"You abandon my noisy words can throw me out of the palace! So I won’t get in your way! " She nai said, that is, this expression made him even more annoyed. "Do you believe that I will never let you out of this place? !”

Chapter 54 Maybe I’m not your love
His words made it impossible for Han Yiqing to verify whether it was true or not …
But when Han Yiqing knew this, it was definitely not wrong to listen to Leng Ruixi! He really did …
"Leng Ruixi, you are really going too far!"
"Really?" He raised his eyebrows and wondered if Han Yiqing was wrong about her, but he saw a hint of show off in an ostentatious manner in his eyes. "Isn’t that better?"
Who can tell her what happened to Leng Ruixi! This is not scientific!
"Well … you have a good rest and I’m leaving!" After that, she was about to leave, and then she was dragged by him severely. Han Yiqing didn’t stabilize this person and stumbled into his arms …
She heard the man above her head hum and put her hand on his chest.
"LengRuiXi what are you doing! Let me go! It’s so hot! "
"If you don’t move, my wound will crack!"
I really didn’t dare to move when I heard his deep voice Han Yiqing. It was the two of them now … How strange!
Especially when his warm breath sprayed her ear, she was even more uncomfortable! There is something wrong with her chest, but there is nothing wrong with her waist, right
So …
She held out her hand and pinched his waist!
As a result, he was very angry "Han Yiqing! What the hell are you doing! "
"I didn’t do anything!" That’s how she looks at him. Her eyes are so cold that she can’t even beat her!
"You pinched me," he calmly expounded a fact, and then Han Yiqing even more calmly said, "You hold me."
He hugged her, so she pinched him! See if he lets go!
"Leng Ruixi, you let me go. You are too hot!"
"I feel cool."
Ah ah ah ah! There is not much difference between their two roots, but there is a serious generation gap between them! Yes, that’s the generation gap!
What she said is not white!
"Well … LengRuiXi why have you been holding me? !” She really wants to get out of his arms, but considering that he is injured, it will be bad if she hurts him!
She has to spend time taking care of this man! So she stopped moving.
Han Yiqing felt the man sigh and asked her, "Han Yiqing, are you really afraid to make that bet with me?"
Han Yiqing’s body froze directly, and his arms didn’t talk, even he didn’t see her expression.
"I don’t know why you want to bet me that there are so many women in the world and so many people who like you. I made an appointment with you to kiss him when I was a child. I really have nothing."
"In this case, what’s wrong with you is natural. Maybe I’m not your love, not your love, but the best for you."
Han Yiqing never thought that this would come from his mouth. She could look at him in wait for a while.
It’s not that she loves, it’s not that she likes, but it’s the best for her. Is this person Leng Ruixi? She was lost.
"So would you like to try it with me for even a month?"
This made her even more at a loss …
Xiao Cheling once asked her to give him a month before deciding whether to join him, but she gave up and now …
Chapter 55 Coronation Ceremony
Leng Ruixi also asked her the same question. She really didn’t know what to do at this time.