"This time, if you lose it, you must catch it. I didn’t expect to catch a fighter the day after tomorrow. When you want to give him this force, your achievements will not be low."

Zi Yan nodded. "It’s really difficult. Zhang Yang is an unusual young man!"
Zhang quietly hug Wu Yu two people didn’t say a word have been waiting to enjoy each other’s warmth.
When calculating, Zhang Yang bit Wu Yu’s ear and whispered, "It’s about half an hour. Let’s go!"
"Don’t itch," Wu Yu said. "Then let’s go and kill these bastards."
While marching in the direction of Yuntian and others, Zhang Yangyin Wu Yudao said, "I feel that there are a large number of masters surrounded by more than a dozen great masters 700 meters away. It should be the Li family who will really fight for a while. Don’t be too far away from me."
"Well" Wu Yu should way.
Zhang Yang touched the ring and connected his mind with Rongrong. "Rongrong will be in danger for a while, but it depends on you!"
"No problem. I’m the best, but I’ll run away. Hee hee …" The little guy’s heart sounds in Zhang’s mind.
About three minutes, the two men walked to the edge of the forest 200 meters away from Yuntian and others. Zhang Yangyin Wu Yudao said, "According to my original plan."
"You pay attention to Ann" Wu Yu cut the sound of Zhang Yang.
"Well," Zhang Yang replied and rushed out of the trees.
And Wu Yu Zhang Yang left and ran quickly around Yun Tian and others in the opposite direction. Her figure was not found.
"Zhang Yang!" Yun Tian was the first to find that the runner cut out an ice skate with his hand. The ice skate was more than ten meters long and he wanted to chop Zhang Yang’s head directly.
Zhang Yang smashed the skates with one punch and went to the crowd alone. "I’m fighting you fair and square now. Who’s coming?"
"Just counsel should be Wu Yu Zhang Yangren bullying now still can’t help but come out" Feng Li eyes flashed with murder.
He said to Zhang Yanggao, "Zhang, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Your strength is getting stronger and stronger. I think I can fight alone, but we can afford you if we want to do it."
"shoot!" The eagle stood cold and stepped on the wind and rushed to Zhang Yang first.
"Kill Zhang Yang!"
No one will care about the fact that the Justice Department rushed to Zhang and couldn’t wait to kill Zhang now.
They have been suppressed for too long, and they have been suppressed twice by Zhang Yangyin. Now it’s time to vent, and no one flinches.
"Who’s afraid of who!" Zhang was born with a big drink, and the flame also rushed to the team of more than 20 people across the street.
Zhang, the eagle, was about to touch the moment when Zhang’s feet sounded an air explosion and suddenly turned and slipped through a flash footwork and rushed into the master crowd.
He can kill the great masters of Samsung, and it’s like a tiger into a flock to enter these masters!
"Chop you to death!" Recently, a four-star master from Zhang Yang raised a long knife and cut out a strange knife to form a sky-blue knife with great strength and momentum, which fell to Zhang Yang.
Without blinking an eye, Zhang Yang’s footwork once again took a flash knife and appeared behind the master.
He grabbed each other’s neck with his right hand as a claw, and twisted "Gaba" like an eagle catching a chicken. A master’s neck was twisted and died!
"Zhang Yang’s life is coming!" While Zhang Yang killed the master, a Samsung master shouted and jumped up and split the combating Dao vertically.
The wind whirring and the gold dollar can wrap the combat knives, and the golden awn is dazzling and powerful, and it is cut by Zhang Yang’s back.
Master combating Dao didn’t cut Zhang, but it broke a virtual shadow, but it really broke the neck before Zhang Yangying and the master cut it in half.
Zhang Yang’s traversing out and traversing back and forth again is instantaneous. If it flashes quickly, it will appear behind the master, slap the other side’s crown and destroy the other side’s brain to leave blood.
"Amount!" The master came and uttered a syllable and died!
"Go on" Zhang Yang rushed to the nearest master in gray, who was as merciless as a god of death reaping human life.
Suddenly, a man quickly drilled out of the ground behind Zhang, and that man was Cao Nanyang.
"death!" Cao Nanyang held a pair of daggers in his hands, and one sword stabbed Zhang’s heart and the other stabbed him!
Two people are too close, almost close to each other!