Mo Yu didn’t hide that "the good patriarch is about to go out, but the current patriarch is still sorry for the death of Moheng people." The field suddenly spread and surrounded Mo Lengfeng and Zhang Tao’s department, but Mo Xian and Mo Xiao were in a hurry and had no way. "Mo Yu Mo Lengfeng is also our patriarch at least. Do you really dare to do so?"

"Moheng Daren ordered me not to disobey your trespassing clan’s direct pledge" seems to be the corresponding Mo Yu’s words. Soon, many patrols rushed out around. These people are clan patrols, and most of them are saints. Strength resistance is definitely a dead end. Because Mo Xiao and Mo Xian saw six intermediate thirteen-star saints.
In the field, both Zhang Tao and Mo Lengfeng can be easily killed, but for a moment Mo Yu was surprised to find that Zhang Tao grabbed Mo Lengfeng’s figure with one hand and quickly retreated from his field.
"Hide in the Mishu Tower?" Zhang Taoyin asked Mo Lengfeng but firmly rejected Zhang Tao’s sigh that Mo Yu was by no means an ordinary peak saint. Even if he did his best, he might not be able to defeat Mo Lengfeng, and I am afraid so.
"War!" Mo Lengfeng firmly answered Zhang Tao’s question. The black sword appeared in his hand. Nai Zhang Tao also took out the blue dream. They really can’t do nothing.
Yu Moxiao and others were all imprisoned, and others didn’t come to help Mo Yu. Because Mo Yu didn’t make "I’m surprised that you can hide from my field. No wonder you dare to break into the clan. In that case, I will let you know that the clan water is deeper than you think."
"Love!" "The autumn wind whirls!" Answer Mo Yu is Zhang Tao and Mo Lengfeng’s attack.
But in the face of such an attack, Mo Yu did not move, and the field extended immediately. Even if the shock wave was swallowed, the field slowly melted for a moment and came to Zhang Tao and Mo Lengfeng. Two people wanted to retreat, only to find that Mo Yu appeared like a flash. "Yes! Everything in the field is controlled by yourself, so is the speed. "Zhang Tao’s mind flashed like this, but Mo Yu’s attack came.
"Thunder falls and people are scattered!" Mo Lengfeng waited for this moment. When Mo Yuli’s field came instantly, Mo Lengfeng worked hard and practiced hard, and the trick against Mo Jia appeared.
At the same time, Zhang Tao abdomen Zhang Yue rushed out with a dagger without hesitation. Mo Lengfeng’s sword finally surprised Mo Yu’s eyes # # # now.
Feel that there is a strong ray element in it. Mo Yu dare not recklessly attack the original speed. The right hand backhand grabs the field and extends out again. At this time, Mo Lengfeng and Zhang Tao instantly exchanged a look. The cooperation between the two people in the face of the strong enemy was just a look more than once. The general idea of the two people is already clear.
Seeing Mo Lengfeng’s menacing sword, he suddenly withdrew his original position. A dexterous turn and attack again delayed his attack. Mo Yu knew that Mo Lengfeng was trying to avoid his own field, but did it make sense? On the other hand, Zhang Yue has entered the field, but this kind of difference between heaven and earth is also trapped by the field, even if a dagger can break the field, but his body method can’t help.
At this time let Zhang Tao unexpected scene appeared. 678 War peak saint.
Although Mo Yu wondered what this silver-white villain was, he didn’t worry that the original domain would be trapped and everything would be fine, but he didn’t expect this villain to suddenly rush out of a silver-white little hand.
Small hands don’t know what weapons they are holding, but they can actually break their own fields. Zhang Tao was surprised. I didn’t expect Zhang Yue’s small body to be extended in different ways. This attack method is unfavorable, and it is impossible to prevent Mo Yu from hiding his forehead. A thin layer of cold sweat appeared. It is conceivable that Mo Yu was in danger just now.
Moment Zhang Yue elongation hand blink turn attack again this time Mo Yu had prepared to hide easily. Although there was no doubt in the heart, there was no extra idea to ignore the fact that Mo Lengfeng turned around and then the thunder fell again. The original Mo Lengfeng turned around and made a flaw instead of avoiding the field! Mo Yu, who knows the truth at this moment, has come to avoid and defend.
Boom! Thunder falls, people scatter, and huge thunder suddenly runs through Mo Yu’s body. Even the peak saint can’t bear the impact of fire and oil at this moment. Dark red blood suddenly permeates his nose and mouth, and his robe has become tattered and crumbling. The Zhang Yue attack has reappeared.
The sloped dagger pierced Mo Yu’s back, and his pupils were slightly lax. In the distance, Mo Xiao and Mo Xian and others had already widened their eyes. Was Mo Yu, the peak saint, defeated like this? The heads of the fathers and this Zhang Tao team can actually do this.
"The Moon Comes Back" suddenly became angry, and Zhang Tao immediately spoke out in a hurry, but at the moment another field appeared. This person obviously secretly observed that the field did not surround Zhang Tao, but trapped Zhang Yue. Not only that, but he personally attacked Zhang Tao.
"Heads be careful" Mo Xiao saw this shadow speak out and called out to the other side. Although it was very fast, the door was still subtle. He knew that the other side’s strength Zhang Tao did not dare to have the slightest hidden kind of cold in heaven and earth, and suddenly mixed Yuan Bing Xin appeared, but for a moment this person disappeared into pieces of fallen leaves.
When he reappeared, his fingers roared like a sharp shock wave, like flint, which penetrated Zhang Tao’s eyebrows, but then Zhang Tao became a broken ice crystal.
Mo Lengfeng asked the field to watch "Huh?" The attacker obviously didn’t expect Zhang Tao to avoid the attack in this wonderful way. "Is it dark?" Mo cold wind was slightly surprised in my heart. I didn’t expect him to make moves with Mo Yu.
The fact is really surprising. I didn’t expect that Mo Yu, the original Mo Yu, was in the bag, but I didn’t expect Mo Yu to fall into a dangerous situation. Now I can’t afford to kneel on the ground. Thunder is too harmful to Mo’s family.
"The peak saint is not easy to delay and what is the moon?" Zhang Tao was a little anxious in his heart. Zhang Yue not only ordered his own baby, but also his own child. Now he is trapped in the field and he has to go to the rescue. But at this moment, Zhang Tao was shocked to find that Zhang Yueshen was exactly the same as himself, and even the field was born.
He broke away from the dark field and rushed to Zhang Tao’s mouth like a comet, but a fist didn’t expect Zhang Yue’s talent to reach such a height?
The body can be extended at will. Not only that, but also a famous dagger can be hidden in the body. If these are shocking to Zhang Tao, then he has made the field absolutely shattering.
Zhang Tao still clearly remembers that he told Zhang Yue that it took him a lot of effort to understand. Now, seeing Zhang Yue makes Zhang Tao blush in the field, and he feels that he can understand by relying on the crystal nucleus. What about Zhang Yue? After reading it twice, it will be straight.
Zhang Tao knows that this is definitely Zhang Yuelun’s super talent. No wonder he was chasing himself at that time, making the field turned out to be learning rather than curiosity.
Mo Dark obviously didn’t expect that this strange silvery white villain can also make the field Zhang Yue fast, but Mo Dark’s eyes can clearly capture his movements. The tiptoe suddenly retreats, and the silvery white energy palm goes with a famous dagger.
"Dad? Is the moon amazing? " Zhang Yue said triumphantly.
Zhang Tao has no spare heart at this time and Zhang Yue’s joke is forced to retreat. Now is a good time to pursue the victory. Zhang Tao stretched out his right hand and immediately launched the right hand Zulong Ring.
Ow! The golden light beam rises again into the sky, and a golden dragon hovers and dances. The whole Mo family is illuminated by golden light. Perhaps thousands of years ago, the traveler Mo family in Mo family made the dragon proud, but times have changed. Thousands of years later, the dragon was mighty, noble, brave and powerful, and once again showed the highest family in Dongyue mainland, Mo family.
"What is this?" I suddenly felt a suffocating force when I was going to fight back against Zhang Yue in response to Zhang Yue’s pursuit, and a golden light came to my face in an instant.
After being horrified, he felt a fatal threat to the holy one, but he didn’t bring out the exotic animals in advance. He only defended himself with strength.
The field spread out like a tsunami, and Mo cold wind regained his freedom. At the same time, he also saw a strange scene, like a dragon entering the sea. The golden dragon easily penetrated the field, and Mo gave out a fierce drink, and the fallen leaves swarmed and suddenly collided with the golden dragon.
At this moment, it was like two suns. After the golden dragon and the fallen leaves collided with each other, they gave off golden light, which made it difficult for people around them to open their eyes. Everyone except Zhang Tao closed their eyes consciously.
Zhang Yue holds a dagger in both hands and is very dedicated to guarding Zhang Tao’s side. Zhang Tao’s energy has been consumed to the bottom line and he may be in a coma at any time. Of course, Zhang Yue should protect his father.
Golden light hasn’t disappeared yet. Zhang Tao barely looked up. A man riding a flying animal rushed up with a pike. "Bold Mo Leng Feng actually made a mistake. Today, I will put you to death as an example." Mo Shan was Mo Heng’s father, Mo Xin, and Mo Leng Feng’s eldest brother, Mo Chang, who was also the culprit in prison. Now his appearance indicates that Mo Heng has noticed.
The original Moheng sent Mo Yu alone to deal with this matter. He wanted a peak saint, but he didn’t expect Mo Mo Yu’s two peak saints to suffer big losses.
It’s not that Zhang Tao and Mo Lengfeng have joined forces and are not afraid of the peak saint, but that they are all too confident in their own fields and too contemptuous of the peak saint, so they will meet Zhang Tao, the nemesis of the visual field.
Moshan rides an exotic animal like a mini-Atlantis dragon, but his exotic animal is more like a flying lizard for a while, but it is worth it. First, the flying speed is quite fast, and there is room for manoeuvre for the pike to stab hard.
Mo cold wind greeted with a sword. Suddenly, when one or two true qi collided with each other, it echoed like a wave, and suddenly the ground appeared ladder-like fragmentation.
Pumo cold wind spewed out a mouthful of blood, and his body involuntarily took shape for hundreds of meters before he barely stopped. Finally, he raised his cold eyes on one knee. "Peak Saint!" When Mo Lengfeng left Mo’s home, Mo Shan was an intermediate ten stars. Now, decades have passed and Mo Shan has become a peak saint.