"Boss, hurry for help. We may stop this wave of beast tide by adding the strength of his kingdom!"

"We might as well rush out when we are waiting for death here. If these Warcraft departments come here, we will really have a way out!"
"Yes, boss, you are quick to decide!"
A large group of monks in the era empire camp fit here when they knew that this time the beast tide was led by Du Yun, and their faces turned ugly.
Zhong Yaoyou was angry. Du Yun first killed one of his younger brothers, Xuan, and then killed only one younger brother, Hui, in front of Brother Wan. Now he also led all the beasts to attack their era empire, which simply humiliated their geo-empire.
"Is this my revenge?" Yao’s heart is unwilling, but today this situation has come to an end, only World War I.
"Let’s take the initiative to attack and send people to other kingdoms for help. Those kingdoms should also know the situation we are facing. Hum, they wanted benefits and promised them what we could do!" Yao’s face was livid and his face was always smiling, and there was no trace of it.
"Yes!" Many monks of the era empire should have dispersed soon. This time, their era empire is facing a major crisis, and it will be a big loss if they fail to go there.
"Kill!" More than 200 monks from the era empire flocked out, but they were somewhat timid in the face of Warcraft, but this situation did not allow them to retreat. The monks from the senior kingdom had their own proud side.
As Du Yun expected, the Godsworn of the Empire really couldn’t help but make moves to ask them to start first. The BM will definitely fight with them, while he can watch from the sidelines and maybe he can take advantage of it!
Du Yun’s idea seems simple, but in fact it is dangerous. If the era empire is really Du Yun leading many Warcraft attacks, then the Du Yun plan will be successful.
But on the contrary, if the monks of the Era Empire see that these Warcraft are chasing Du Yun, then it will be another situation. It will be that Du Yun is hunted by all Warcraft and the people of the Era Empire can watch the fun.
At the moment when the plan was successful, Du Yun realized that his back was infiltrated by cold sweat. It can’t be said that his mentality is not calm enough. Whoever makes such a crazy move is afraid that most people will bet their lives on Du Yun. It will definitely be shocking to be known.
"Hey hey … era empire depends on whether you can escape this crisis!" Du Yun stopped his body and his eyes became cold. Chapter two hundred and twenty The tide surged.
Ten thousand Warcraft formed an army and came to the center of misty rain. It was really scary, and when people saw that these Warcraft targets were actually the era empire, many people gloated.
Era empire senior empire, they usually act arrogantly, which makes many monks dare to be angry and dare not speak. Now, seeing that the era empire is about to face a big crisis, many monks are interested in watching the scene and don’t intend to help. No one wants to be cannon fodder.
Of course, if they knew that this group of Warcraft didn’t obey Du Yun’s command, they might run away now? And Du Yun, the figurine of this matter, naturally won’t come out and shout, "Run, everyone!" These Warcraft are chasing me!
The Godsworn of the Era Empire took the lead in attacking all kinds of Warcraft, and such scenes were gorgeous, fascinating and gorgeous, and the light of the lighter was overwhelming, which made the whole misty and misty city center light up like day.
Du Yun took out a golden round bead, and after crushing it, his figure disappeared from it. This is a low-level hidden figure array. Du Yunxian’s second-level array mage identity system is very simple.
This law is difficult to deceive the monk’s eyes, but it is only effective for Warcraft. When Du Yun came out, many Warcraft eyes suddenly lost his figure
Before the BM came to the command era, the imperial monks suddenly launched a fierce attack on them, and the BM immediately became furious when he saw it.
"Hey!" Beastmaster a roar loud figure resounded through the misty rain city center point it a pair of scarlet blood after a roar of Warcraft immediately * * up behind him.
Then, led by the BM, the Godsworn of the Era Empire launched a fierce attack, and the Pentium scene of Warcraft was exciting and shocking.
Although the strength of more than 200 monks in the era empire is good, the lowest is against all later repairs, but when they meet the scene of Warcraft, they still have no bottom in their hearts
First-order and second-order Warcraft account for more than half of all Warcraft. These Warcraft usually kill one kind at will for monks, but they can’t bear the large number. How about one can’t beat you two, ten or one hundred?
Soon, there were casualties in the era empire, and there were many powerful people in Warcraft, especially the leading BM.
It chased Du Yun for a long time, and finally Du Yun disappeared before its eyes, and then a group of humans attacked its army, which had already angered the BM.
It’s an extreme terror for the Beastmaster to vent his anger. Its realistic power is comparable to that of the third-order strong man. Nowadays, the hoof movement is even more ferocious. Every time the emperor monks meet it, they will eventually turn into a mud field.
Beastmaster stepped out with a strong horse, and with a surging force, the potential sank vigorously, as if the ability was desperate, and he stepped towards a strong man who was immortal.
The first-order monk who ascended the immortal secretly complained in his heart, but when he wanted help, he found that there was no living person around him. He offered a long sword and waved it to resist the attack of the BM.
But for him, this sword, BM, turned out to be not flashing, so he stepped on the sword and split BM with a big bunch of flowers. BM didn’t even see any injury, which made the monk horrified.
The Beastmaster stepped on the root of the first-order monk who was immortal, and he didn’t escape being trampled on his chest by the Beastmaster. Suddenly, his body became shriveled and many ribs were broken.
The monk was seriously injured and the dying BM lost interest, and then he stepped on his hoof and went to his monk before he could breathe a sigh of relief. After the BM, a large group of low-level Warcraft came, which made him pale and bloodless.
"This special yao look down on the old? I’m going to die, and I’m going to die at the feet of a beastmaster! " The monk wanted to cry, and a group of low-level Warcraft, which was like ants in his eyes at ordinary times, now brought him a fatal threat and made his heart angry.
But there’s nothing you can do about it. Can you still reason with Warcraft? No, he wanted a large group of low-order Warcraft to shout and yell at them all day, so he stepped on his hoof and the immortal first-order strong man was trampled to death by a group of low-order Warcraft alive.
In a scene like this, there are many places where many monks in the periphery watch the battle, and some people cheer up.
Of course, there are many Warcraft deaths in the field, such as those of the first-order and second-order Warcraft era imperial monks who want some aftermath to wipe out a group, but these are somewhat insignificant and a drop in the bucket for the seemingly exhausted Warcraft.
"Why haven’t those senior kingdoms come yet? We can’t resist!" A half-step immortal monk saw a beast dynasty attack himself and screamed
"They said they would prepare for it before coming!" A monk also resisted more than ten low-order Warcraft attacks and then pulled out and responded.
"Prepare, yao beast tide hit the misty rain city center point people know that they will not be prepared? Pit dad? I grass I can’t stop no … "