Du Yun, a terracotta warrior, naturally did not admit or deny this matter. When the class three students asked him anything during class, he smiled and made some perfunctory remarks.

Half a month has passed quietly in the long river, and the disappearance of the statue has gradually gathered interest. Although most people doubt Du Yun, no one has absolute evidence.
Some elders and two vice presidents naturally know what’s going on, but no one will foolishly ask the elders or two vice presidents to downplay this matter, that is, no one will talk about it.
In half a month, Du Yun’s class practice was so repeated that Li Xiaotong met once. The latter asked Du Yun Huoyun Cave that it was an understatement to say something interesting.
Du Yun said nothing about the scenes in which his life was on the line for several times, but Li Xiaotong was thoughtful but he was able to make Du Yun’s achievements today. He must have suffered a lot.
"Du Yun met two vice presidents." On this day, Du Yun was called to the sixth floor of the tower by two vice presidents.
It’s still that little hut. It looks much bigger here than it looks outside. It’s furnished with a tea table, and hot tea churns out a little bit of hot air.
"Hehe, the little guy is good!" Two vice-presidents stared at Du Yun, who came to the hut, and when Du Yun was a little uneasy, Vice-President Tong smoothed his beard and said,
"Ha ha, that’s the cultivation of two vice presidents." Du Yun smiled unnaturally. Every time he saw two vice presidents, his mood changed a little.
Although the two vice presidents told him to sit, Du Yun was on pins and needles, and his bottom was slightly touched by the edge of the stool. He felt that Du Yun was restrained, and both vice presidents shook their heads and sighed inwardly.
Although Du Yun’s mind was open to the outside world when he won the will of heaven and earth, the vigilance cultivated since childhood was always worrying and did not dare to relax.
The number of readers of the two vice presidents can naturally clearly feel Du Yun’s vigilance. There are still some shadows in their white Du Yun hearts when they live in Dujia.
"It’s a good thing for the little guy to be vigilant at all times, but he can also resonate with others occasionally to keep himself calm in the face of everything." Vice President Tong’s smile seems to influence everything.
Du Yun, after listening to think, suddenly opened his eyes and then arched his hand after half a ring. "Thank you, Vice President, for pointing Du Yunbai."
"Ha ha, it is good to be white." Du Yun, vice president of children, glanced at him with a light smile. He was much more gratified that he knew that Du Yun would be able to white his meaning a little.
However, Du Yun was able to understand Vice-President Tong so quickly, but he was praised for his mind and understanding. For the two vice-presidents, there are not many things that the world can make them care about, and the outstanding younger brothers they have cultivated have become their only interest now.
After Du Yun entered the college, everything was looked at by two vice presidents. The former had that talent and a good heart, and the two vice presidents had high hopes for Du Yun.
Du Yun can also remember this favor silently in his heart. Now his strength is low, and he will repay the two vice presidents, but he will make achievements in the future. He is determined that if the two vice presidents want something, he will make great efforts.
"Du Yun, we called you here this time to ask you if you have confidence in the college?" Vice President Xu is straightforward, not as elegant as Vice President Tong, so he comes straight to the point.
Smell speech Du Yun’s face is also gradually becoming dignified, and then slowly said, "I have confidence in the mercenary alliance Junjie event!"
As soon as this sentence came out, the two vice presidents were all one leng at a time, and then they laughed. Although Du Yun’s answer was wrong, it made people feel more confident.
Du Yun said that he had confidence in the Junjie event of the mercenary alliance, and before attending the Junjie event of the mercenary alliance, he won the top five in the college competition.
That is to say, Du Yun has great confidence in this college, but this confidence has not stopped there, and he also has strong confidence in the Junjie event of the mercenary alliance
The words are arrogant and unruly!
But Du Yun has a strong confidence to say this. Although the two vice presidents feel that Du Yun’s words are full, it is good for young people to have a fighting spirit when they are not arrogant
They don’t know Du Yun. This is not madness. He has already seen the snake gang Wang Huo Yan. Although they didn’t start work, Du Yun can definitely fight the first world war.
And recently, he is able to feel that he is about to break through to the mid-term realm, and now the mysterious vein has awakened. Every time Du Yun advances, the strength is increasing several times.
In the early days, he was able to stand up to the wind, so if the college is bigger than the previous month and a half, he can break through to the middle of the college, which is no threat to him.
Although I feel that the two vice presidents have misunderstood his meaning, Du Yun has not explained that some things can be proved by strength. At that time, it is necessary to explain that the two vice presidents will definitely be able to understand what he just said
Followed by Du Yun, the two vice presidents talked about other topics again. Du Yun benefited a lot from the two vice presidents’ mouths, which made him suddenly enlightened after being explained by the vice presidents.
Although it didn’t make him have any strength, it made him avoid taking many detours after practicing. Before practicing, Du Yun relied on himself to explore the existing two associate professors, which was much easier.
On the sixth floor, after spending half a day, Du Yun resigned from the two vice presidents and then returned to the dormitory. When he hurried away, he was one month away from the college.
However, there is still a month to go before the big school, and it is a situation that the rain is coming, but Jingwu College is boiling again today.
"Du Yun, the first class of class three, dares to fight in the field of warfare three days later?"
A red battle post was handed over to Du Yun by the students in Class Three, the first class. Du Yun looked at the name of the battle post and saw Lin Chong’s eyes suddenly. A clot seemed to see Lin Chong in general.
Lin Chong, the leader of Big Class Hell, invited Du Yun, Class 3, at the beginning of the war. This news came out to Jingyi Jingwu College, and it suddenly boiled up.
Lin Chong Jingwu College, the leader of Hell, has been famous for a long time. He has already reached the graduation standard of Jingwu College, but he resolutely stayed in Jingwu College and then set out to create one of the five gangs of Jingwu College-Hell!
Du Yun came to Jingwu College less than two years ago, and the junior students stayed at Jingwu College for more than half a year. Then he entered Jingwu College to test the underground fire cloud cave.
Everything that Du Yun Jingwu College experienced was talked about by people. His experience was almost strange and he was awarded the title of "Killing God Du Yun" by students.
The news that Lin Chong, the leader of Hell, will fight a decisive battle in Du Yun in the Wudoutai three days later spread all over the college. Most people questioned it. After all, Lin Chonggen, the leader of Hell, was about to compete with Ma, so there was no need to challenge Du Yun at this time.
But it didn’t take long for Lin Chong, the leader of Hell, to personally distribute the news so that all the students could confirm the truth of the news. Suddenly, the news was like a bombshell.
This "bomb" swept through the heat, and it was almost incredible. The Jingwu College in Jingyi was even bigger than the college, and there was an upsurge.
"Du Yun, the first class of class three, dares to fight?" The scarlet and harsh words of the battle post made Du Yun’s eyes freeze and his mouth suddenly raised a strange radian.
"Want to test me? But it’s not much to call a Lin Chong … "Du Yun smiled gently and then put the battle post aside and meditated.
Lin Chong invited Du Yun to fight, but the latter didn’t respond, which disappointed many students. At the same time, they also thought that Du Yun might know that he was defeated and didn’t respond.
It’s a relief to think about them. Although Du Yun Jingwu College has made a great name, Lin Chong is not an ordinary role, otherwise it will create five gangs and a hell
"Du Yun’s choice is right. After all, he hasn’t grown up yet. It is necessary to forbear." Suddenly, the college was controversial by two completely different views.
But this talk vanished after half a day because there was no response from Du Yun. He finally came out with a cool voice, but David Tang had "See you in Chapter 14 in three days as you wish."
The third day of Jingwu College passed quickly. This afternoon, the martial arts field of Jingwu College was crowded with people, and the boiling battle ignited the enthusiasm of every student.
Kill Du Yun and fight Lin Chong, the Lord of Hell!