"Yes, our skills, combined with so many secret methods, have already reached the peak, using good materials, and maybe directly meet the requirements of the seven products of the eldest son!"

As soon as this statement came out, it was echoed by many craftsmen. They are all veterans of papermaking, and naturally know that the quality of the material itself has a great influence on the improvement of paper quality.
Of course, there are also some self-serious people who ask to continue to hone their memories with branches and leaves. "Use the trunk, but let’s not use as little as possible. After all, this is different from those branches and leaves!"
The final result is naturally that the minority is subordinate to the majority. However, the opinions of these minorities are also very pertinent, so they are also integrated.
Another seven days passed, and the fourth batch of Siling paper was made. Who mowgli after successful, feeling the heavy aura of these papers, the mood is also very excited, because, probably, this batch of paper, there have been many need for their own refining universal blade car.
Deep breathing once calmed the excitement in my heart, and Wei Wuji began to verify the quality of this batch of Siling paper one by one.
Zhang Si Ling Paper passed through his hands, and Wei Wuji was particularly happy, because the quality of this batch of Si Ling Paper was obviously very high, and dozens of pieces in the past, all of which were above six products and below six products, never appeared at all. However, with the identification of more than half of this batch of Siling paper in the past, his brow was wrinkled.
"Six grades and seven grades, six grades and nine grades, six grades and five grades, six grades and eight grades and six grades and ten grades … why are all six grades? Where are the seven grades?"
There have been dozens of four-spirit papers with six grades and ten grades, but Wei Wuji still hasn’t seen one with more than seven grades. Look at the side of the unidentified paper less and less, only dozens of pieces, who mowgli’s original good mood completely disappeared, leaving only a full of heaviness.
"ah! Seven products and three poles! The seven products finally appeared! " Who mowgli’s hands, and a piece of four spirit paper identified, at present, his eyes suddenly lit up. "I told you, they even dared to use the trunk. Isn’t it a bit sure?"
However, Wei Wuji’s good mood for the second time didn’t last long, because, as the last piece of Siling paper was identified, he found that among the Siling papers made of the trunk of Siling Shenmu, there was only one with more than seven products, and there was no more.
There is no doubt that this shows that this only seven-grade paper is just a product of luck. It is impossible for this group of craftsmen to sum up the method of refining more than seven-grade Siling paper from this refining.
Although it is said that there are still many backbones of the Four Spirits Shenmu, how can Wei Wuji allow them to build by luck? This is too unreliable! At present, he ordered, "Take these things and tell the craftsmen that what I need is at least 50,000 pieces of seven-product four-spirit paper, and let them take it easy when doing experiments with the trunk.
Also, although their skills are very high, they need to be improved again, otherwise, it is impossible to meet my requirements. Let them open their hearts and experiment with those branches and leaves, even if all the waste products appear at the beginning, it doesn’t matter, as long as they can sharpen the method of refining seven products and four spirits paper. "
"Yes!" The servant gave an order and went out at once.
With this result, the craftsmen’s self-confident mentality was immediately disintegrated. Now, they are really at a loss.
After a long silence, it was the old master who said, "Ladies and gentlemen, if anyone has anything left to say, please say it now. I believe everyone will understand."
They naturally understand the meaning of the Lao shifu. One by one, they naturally swear that all their secret methods have been handed over, and there will never be any more secrets.
Smelling this, Lao shifu knew that he had just said something. He thought for a moment and said, "Well, I think we are too busy these days, and our thoughts are hard to avoid being rigid. Why don’t we take a day off, change our minds and then discuss it?"
Of course, during the break, anyone who has some whimsy can write it down on a piece of paper and put it together tomorrow to demonstrate it! "
Now, all the craftsmen echoed in unison.
The next day, sure enough, many people had an extra note in their hands. After putting it together, they began to demonstrate one by one. After a day of discussion, synthesis and previous experience, there are as many as 23 new papermaking methods, although these methods are only slightly different from the previous methods.
With Wei Wuji, they naturally let go of their hearts and use those branches to experiment.
More than a month passed quickly. At this point, Wei Wuji’s four-spirit paper in his hand is already their twentieth method. Of the previous 19 methods, 11 were all waste products, and the remaining grades were different. Although there were also seven products, it was basically luck.
Wei mowgli also knows that it is the most difficult to make further progress, but his mentality has calmed down, and he is mainly gentle to craftsmen.
The light in his hand shone again, and the four-spirit papers began to be identified. Only in the middle, Wei Wuji’s face smiled, and this time, the smile lasted until the end.

Chapter DiYiLiuBa Refiner, show off
Chapter DiYiLiuBa Refiner, show off
"Seventy-eight pieces of seven-product four-spirit paper. There are three eight-product ones. This is only made of the ordinary branches and leaves of Siling Shenmu. If it is replaced by the trunk, isn’t it even possible? "
Who mowgli mindful of this, in the heart of excitement and excitement can’t restrain, all revealed on the surface. Seeing such a situation, I have been serving the servants of Wei Wuji for quite some time, but I still don’t understand what happened. At present, I am also full of excitement.
Who mowgli is an unusual person, after a period of excitement, the time has returned to normal. His mouth, to one side of the servants, "very well, I am very satisfied with this batch of four spirit paper, you tell them, I will reward them afterwards. But now, they want to sum up the manufacturing method as quickly as possible, so as to make the paper with more than seven products appear as much as possible.
Besides, those branches and leaves should not be used up, so let them continue their experiments. In addition to the remaining three methods to be tested, we should continue to think of other methods until the remaining branches and leaves of Siling Shenmu are completely consumed. I hope they don’t just focus on the seven products I asked for, but try their best to move to a higher level and make eight, nine or even ten products of Siling paper! "
"Yes!" After serving so many times, this servant has a very good understanding of Wei Wuji’s mind. At the moment, one of them bowed down and said, "Don’t worry, eldest son, I will do it properly!"
"good! You go! " Who mowgli then waved.
After a bunch of craftsmen heard such words, the big stones that had been hanging in their hearts before finally fell to the ground. Life is carefree, and the mood of each craftsman is also good. However, their enthusiasm for work has not been reduced at all, because what they have to consider now is how to take more benefits from Wei Wuji when they leave.
However, because of this, the basic tasks are completed, and their efforts to cooperate with each other are no longer as neat as before. After all, although there are still many branches and leaves of Siling Shenmu, they are definitely not enough for one person to think about it. They have no worries. Naturally, I hope to improve the paper-making method according to my own wishes.
If you fail, it doesn’t matter if you defend mowgli’s words first. However, once you succeed, you will get a big reward if you create a higher quality Siling paper. Moreover, the value of this secret method itself can be handed down from family to family, and they also don’t want to share their talents with others.
Faced with this, Wei Wuji also expressed his understanding and did not interfere. However, these craftsmen did not live up to Wei Wuji’s expectations. By the time the branches and leaves of Siling Shenmu were completely consumed, there were three more manufacturing methods of seven-product Siling paper than before, and a method that could stably produce eight-product Siling paper.
At this time, don’t say who mowgli, as everyone knows, these four people in the previous communication, it must be hiding many unique features of their own secret method. Otherwise, how can the improvement of paper products be so easy?
However, who mowgli will not pursue this nature. All he wants is the result of having a large number of four-spirit papers with more than seven products, and as for the rest, he is lazy.
With a better one, Wei Wuji naturally knows how to choose! He did not hesitate to tell the craftsman who invented the manufacturing method of Bapin Siling Paper to be the leader of manufacturing Siling Paper this time, and he should dispatch it and let it make decisions.
After another month or so, after several refining, the remaining nearly four trunk trees of Siling Shenmu were all consumed, and nearly 100,000 pieces of Siling paper were refined. There are so many pieces of Siling paper, except for more than a thousand pieces that have problems, the remaining quality is above seven. Among them, there are more than 30,000 pieces of eight products and 5,000 pieces of nine products.
This result, of course, was greatly pleased by Wei Wuji, who gave a reward to the craftsmen and monks who participated in the refining of Siling Paper.
In the manor, with the successful refining of Siling Paper, all the craftsmen left, but the forty monks who were responsible for cooperation, Wei Wuji, continued to keep them. Because, refining their own multiplier, but also need them.