But Xie Cunguan really felt a feeling of friendship from this insipid, which is very strange, but he didn’t say much.

At this time, Liangshan said, "The children are too physically exhausted, and their hands and feet are a little slow. They have to be replaced!"
Xie Cunguan nodded. This kind of fighting consumes more energy than fighting in the boxing ring. Generally, boxers can run 10 kilometers and 20 kilometers, which is ten minutes and nearly twenty minutes. But when they really get to the boxing ring for three minutes, they are panting because fighting is different from running. J: ng God’s height consumes more people.
Although this engagement lasted less than two minutes, many of these Chinese youths have already caught their breath.
J: and jīng god pressure is too great.
"The dart gun team issued a dart gun to stop the knife and stick team from retreating!" Thank inch officer folded drink a way
At this time, he and Liangshan were in everyone’s mind, and it was already courageous. At his command, the dart gun team immediately issued dozens of darts, and the Indonesians in front of them were tied up with knives and sticks, so the Chinese youth learned to slowly retreat.
Xie Cunguan and Liangshan retreated methodically with an army stab and a long knife behind the house.
The Indonesians across the street were smashed by a dart gun and they lacked unified command. Although those Ri people took the lead in rushing forward, they were blocked by another dart gun and failed to organize a decent attack for a while. To be continued.
Chapter 50 Cold War (4)
Xie Cunguan, they quickly retreated to the intersection where Fu Shi ‘an was set! There are four streets here, except Indonesia, and three other streets are decorated with two hundred-man teams, and one hundred-man team is also arranged in four corner buildings. Together with Xie Cunguan and Liangshan, the two hundred-man teams are more than 1,200 people. These people are all brothers in Surabaya Chinatown.
It is because this is their home that they feel more responsible than the other 100 people. After all, it takes some support for a group of children who have never seen blood to become old killers. Behind these children is the father of Surabaya Chinatown and their relatives. If they can’t hold on to it from other places, it will be even harder for young people with blood to hold on.
But now it seems that they finally resisted, especially in the front of 200 people.
These young people came back with a sense of pride after a bloody battle. Many of them suffered minor injuries to their heads and limbs, especially two of them were cut with knives and their cheeks were open like children’s mouths, but neither of them cried out pain.
Because it is common for children to be washed away, there are people in their partners who have a great influence on young people, and their fear of bloodshed and death encourages their companions
Xie Cunguan knows that this retired two hundred people is already the backbone.
"Don’t shock your team and withdraw from the back from both sides!" Liangshan duly cried that he was covered in blood at the moment, and the place where his shoulder was cut off was bleeding! The children next to him looked at him with admiration and respect. They fought for their loved ones, but Liangshan rushed to kill before retreating and then what happened?
Xie inch officer looked at these withdraw to youth to Liang Shandao "Liang Shange you go to the back to bind up a! By the way, take a break. These people will probably get them later! We still underestimated the situation this time! "
Liangshan nodded. He was never a reckless generation. He knew that his injury was not fatal, but he had to deal with it. Otherwise, if he lost more blood and lost his strength, he couldn’t help anything. At that time, he said, "Be careful!" As the evacuated Chinese youth went to the back.
There, doctors and nurses from Chinatown Chinese Hospital saw these injured and bleeding young people and immediately flocked to them to deal with their injuries.
Dealing with the wound beside Liangshan is the one who greeted the young man with a knife and stick in front of him when he was healthy. He is tall and has a tiger spirit. Liangshan can’t help but whisper, "Today you saved my life. Thank you!"
The young man shook his head and said, "Thank you and we thank you! We are defending our homes, sir, but you have shed blood for us! "
Liangshan laughed and asked, "What’s your name?"
The young man also laughed foolishly and said, "Always healthy!"
"Often healthy! A good name is also a hero. I remember your name! " Liangshan light way no matter what others say, he is kind and vengeful.
"Mr Is a hero! It’s even better! " Chang Health doesn’t know Liangshan’s name, but he admires him very much. "I really hope I can learn Kung Fu from you after this!"
"Good!" Liangshan did not hesitate to promise that he is a door guard martial arts master and generally does not accept his younger brother, but if he wants to accept Kang Shunfeng, there will certainly be no objection. After all, Liangshan’s knowledge and martial arts are there. Although there are not many things, those things can be written out after he has been practicing for a long time. If you want to talk about theoretical writing, you can write a few.
Hard iron is practiced for a long time, and practice makes perfect!
At this time, the Indonesians have regrouped and rushed to the crossroads, but they stopped before the crossroads. Those soldiers and travelers gathered together. They all had military experience and had considerable cultivation in tactical tactics. At this time, seeing the terrain at the crossroads and the actions of Xie Cunguan and others just now, they naturally thought about their plans.
This intersection must be a killing battlefield.
These people have been extremely careful at the moment. If they hadn’t received the money from the Black Dragon Club, they would have already given up their intention. After all, it is obvious that the Chinese people are prepared for a very full conflict. For such a long time, dozens of thugs have died, but many Chinese people have been injured, but only four or five people have been killed directly.
At the moment, these four or five anti-cutting vests have been stripped and worn by several Indonesian fierce people.
After stopping, all the soldiers and travelers fixed their eyes on a dark middle-aged Indonesian named Tuteni, who was a young generation leader in the Indonesian army because he was a key figure in the nine-exclusion riots. Later, when Indonesia’s new zhèng fǔ incarnation investigated the exclusion incident, this person was found out.
No, there are adults and material resources on the ground. In the end, they were not sentenced to imprisonment but immediately retired
However, Tuteni was recruited by the Warrior Brigade as soon as he retired from the army, and he became a hot figure in the Warrior Brigade. Because of his influence in the army and his high command ability, he soon became the head of the Warrior Brigade warhead.
In the first wave of attack, this man didn’t arrive, but when he rushed to the crossroads at this moment, he came to support with thousands of thugs. At this moment, looking at these staring eyes, Tuteni immediately issued a series of orders. Hearing his orders, a dozen soldiers and travelers took a group of thugs separately.
Tuteni slowly approached the crossroads with the remaining thugs, and they entered slowly.
Xie Cunguan made a sign, and more than 1000 Chinese youths immediately took action. They also slowly stepped back to set aside for the decisive battle. Finally, Tuteni people entered the crossroads and were immediately exposed to Chinese on three sides.
At the intersection, those buildings at four corners are also full of Chinese at the moment, but these people are selected from ordinary people in Chinatown, and their arms are almost strong. At the moment, the roof is also full of bricks and some small but heavy things. As soon as Indonesians enter the intersection, they count the bricks and fly from the building.
The Indonesians immediately became a mess, and hundreds of thugs howled and rushed to the street building separately to capture these commanding heights, but as soon as they rushed into the building, they were immediately stopped by four hundred-man teams arranged in the building and killed together.
Tuteni has left those Ri people and some mob leaders to distribute the team.
In the previous attack, although the Chinese were few, they were always organized, while Indonesia had many people, but they fought separately. At this moment, Tuteni played a core role in making Indonesians organized.
These leaders and Ri people led their own teams and rushed to the street buildings respectively. They should take this commanding height at all costs, or suddenly throwing things in the building while fighting in the street will definitely greatly affect Indonesian people’s popularity.
With Tuteni commanding the large number of Indonesians, the advantages will be brought into play immediately.
He changed the original head-on attack into a multi-to-few situation, thus exposing the disadvantage of insufficient number of Chinese soldiers