ye Zhang’s arms, making Ye Zhang feel left-handed and right-handed. That thing rubbing against his left arm swelled his heart, but he didn’t dare to do anything, so the two men staggered forward with help.
For the first time, Zhang Ye felt that the woman next to him could occupy a place in his heart, and he would still be completely erased. This feeling made him more horrified but could not find a reason to break away from the bound hands.
"Where are we going?"
Ye Zhang’s question is very disappointing. Feng Siyi didn’t change her posture, but she was light and low.
"Shut up"
Ye Zhang also stopped talking directly. He felt that the original clear face in his heart was gradually disappearing. He wanted to catch her but he had some abilities.
"Don’t tempt me again!"