The Qinan in Hamsik asked and then asked, "Paul, do you have a brother? Is it also playing football? " JiNa just finished scratching around a piece of all the teammates JiNa fainted by this sentence.

"This brother, are you an alien? You don’t even know Paul’s brother, the captain of the Italian national team? " Marjorie, who has always been wooden, can’t help playing jokes on Qina.
Captain of the national team! ! ! Qinan was shocked that he knew little about football and what it meant to be captain of the Italian national team.
Look at the south. I really don’t know. Little Cannavaro simply told him some general information about his brother. Qina didn’t know it was big.
Luo’s career experience turned out to be so bumpy, and he had expectations for this big Cana.
"You don’t know, don’t you? Paul’s brother Fabio’s house is one hundred meters away in front of my house. See that villa by the sea? It’s Fabio’s house, "Lavezzi interjected when he was busy with everything."
"My brother will come back to Naples for a holiday every year if there is no competition. He said that there is no place in the world more beautiful than his hometown. I think so, don’t I?" Born and raised in Naples, Cannavaro has an almost paranoid love for his hometown Naples. Everyone in Naples is so paranoid and fanatical. Everyone in Naples has a little localism and nationalism. This Qinan also has a deep understanding, especially for football.
"Paul, you Neapolitans are too localist and Neapolitan fans are too enthusiastic, you know? Sometimes the passion and obsession of Naples fans for football makes me a little scared. "Ravizi’s words won the approval of some people at the venue, and then everyone discussed and analyzed this topic and extended it to people and things."
Before "Football in Naples is an obsession", someone once said that his obsession was originally from religious meaning "stubborn". You might as well say that Naples is a group of stubborn football fans. Even if the club plays the third-class league, there are sometimes five people who have coached Naples. Zeman, a famous Czech coach, once said, "Naples is still immersed in the glory of the two Sicilian capitals."The capital is always a region where all desires are intertwined, but there is something wrong with Naples. Even people who live in civilian houses will think that they live in the heart of the world and hold the lifeblood and justice of heaven and earth. For Naples people, Naples football is the most important thing. Even the Italian national team can’t compare with Naples football. Otherwise, there will be no Sao Paulo Stadium in the 199 World Cup. I Diego Maradona played in Argentina. The Neapolitan people are obsessed with it, but one can’t live in the obsession of others forever, which means danger and anxiety. They all say that you are actually tearing you apart with your hands and eyes. Diego Diego Maradona had hoped to leave Naples for Marseilles, France. Because of the obsessive enthusiasm of the Neapolitan people, he created too much anxiety in his life. How could the Neapolitan easily let Diego go? He accumulated a city obsession and finally Diego was alone. Hope was shattered, and he accelerated his downfall in Naples’s never-ending enthusiasm. Diego Diego Maradona regrets that he often forgets that he can’t help himself. Until now, there are traces of Diego Diego Maradona in Naples. Once upon a time, Diego Maradona was Naples’s business card and symbol. When people talked about Naples, the first thing that comes to mind was the ball king Diego Maradona Lavezzi, who said that Diego was the player who best represented the Argentine character. At the same time, he also showed the Argentine people from another angle that they were not afraid of freedom and ideals. Lonely, not afraid of challenges and failures, afraid of people who are no longer the original people, they still have to fly happily, lightly and wildly at the moment of life and death choice. Argentines will also say that you don’t give me your sympathy and tears in desperation.
They also talked about the downfall of the famous mafia in Naples, which was related to these figures who infiltrated into every local industry. Being invited to Diego means having an important face, and Diego was invited to gradually offer women and poison to the mafia leaders. Some players once said that if I were Diego, I would also take drugs because the city is called Naples Lavezzi, who said that he is becoming more and more popular in the local area, and he often receives invitations to parties from strangers or celebrates the birthday of a stranger. But he never goes because he likes quiet and prefers to stay at home with his wife and children. In fact, all these players here have had similar experiences, and their fame determines the number of invitations.
Then the men went to Naples, where women are an essential topic for every men’s party. Naples has beautiful bays and cities with mild climate all year round and polarization between the rich and the poor. There are many civilians in the city, which is simply the necessary condition for producing beautiful women. These "Napoli women" are really eye-catching. They come from ordinary families’ backgrounds, which makes them know how to get ahead, but they show a strong sexy atmosphere, such as Brassimassa, the wife of Roman captain Totti. She is a typical Neapolitan beauty. Her appearance is not exquisite enough to be impeccable. You can even say that she is actually ordinary, but she has a certain divinity in her posture as a whole. Lavezzi said that he and his wife often meet some beautiful Neapolitan when they go out to eat.
Crazy as hell, even though they are accompanied by men who come to the restaurant. When Vicky leaves the table to get a buffet of stomach dishes, he leans over and gently asks him, "When shall we meet?" Fortunately, Lavezzi knows how to refuse, and Naples has not fallen to Hamsik like Diego did. Dennis said that they often encounter this situation, but Qinan has never met it because he has never gone out for dinner alone since he became famous.
"Take a look at Naples and then die" is translated into Chinese as "You can die in Naples at night". Qi Nan seems to realize the true meaning of this sentence. From the streets and lanes of civilians, beautiful women, delicious food, fanatical and paranoid fans, powerful mafia, chaotic traffic and beautiful and charming scenery, Naples is a never-ending shadow. It is a spectacular natural scenery. It has fallen from ancient Greece to today. At every glance, people in today and in the past flash across you rapidly, crowded and chaotic.
Qinan sat by the warm fireplace and listened to his teammates talk about Naples fans, Diego Diego Maradona, Neapolitan women, Mafia and everything in Naples. He didn’t know that there had been so many stories in this ancient city before, and he had heard of Diego Maradona. It was from Duan Tiankou that when he became famous in Naples, more and more people compared him with Diego Maradona, but he never knew this man from the same country as Lavezzi Dennis until today. Knowing what Diego Maradona means to Neapolitans, and showing up by yourself will make Neapolitans so excited and loved, because they inherit Neapolitans’ dreams and hopes, which Diego Diego Maradona once brought them.
It was not until Lavezzi’s wife came to wake up that everyone could have a meal that a group of men stopped reminiscing and sighing about the past. Qinan was also listening to it with great relish. After that, he should attend more gatherings like this with his teammates. This was Qinan’s idea before he got up to eat.
Today Lavezzi prepares food for everyone, most of which are unique to Argentina and Naples. Argentine roast beef and roast chicken are the most famous pizza in Naples. Of course, the most famous macaroni in Italy is that Zinan has tasted a little of everything, but his favorite is the central vegetable soup. Naples is rich in volcanic ash. Sunlight and water vegetables are not generally fresh and delicious. In fact, Qinan likes this soup because Xiu Xiu made it as a little girl and later went to the kitchen to help Lavezzi’s wife’s thugs. However, it is not good to make a pot of soup in Xiu Xiu’s evening dress. Qinan can’t help laughing at the thought that Xiu Xiu is dressed grandly than busy in the kitchen.
Other people are also full of praise for this soup. Even Lavezzi’s wife praised Xiu Xiu’s cooking. As soon as Qinan wanted to join the Napoli team, he didn’t invite his teammates to play at home. When he did, he asked everyone to have a dinner at his home and let Xiu Xiu cook Chinese food for everyone. Of course, all the teammates responded positively. Hamsik shouted the loudest to see his impatience, as if he couldn’t wait to eat this horse and then go to Qinan’s home for supper.
After dinner, Lavezzi sent a plate of stomach fruit and Neapolitan dessert to everyone, and together we celebrated the birthday with Thomas, the little guy. The men got together to chat and play cards, while the women gathered around to watch and talk about the weather and fashion, and it was tossed until eleven o’clock in the evening.
It’s almost twelve o’clock when I get home in Lamborghini, Hamsik, and I feel a little tired. On the other hand, Xiu Xiu still looks excited. She also had a good time and was very fulfilled tonight.
After taking a shower and lying in bed, Qinan thought about what he heard tonight. This night let him know a lot of things he didn’t know before, dark or colorful. From the mouth of his teammates, he learned all about football and life in Naples.
Will I be Diego Diego Maradona? Qinan asked himself this question in his heart. He clearly knew that Diego Maradona’s temptations would come to him sooner or later. When he led Naples to glory step by step, those mafia and social dignitaries would come to him sooner or later, asking him to want to get drunk and live a luxurious life. Of course, then he would not be far from Diego Maradona. Diego Maradona meant Diego Maradona outside the stadium, but he firmly believed that he would not sink and fall like Diego Maradona because his name was Qinan and his name was Domonica! ! ! ! ! !
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and fifty Against Juventus (1)
The third day after the Burroughs players’ party is Sunday. The penultimate round of the Napoli team is also the last half of the league. The away game against Juventus means that Naples has played against the top teams in last year’s league.
This game is also very important for Naples. Now the league ranking is Juventus’ third and Naples’s fourth. There is a small gap between the two points. If you win Juventus, Naples will be tied with Juventus for the third place. It can even be said that Naples can throw Juventus to the fourth place because Naples likes the goal difference more than ever before.
Rhea’s goal in every game is to score three points at the Alpi Stadium. All his confidence is due to the fact that Juventus are not doing well recently. Three days ago, they just played a European Champions Cup. Compared with Napoli players who had rested for a week, their physical strength was in absolute wind. Although Juventus won the Champions League, it was also a terrible victory. Piero, the "zebra king", and Devid, the midfielder, both folded in this game, adding the former old wounded Camorasi Iaquinta, the coach of Juventus, Ranieri, and several soldiers, especially the middle and front players.
Leia has been unlucky enough. Who knows that it is dwarfed by Ranieri? The Juventus players have been lying in the middle of the season "killing him while he is ill". It is a good thing for Leia to beat Reservoir Dogs. Of course, he can’t let go of all this game. He is so confident that he will leave the home court and try to attack the 3412 at the Alpi Stadium to get three points. Although the idea of Leia is beautiful, the emperor is not alone. Although the main force has lost more than half, the strength of Juventus bench will not be underestimated. Obviously, it will not be so easy to surrender to Ranieri at home.
Ranieri still discharged 442)1 Buffon /21 grygera 33 Legrottaglie 4 mellberg 2 molinaro /3 Tiago 19 marchisio 1 Paulson 15 Giovinco/Amauri 17 Treze _
Rhea feels a little strange with Juve’s starting list. This is an unrecognizable Juventus team! ! ! After reading it, he became more confident.
When the commentator got the starting list of Napoli team, he couldn’t help but be surprised. The commentator of Turin Football Channel exclaimed, "Tirea actually left the home court. Tus has encountered some difficulties recently, but isn’t Rhea afraid of angering the literati by attacking so boldly?" Juventus has not fallen to the point of being bullied by Naples. "
Not only the commentator was surprised, but Ranieri was also shocked. He didn’t expect that Rhea, who has always been conservative in the away game, would discharge the offensive formation and get the starting list of Naples with a shopping posture with Juventus. Suddenly, he had a little panic, but many years of coaching experience made him calm down quickly. At this time, there was no panic and resignation. Besides, these people in the venue may not be able to stop the attack of Naples. Because the defender’s linear array is still neat, chiellini is a patient in the main force, but mellberg’s strength to replace him is also very good.
In Napoli, Lavizi continued to replace him and Dennis with Zalayeta because of suspension, and the back line of the two strikers also changed. Rhea chose San Crauser from the youth team to replace grava. Because of the performance of the grava League, he really can’t play the three-guard center-back. His sense of position is a little poor, and the defensive area is too narrow. St. Crauser is specially recommended by the youth team coach Orlandi. Although he is a little short-tempered, he is very good at his peers. The idea of training new people made him start. Although this game is more important, it is like purgatory to have such a big scene to really exercise. If you make it through, you can gain another expert. Rhea has always been bold in training new people. Hamsik was only 19 years old last season. This is how he broke out step by step. Before Dominica came, Hamsik had grown into the core of Naples.
After the game, Naples didn’t make a test before considering how to attack them as usual in the away game. As soon as they did, they exposed their intentions naked in Alpi.
In front of 40 thousand Juventus fans
In the first minute of the game, Napoli almost scored the goal first. Napoli pounded Juventus’ defensive formation three by two, and then suddenly Hamsik directly stuffed the ball to Qinan’s foot. Qinan quickly started to take the ball to guard him. Paulson didn’t expect the Napoli to throw himself into the attack so quickly. He was accidentally dumped by Qinan. Qinan didn’t want to be greedy and continue to take the ball well. Qinan needed to be able to grasp the best timing. Qinan had excellent talent in this respect. He picked the ball with a half-lob and sent it smoothly to just run. Location Dennis’s foot is known as batistuta Dennis has Tu Longdao masculinity, but he is definitely not rough. The blood of nomadic people in pampas grassland determines that he will complete the goal in a bold narrative poem format every time. No wonder all fans who like Argentine football say that Argentine football is the sexiest.
Dennis, at the front of the restricted area, pulled the ball away from mellberg and grabbed it. After that, it was an iconic long-range shot with long hair and a wide body, which made some old fans trance. It was really another time to see batistuta, the god of war who once criticized the Italian situation.
However, Dennis’s shot was of high quality, and Buffon dived into the goal line. The first shot from Naples made the Serie A goalkeeper break out in a cold sweat.
After the shock of Naples, Juventus took the initiative in their own hands when they didn’t come to their senses.