See the golden flash case Wang Lei knew it was Arthur’s family who had arrived and hurriedly shouted.

As soon as the carriage stopped, three people left. One of the first middle-aged people was the Earl of Empire Ryan and Arthur, and he was followed by two young people, a man and a woman. They were Lin Ze who met little Arthur in the four-leaf clover pub. They have been seeing the shadow bow Fanny for three days.
These two people are the future hope of Arthur’s family except Arthur Thunder.
But it’s a pity that although "Thunder" Arthur’s strength is strong, he has already broken through to the level of shadow spirit in his twenties, and he is the first person with the strongest strength of the younger generation in the whole Grand City, but he didn’t come back to attend this benefit sharing meeting because he studied in the War College.
And little Arthur is inferior to Fanny, their eldest brother. Although Fanny has a good eye, she is a girl after all …
Earl Arthur is leading the way to the Lins’ Hall in Wang Lei!
Shortly after the arrival of the Arthur family carriage, another carriage engraved with khaki shield also came from afar. This carriage was very simple and unobtrusive, but Wang Lei had recognized the owner of this carriage, which was the Luo family carriage.
"Luo Gujia master to! !”
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Prince of Waves Peach
The sound just fell and a middle-aged man dressed in a red warrior came from the carriage with a big smile on his face.
This man is Hui Luo, the owner of the Luo family. Behind him, Arthur followed a man and a woman. It was Lin Ze who once met Ron Rowling on the third floor of the four-leaf clover pub.
Count Arthur was disdainful. Hui Luo greeted Wang Lei with a big smile and talked for a few words before entering the Lins. The attitudes of the two householders towards Wang Lei were very different.
Maybe it’s because of the family power. The strength of Arthur’s family is far greater than that of Laurence family, which is like the Mu family and Lin family.
Four families in Grand City have arrived, and there are only two wooden families left!
Looking forward to the arrival of the onlookers, Mujia’s main Muxun finally appeared at the end of Qingshi Street with Muxiao.
They didn’t ride in a carriage, they just walked, but all the people who saw Muxun bowed slightly to him. Muxun, the most famous psychiatrist in Gran City, saved many dying people. Mujia’s name in Gran City has always been very good, and Muxun followed by Muxiao is even more amazing to the onlookers.
Although the residents in Gran City have long heard of Muxiao’s beauty, after seeing it with their own eyes, they never lost their minds and praised in their hearts that this girl must be a beauty that will bring disaster to the country and the people in the future …
"Wooden every master to! !”
Wang Lei shouted to the door, then smiled at Muxun Muxiao and said, "I don’t know what gift Muxun bro prepared? I feel that Arthur’s Luo family is well prepared! "
Muxun smiled and nodded confidently and said, "What I prepare must be different from them. Don’t forget what I do?"
What kind of surprise will a psychiatrist ask a psychiatrist to bring to Lin Lang? Wang Lei doesn’t want to think about waves when he can’t think of them …
Wood for Wang Lei with a smile haha with MuXiao disappeared in the lins’ gate.
At the moment when Muxiao disappeared, the crowd of onlookers gently sighed that a beauty had left!
Although the Grand City family has arrived almost, Wang Lei has not left.
Because one of the most important guests hasn’t arrived yet … His status is the most distinguished among all the guests!
"Hey, hey!" Horseshoe sounds so clear from a distance that everyone is attracted by the sound and looks at the end of the street, but there is no sign of carriage on Qingshi Street.
"Hitting, hitching, hitching …"
The horseshoe is getting closer and closer, just like Wan Ma Benteng in Qingshi Street. The onlookers are stunned by this horseshoe.
Wang Lei heard this so loud that he knew that the distinguished guest had finally arrived …
A more arrogant golden carriage appeared in people’s field of vision with thunderous hooves.
Hunting with the wind and ringing the blue flag attracted everyone’s attention. The white sword with sharp edges showed the crowd who was coming.
Delos empire lightsaber royal prince waves finally appeared!
An extremely strong horse with four hooves and wind, the shadow colt stopped at the Lins’ gate like a golden flash in an instant. The shadow colt is used by imperial combat cavalry to ride a war horse. The shadow colt is a first-class shadow beast to pull the cart, which is a bit overqualified but really commanding …
"Seen waves temple! !”
Before the figure appeared, Wang Lei had treated Arthur and Laurence family respectfully. The polite attitude was completely different!
The carriage door crashed out of the carriage and a handsome man in a blue robe appeared to be in his twenties! The man took a deep breath and looked intoxicated …
Then he opened his eyes and was particularly excited. He swept around and jumped to the top of the carriage, showing that he is also a powerful filmmaker …
This man is Deloose, brother of Shan Lan the Great, Prince of Delos Empire.
Prince Bo is famous throughout the empire, but not because of his strength, but because of his beauty.
Deloose and Bo Bo have the title of the first handsome man in the empire.
As the prince of the empire, his affair is widely spread among the people. Every young woman who lives alone in her boudoir sleeps with her every night. It must be the poster of Prince Waves. He is the dream lover of most girls.
"Grand city! Here I am … "
The Prince of Waves roared at the top of the golden carriage like a runaway wild horse and regained his freedom.
See prince waves this kind of reaction Wang Lei heart a slight quiver can’t help but think of not long ago imperial flow a peach affair.
hear about
Half a year ago, the Prince of Waves accidentally met the daughter-in-law of Imperial Flame when he was hiking outside the Imperial Capital …
Beautiful women and handsome men story
Wave was attracted by her beauty and fell in love at first sight. It’s against common sense that the daughter-in-law of Archduke Flame is his junior regardless of her identity …
After this matter was known by Shan Lan the Great, the Emperor reprimanded the Prince of Waves and personally took the Prince of Waves to apologize to the Archduke of Flame to resolve the matter.
Therefore, the Prince of Waves was also grounded and could not leave the mansion.
But how could such a romantic prince give up so easily? He came into contact with the flame in the dark. The daughter-in-law of Archduke captured her heart with her own charm and let her follow him with all her heart and wanted to divorce Archduke Flame.
You know, Archduke Flame is an Imperial Count!
She actually left the countess alone to follow the Prince of Waves, knowing that the Prince of Waves could not marry her, but she made such a decision without hesitation.
This matter has made a lot of noise in the imperial city. The lightsaber, the royal family and the flame archduke family have all fallen into silence.
However, many things happened in the following period. Shan Lan the Great executed the daughter-in-law of Archduke Flame with great fury, and at the same time, the Archduke Flame family suppressed the marriage of his own family, the little aristocrat.
In this way, a peach dispute is eliminated in words …
The Prince of Waves was also dejected and grounded in the palace by the emperor. It should have been more than half a year now!
Seeing Prince Waves behave like this, it seems that rumors should be really grounded for so long. What kind of waves will Prince Waves set off in Grand City?
Wang Lei couldn’t help but pinch a cold sweat …
And the four-leaf clover pub is also broadcasting Lin Lang’s birthday present live at this time. A shadow bow can clearly see everything happening at the Lins’ gate through the vision of his pet goshawk. Of course, this is broadcast live with the permission of the Lins! If you’re spying without authorization, I’m sorry. The Lins’ guard is not a vegetarian.