The waves nodded and said, "How many cars did you get this time?"

Luo Dafu wanted to say nothing, but he was really afraid of the gloomy eyes of the waves and said honestly, "Twenty cars!"
"Good," the waves said faintly. "You tell the four people who are guarding the car to come out honestly. If you don’t come out in three minutes, I will rush over and don’t blame me for being affectionate."
Luo Dafu agreed to get into the cabin and surrender the four men.
At this time, the "Fulong Gang" drove the speedboat. When the masthead lights went out, the speedboat came over like a gust of wind. At the sight of the waves under control, my heart was overjoyed.
The waves asked a crew member to throw a rope to pull two Han big boats.
As soon as the two Han people came to the waves, they were asked to replace the original two drivers.
The Han was ordered to leave, and soon the two drivers came to the ship’s surface and listened to the waves with the real platoon.
The waves were still, and the lights in the cabin shone on his face, and he was gloomy and his eyes were shining with cold light.
After a while, Luo Dafu and four bodyguards came out despondently and lined up the ship’s surface with real people.
Only then did the waves say coldly in front of everyone, "I don’t want to kill anyone. If you have to force me to kill someone, I will never be polite!" "
Luo Dafu laughed. "How can we force you, uncle? If you don’t kill us, we will do whatever you say. "
"that’s good!" The waves simply say "jump!"
Luo Dafu stared stare big eyes and laughed. "I’m kidding …"
"Who * * * is kidding you!" The waves rudely interrupted Luo Dafu, saying, "There is a speedboat in the face. If you honestly support the speedboat and don’t move, you can support the sailors to save you. If you don’t honestly overturn the speedboat, I’m sorry it’s your bad life."
Luo Dafu said, "The cold sea is cold this day …"
The waves held their breath and floated in the sea, watching the bottom of the huge cargo ship come quickly, and the huge momentum rushed him to lose his shape.
The waves were forced to dodge aside to avoid the momentum of the cabin. When the first half of the cargo ship rushed past, he quickly swam up and dived into the cabin. He put a knife in his hand and then settled down and floated forward with the cabin.
The waves hold the short knife in one hand and pick the steel from the back of the waist in the other hand, and then pull the short knife out of the cabin.
As soon as the knife was pulled out, he floated to the sea again. This time, he let himself out and stuck his head out of the sea.
Because of the huge shadow of the cabin, even if he comes out of the water, the crew can’t see him
The cabin made a splash in his face.
Because the cargo ship is loaded with heavy goods, the cargo ship is not moving fast, otherwise, if the waves move fast and there is a huge vortex beside the cabin, it will be thrown far away
The waves floated to the surface of the sea, stretched out their hands and circled several times accurately to the surface of the ship. As soon as the wave hands recovered the steel, they grabbed it and fixed it in the cabin.
The waves bit the knife in their mouth and recovered the black silk rope with their hands. The hull moved quickly and lightly, and finally climbed the ship’s surface.
He first showed his eyes and scanned a boat. He saw that the lights in the cabin were bright and faint, and the planking outside the cabin was noisy. Two people were patrolling.
Now the two men just came together and said hello to each other. They took out cigarettes and chatted while smoking. It seems that no one dared to come to play their idea of "Star Gang". So their vigilance is not high and they are just going through the motions.
Their place is not far from the waves, but it happens to be facing the waves. If someone looks back at this time, they can see the waves even if they can’t see the waves.
Wave gambling is to get angry. If he is caught by someone, the operation will be a failure.
A person’s success is not about skill and brains, but also about luck, skill and wisdom.
The waves looked at the other side of the ship and saw a head quietly poking out from the other side. He thought it was Jack.
The waves smiled. This Jack is a little slower than him, but not bad.
When Jack also saw the surface of the ship, the waves quietly reached out and made a gesture to Jack to show their hands!
Just do it-Jack quickly took out his gun and the gun rod had already been equipped with a silencer, aiming at the back of the head of two people on the ship.
The two shipmen shook their heads and fell to the ground. Although they were not small, they did not go out of the cabin. They still laughed and roared with excitement.
The waves rolled over and jumped off the boat, and the cat clung to the boat and quickly approached the cabin.
Jack and Beatty also jumped off the ship from another direction and forced them to attack the back of the cabin.
At the door of the wave cabin, I fixed myself, inserted the dagger into the sheath, took out a pistol from my waist, and made a corner of my eye at Jack.
Jack and Beatty hid in the back window and gave their thumbs to the waves.
The waves suddenly kicked the cabin door-
The sudden huge shock made the noise in the room come to a standstill, and all eyes looked at the door. When the door stood, this cold and calm evil spirit looked at the dark muzzle in the hands of this evil spirit-
After three seconds, everyone became white. What’s going on? Because it’s never happened before, all talents can’t react at the moment. When they react, some people are frightened, some people are surprised, some people are afraid, and some people are surprised. Some people dare to get too old.
A man hid behind the crowd and tried to get his gun. The wave shot through the crowd and hit the man’s wrist accurately. The man let out a scream and the gun fell to the ground.
"One shot is the head, and no one wants to try it!" There is no emotion in the cold voice of the waves.