Nangong Sandy didn’t want him to face the storm alone, so he calmed down and said, "I’ll go with you!"

"Sandy, you have a good rest now. It is difficult for him to accidentally hurt you when he is excited."
Well, after a while, the Nangong Sandy was so worried that he regretted waiting in the palace.
As soon as Nangong Obsidian arrived at the door, she heard the Japanese emperor’s flustered voice.
"What do you do to eat? Are they all pigs? My beloved princess is now in bed and unconscious, but you can’t find any reason! Schrotten! Waste "
After sweeping the table, the crackling sound of the tea set is particularly harsh!
The nangongshan obsidian eyebrows a wrinkly strode forward to push the door and see his face with a panic anger chapter 1977 1977 Don’t pick up any whore!
Looking up at the calm, he trembled with his hands pointing at him and said, "where are you?" Don’t you always have a wonderful doctor around you! Call me quickly! "
"You go out first" ignore his words. Nangong Obsidian gathered her eyes and knelt down to tremble and cure too much.
Cure too much as if they had heard something big. They looked at him with gratitude and left in panic.
"You let them go like this that I how to do? Just lie here? "
Emperor Ying of Japan stared angrily at his face with anger!
Nangong Yao didn’t lift his eyes and said coolly, "Why did you fall into a coma? Is there another trick?"
The pale man in that bed can hide from other people’s eyes when he is stiff, but he can’t hide from the sharp eyes of Nangong Obsidian!
"How do you talk? I would also like to ask if Princess Nanyue was in a coma after she came yesterday. Did she do something after all? " To love princess wronged Japanese emperor frowned retorted.
The temperature of Nangong Obsidian’s face suddenly dropped, even the room temperature dropped. The cold eyes were not contaminated with a trace of emotion, and the coldness made the Japanese emperor feel a sudden heart.
"To her hand? They don’t know each other, or is there a ghost in your heart? "
Emperor Ying of Japan looked at the figure that kept moving forward and retreated uncontrollably, or crustily skin of head said, "What the hell can happen in my heart? We have no deep hatred, but the fact is that since he left yesterday, my beloved princess has been in a coma. You can bully us if you don’t want South Vietnam! There must be a saying about this matter. "
After that, I glanced at the bed with a guilty conscience, but I didn’t feel relieved until I saw that the man was really the same.
"I came here today to tell you not to pick up all your broken shoes!"
The sarcastic words made the Japanese emperor look embarrassed and stared at him with hatred!
Nangong obsidian automatically chose to see and then walked over him to the bed. The evil smile at the corner of his mouth did not reach the fundus, especially after touching the ear with a strange touch.
"Don’t worry, South Vietnam is not unreasonable. The country will definitely give you an explanation, but if someone wants to do something about it, it is asking for a dead end."
After a deterrent, the Japanese emperor left in angry eyes, but he did not go back to the Nangong Sandy bedroom but went straight to the queen.
When the queen learned that Nangong Obsidian was coming, people rushed to see him with a dark face and asked, "Is something wrong with Obsidian?"
"Empress Chen wants to know if there is any medicine that can make people completely unconscious but completely conscious?"
Since that woman likes to lie in bed, stay forever!
Redjade thought about it and shook her head. "No!"
She has never known or heard of this kind of thing.
Nangong Obsidian nodded his head and asked, "Yesterday, after Sandy went to the Emperor of Japan, the princess around her was in a coma. I was afraid that Sandy would be hurt, so please ask the queen to protect her!"
He must not be able to accompany Sandy all day now, but he is not at ease. Then he will ask the Queen to take more care of him. Chapter 1978 You should not be too stressed.
Redjade’s heart "thumped"-did the strange mood come true yesterday after all?
"Obsidian, don’t worry about the palace, but you can still protect my daughter!"
Sandy was kind and never did these things when she was a child, and the aggressive Japanese Emperor wanted to kill her!
"Thank you, Queen!"
With the queen’s guarantee, Nangong Obsidian will have a bottom in his heart and can do something freely!
Seeing his appearance, Redjade casually asked, "Obsidian, what are you going to do?"
Nangong Obsidian’s eyes were a little cruel and gradual, and her eyes made her feel so strange and thin for a long time before she said, "Get rid of the obstacles!"