Kobe Bryant scored 7 points, Iverson scored 7 points, Nowitzki scored 6 points, Paul scored 4 points and 2 assists, Anthony scored 5 points, Duncan scored 2 points, Yao scored 2 points, Stoudemire scored 2 points and Roy scored 2 points.

Eastern Stars James scored 6 points, Wade scored 6 points, Howard scored 6 points, Gatt scored 6 points, O ‘Neill scored 4 points, Billups scored 4 points, Ray Allen scored 3 points, Pierce scored 2 points and Bosh scored 2 points.
In the second quarter, Vicky changed his twin brothers in one game, and they changed for half a quarter. Anthony and other people in Nowitzki field remained the same.
The western front has become Paul, Roy, Ji national humiliation, Ji national hatred and Stoudemire.
The Eastern Front became Billups, Ray Allen, Pierce, Bosh and O ‘Neill.
Ji Guoqiu secretly called lucky in his heart. He didn’t want to touch more than 3 pounds of sharks. This small body really can’t stand it.
Before D ‘Antoni saw * * Vichy, Stoudemire immediately swore at O ‘Neill. This must be a deadly enemy plot. Their bully is not much heavier than the two brothers. Can he withstand more than 3 pounds of O ‘Neill?
* * Vicky did it on purpose, of course. The Spurs coach did something immoral and secretly scolded the Suns. It’s best for the big shark to die. How can you run and boom?
The two brothers didn’t know that the Spurs coach took the opportunity to take advantage of the sun and beat Paul Pierce and Chris Bosh after the game.
In the second quarter, the Western Star Team first attacked Ji Guoqiu and took the initiative to pull it out. With the help of the cover, the Queen Bee easily dribbled into the restricted area.
The eastern star defensive end is not too serious. The defense is simple, and there is no cooperation.
After Ji Guoqiu covered, he followed the people around him to defend.
Chris Paul and Tai Sen Chandler are used to playing with the Hornets, so they made a relay. The panda warrior immediately bounced to the ground and caught the basketball with both hands. No one noticed that he immediately performed a big windmill slam dunk against the basket and slammed the basketball into the basket!
The fans in the New Orleans Arena still remember that the Panda Hero won the dunk contest yesterday, which was really a beautiful dunk. The fans immediately cheered Ji Guoqiu warmly!
Yao was present and thought sourly, "The two of them are indeed more suitable for Star Wars than me! "But jealousy belongs to jealousy. Yao took the initiative to ask * * Vicky to reduce his appearance and give him to his twin brothers when he appeared.
The little giant thinks yes, the twin brothers with outstanding athletic ability are indeed more suitable for such competitions. They play basketball and enjoy the best among the big players, which is not inferior to Superman and Wolf King.
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Position should be won by yourself
The Western Stars retreated, and the two of them remembered Nash’s defensive words.
In the first quarter, they saw that Howard and Gart didn’t take care of them too seriously, and naturally they were embarrassed to be too serious to save the sinner. But now they have figured it out, so what about careful defense? No one will make enemies with them because of their serious defense. Didn’t Howard cover Kobe before? Peter Pan seems to have buckled Superman once …
Chris Bosh became the first ghost of the two brothers. The poor dragon king felt that he had just failed to defend the relay of Ji Guo and Qiu Zhong seriously. According to the urine of going to the Star Race, the latter should obviously reciprocate. This time, he also let himself perform a Chinese speech. This is called reciprocity!
So when Bosh was catching the ball in the basket and preparing for a dunk, he was very angry with him. Instead of throwing a peach, he directly returned the dragon king with a big hat and slapped him over to cover the basketball with others.
Brandon Roy reacted quickly and got the basketball that was covered by Ji Guoqiu. He immediately turned to Paul and started a three-line fast break with Fox.
The Eastern Star Team stopped chasing Paul after half of the defense. He dribbled and glanced at the No.9 jersey of Ji Guoshi. He immediately knew that this was a hate for his younger brother’s heart. "Do you still want the ball? Beautiful, you are bubbling! "
Ji Guo’s shame didn’t expect Chris Paul to remember revenge at this time. shota took a basketball and waved it directly to him, but it went to Roy’s hand on the other side
"I wipe your period!" Ji Guo’s shame was shaken by his teammates’ false movements, and he jumped directly and lost his shirt.
Sure enough, the fans immediately burst into laughter when they saw Ji Guo’s humiliation and embarrassment!
Chris Paul saw Ji Guo’s face livid with shame, and when his eyes turned, he ran over and gave him a high-five to celebrate. The depressed fox saw a thick and comfortable person from this dead eyes. This is a naked face!
Ji Guo is ashamed to know that this little heart is not knowing how to laugh at himself, but on such an occasion, he has to high-five with this guy who has wronged himself and shows a smile that is uglier than crying. He can’t wait to put his hand on Paul’s face directly.
"Mom, this guy looks like he’s not going to give me the ball, boss. I haven’t scored yet."
"Come on, don’t be such a bitch. I’ll give you the ball later."
Ji Guoqiu saw that he was pathetic, so he could save the little fox at this time.
The Eastern Star attacked Billups, broke through Paul, and then stopped at the queen bee’s head. A middle-distance basketball should be in the box!
Billups is very good at taking advantage of the enemy’s weakness. Facing Kidd, he broke through and faced Mr. Paul directly, which was regarded as revenge for Ji Guo’s humiliation.
Chris Paul was turned back by * * and suddenly turned around and swayed past Billups to score the line. In O’ Neill’s defense, he gave the basketball to the national enemy.
Ji Guoqiu received the ball defense in the basket.
I have to say that Paul’s ball is really very comfortable. He can jump and dunk immediately after receiving the basketball, but he still thinks that this guy Ji Guoshame has already shouted "I … I have one!" "
Ji Guoqiu didn’t dunk the basketball to the backboard. The basketball bounced directly to the other side of the backboard. Ji Guoshame flew to the two of them for an exquisite basket. With the little fox catching the ball, he came to a windmill and slammed the basketball into the basket!