Lin said, "Let me tell you something I know first."

The dark king nodded
Lin told the Dark King that he knew the situation, and then he paused for a while. Then he said, "The original goal of the God Corps is that I will send Time to attract me into it because I like playing virtual games, and then let me compete with other players with the help of special training and special rewards. In this way, I can benefit from my memory and my strength to monopolize the special training and special rewards and become enemies of other players in the virtual world … Because the interest base is 100% sure that they can’t cope with it in the virtual world, I will definitely choose to promote the detonation war in reality."
"I can also be sure that I can’t fight against human power by one force and finally lose!"
"Once I am defeated, the God Corps will rescue me … no, the God Corps will not take the initiative. Once they take the initiative, the intention will be too obvious. It should be that I have to move special training rewards to let the God Corps help, just like you …"
"It’s a pity that part of my memory created you because of Guanyin Li … and you naturally monopolized the special training with my part of my memory in the first special training until I appeared, but after I appeared, you knew who I was and I was deceived by your superficial identity, which led to my constant failure and I had to choose to stay with you."
"The process of things is straightened out … but the cause of things is what they want me to do. What do they want you to do? Or in the end, you don’t know what the problem is when God sees the realistic armor!"
Lin nodded his head.
The Dark Lord continued, "And now that all the gods are dead and the sacred domain has been destroyed by us, all this will become a secret and can’t be solved?"
Lin shook his head and said hesitantly, "The solution is …"
The dark king’s eyes lit up and asked, "What is it?"
Lin said, "I can think of two ways to get the answer. One is that it doesn’t take too long but the probability of getting the answer is very small, and the other is that it can get the answer 100% but … it may take a long time!"
The Dark King immediately said, "Let’s talk about the first method first!"
"The first method is not sure to get the answer, but it must be implemented anyway. After all, the function of the Gods Lab is so powerful that you will definitely not choose to give up," Lin said. "Now I am the owner of the Gods Lab. When I was away from the Gods Lab, I didn’t close the tenth special training, but let the system adjust to the lowest energy consumption state to keep running, and I didn’t know anything because the memory bank was destroyed. But this special training is a virtual projection technology of Gods, from which I can find many past secrets .. I can’t tell what clues I can find."
The Dark King’s brow also frowned. His understanding ability is not bad, especially now his brain power is extremely terrible, and unlike Lin’s brain, which is stuffed with a lot of scientific and technological materials and moves faster than Lin, he heard the key point and said, "Tell me about the projection technology first!"
"Projection technology is composed of two technologies, one is memory retrieval technology, and the other is to visualize the memory plan!" Lin said, "The basic principle of memory retrieval technology is the same as that of memory cloning technology, that is, memory cloning technology is to retrieve memories from the human brain, while memory retrieval technology is to retrieve memories from the whole brain. It is a huge positive memory and virtual visualization technology of memory that can almost perfectly create a past world. It is with this technology that the gods can create special training, so horrible and real that they can’t find a false virtual world."
For the dark king, who has mastered the memory technology for thousands of years, there is no need to explain the memory technology too much in Lingen … People have memories, and all substances in this world have memories, but the memory methods are different and the methods are different.
The dark king was silent for a long time before he digested Lin’s passage and said, "Your second method is projection technology?"
Lin nodded and said, "Yes! When I was in the God Corps, they released the technology database to me almost completely. How could I miss this technology … If we can realize this technology, we can create a virtual world to look for all the materials that have been in existence! Now that the sacred domain has been destroyed, we need to make projection technology and equipment to the sacred domain, so that we can restore the past scene of the sacred domain and get everything that happened in the sacred domain in the past … The answer must be won! "
The Dark Lord said, "How long will it take?"
Lin said with a wry smile, "According to my preliminary estimate, your strength will be at least 1000 years!" "
The dark king "so long!"
Lin said, "There is no way that this technology needs too many precious materials to realize … Among them, the cosmic rare materials take up most of it, like the S-class cosmic rare gem, the eternal spar needs 100 grams of crystal and 300 grams … and the S-class cosmic rare metals … and so on. One thousand years is the shortest I expect. To be conservative, it will take three thousand years!"
When the Dark King heard this, his face changed greatly. "I don’t think it can be done in 3,000 years. Although the whole human society has been developing the universe for 3,000 years and producing all kinds of rare gems, metals and liquids … not only that, but it is impossible for tribes to fall into my hands. It is already very good!"
Lin said, "In the shortest 1000 years, I didn’t talk nonsense without foundation. I also mastered a lot of Shentuan technologies that can be sold and exchanged for these resources."
The Dark King blinked and said, "You’d better talk about your first plan. The second technology is still unrealistic even if you have detailed technical information. After all, some resources will not be traded …"
"Oh!" Lin has a deep understanding of how there may be a dark king in this era. It should be said that Lin has no understanding of the 1 ST century. Lin said that his first plan was "because the sacred domain was destroyed, the gods laboratory was built in the deep dimension, and now it relies on the reserve energy operation station …"
"Do you know the specific dimension level and specific coordinates?"
"I don’t know yet, but just go in and check it out!"
"How much energy is needed?"
"This has to go in and ask!"
Lin immediately went to the gods’ laboratory to learn some information that the dark king needed to know, and Lin came out … but it was already a few days later. Now the gods’ laboratory is ten thousand times, and the virtual world of the gods’ laboratory is ten thousand seconds in the past.
The dark king looked at Lin, who had just climbed out of the experimental warehouse, and was impatient for waiting. He didn’t good the spirit and asked, "Is it clear?"
"Clear coordinates, dimensions and dimensions are clear."
"What about the energy level?"
"…" Lin was a little hesitant and said, "It’s a little scary!"
"Go ahead!" The Dark King said, "I’ve been to a hundred dimensions, and I know how much energy it takes to maintain a virtual world as big as Time … Tell me!"
"If you want to keep normal, you need to …" Linkou said it in great detail. The data is divided into several levels, such as how much energy is needed to maintain the virtual world at ten times the flow rate per second, how much energy is needed to maintain the virtual world at one hundred times the flow rate per second, and how much energy is needed to maintain the flow rate at one thousand times … Even the smallest number is a horrible astronomical figure, and it is still calculated by seconds.
"what! ! !”
After listening to the introduction of Lin data, the Dark King didn’t know how horrible the God Corps was … It takes energy to maintain a special training with an hourly flow rate of 1,000 times a year. All living planets in the whole human society can afford it without consuming energy.
The dark king stayed for a long time before saying, "Do you have the energy technology of Shentuan?"
"Uh …" Lin blinked.
The dark king lowered his head and looked at Lin’s expression, and he knew the answer.
"An answer …" Lin stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyebrows and said, "Is it worth investing so much in such an answer? That’s when the flow rate is normal. I’m afraid I can maintain it for a year or two when I run out of all my financial resources! "
In a year or two, even Lin, the owner of the gods laboratory, probably couldn’t even find a clue.
Instantaneous both bowed their heads and was silent.