"Ha ha after the investigation? How to investigate? Why don’t you just ask this little guy? He sells vegetables! " Li Hushan sneers at such a public official who practises jobbery. He has seen a lot. Most people may be fooled, but he has seen the world. How can he be easily fooled? Now Ganshui Town is not a loyalty hall site. If there is something fishy in it, it will be unclear in the end.

Li Laoer was smoked by the dry elder brother and couldn’t even hem. Still his mother replied? Seeing the police station coming, she gnashed her teeth and stared at the dry elder brother and kept sobbing at him. If she had any ability, she would have to eat the dry elder brother raw. He didn’t care about this buffoon there. He wouldn’t bother to start work if Li Hushan hadn’t arrived just now!
Otherwise, all this Li Laoer was still there, and he was pointing back at the dry brother Li Hushan. Just now, he was smiling and suddenly gloomy. He quickly came to Li Laoer, grabbed his forefinger and didn’t wait for him to react. What’s going on? After listening to "Pa Ga", Li Laoda suddenly smoked GREAT GHOST’s limp body and cried wolf. When he got up, his face was bloody and twisted. That was called an egg pain. Look at all the onlookers.
"You his niang words not to come out hand also give me clean! Or I’ll take off your remaining paws! Don’t take a piss and take a look at your finger. You deserve my big brother! " Li Hushan was very angry and scolded him for saying this. Not only Li Laoer, but also Li Laoer, Li Lao San, Li Si Li Wu all shuddered in their hearts. Now they are really a little afraid of others. Not only are there more people than themselves, but they are all practitioners. Just five of his brothers cleaned up the ordinary people. Fortunately, they are not the same as living targets now.
"Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo …" Li Laoer now even wants to be dead. That’s a hate in his heart. How did he provoke such a evil spirit? He was cruel enough to come by himself. I didn’t expect that compared with these professionals, it was a far cry from playing broadsword in public. His fat hand was still holding bones in Li Hushan’s hand, and it was almost broken. Where was Li Hushan’s hand? It was just like iron tongs.
Just as the middle-aged policeman and the young policeman were muttering about what to do, suddenly the familiar siren came outside and they knew that the police station supporters had come. The two of them suddenly felt relieved, although they didn’t necessarily help, and few of them took the lead in saying that they didn’t do their thing. They just managed to do it according to the order, and they couldn’t blame them if something went wrong.
Speaking outside, he came in again. A middle-aged man, the leader of five or six policemen, wore a gun on his waist belt. This person can see at a glance that this person is the director of the police station. Because the whole police station is good at it, he is qualified to carry a gun. Although his gun may not be used once a year and a half, it is almost rusted, but it is also a key to the guy. It can also shock the scene at all times.
"You’re here, director …" It turned out that the middle-aged policeman saw a middle-aged man with a gun coming into the room and greeted him quickly. He had to introduce the situation to the leader first to prevent the leadership from making mistakes.
See the middle-aged man looked at four or five people lying in the room. These people are quite familiar with a street. They bowed their heads and didn’t look up and saw it. They also drank wine with Li Laoda in Ganshui Street. The name of the five brothers of Li Family is very loud. Most people dare not provoke him. They didn’t understand what happened today. When they saw Li Hushan, they suddenly realized that the dozen big men in black were almost as stylish as the special police. At first glance, it seemed that they were not playing with a few small local strongmen.
"Oh, director Meng … you’re here, director Meng … hurry up and arrest these murderers … oh … it hurts me to death …" Li Laoda saw the director of Ganshui Town Police Station coming, and his heart suddenly revived. Although he was not very familiar with this director Meng, he also had a few drinks. He thought that this favor would still help outsiders run to the door to bully others. He, the director, could not help outsiders bully one of his own!
"Yo, what’s the matter with Li Ji? How did this happen? " The middle-aged man called Meng, the director of Meng, cried out to himself. Li Laoba hurried away. Although his mouth was anxious, his pace was not slow. He had already seen Li Laoba because he didn’t want to pay attention to him. He usually didn’t like Li Laoba’s bullying honest people, but he had to do well with these people in this position elsewhere. If they didn’t make trouble with him, they couldn’t do it themselves. If it weren’t for the fact that the five brothers of Li Family, Ganshui Town, were intertwined for a while, he would have asked the branch office for instructions and arrested them. Now
Li old big see Meng, director of the enthusiasm that call a grateful tears, I wish I had a bear hug with him immediately. Unfortunately, he was smoked by dry elder brother and couldn’t even climb up, so he sobbed and played with malicious "arrest them all for me. They beat me. Chapter 663 It was you!"
"Well, well, if Li Ji has something to say, we can’t say it well. Let’s go back to the office and say it!" Director Meng isn’t stupid enough to easily make Li boss a scapegoat. Although he is a small police chief, he can see that this group of men in black is not a simple hooligan as soon as he enters the greengrocer’s. It’s so simple to say that it’s difficult to be obedient. If he is a one-on-one hit, his hand is not his opponent, so he perfunctory with haha and then came to the on-site commander Li Hushan and advised, "I said that my brother is almost enough. If I have done it, I can’t explain it …"
Li Hushan looked at Director Meng and saw that the other side didn’t like Li Laoba either. It seemed that Director Meng was afraid and smiled disdainfully. "Don’t worry, we don’t tell heroes to do things. When we are men, we hit people and don’t do things secretly!"
"This ….." Director Meng didn’t expect the other party to be so uncooperative. I don’t know if it’s because the other party didn’t understand what he meant or if the other party didn’t care about Li Laoba’s face. Listen to Li Laoba again, crying and whining. "Oh, director Meng, did you hear that? Director Meng hit someone, and he still ignored me … even if he didn’t look at me, he wouldn’t even buy you, director Meng’s account … They were too rampant!"
"Lying in the trough is crazy today. Mom dares to talk back and slap me at this time!" Li Hushan hated to sow discord among people in his life. He turned his head to control Li Laoda. A member of the Loyalty Hall ordered that the member of the Loyalty Hall swung his hand like a cattail leaf fan and dumped it in the past. Suddenly, it was bloody. There was another "crash" in the food store, and the body violently collided with the screams. It was a thrilling sight for onlookers!
Can they not be shocked? Ganshui Town has always been occupied by the Li family’s five brothers. Their brothers said that no one dared to say two or they would have to be beaten, and it was white to get to the police station. They couldn’t even think about the scene that the existing people actually slapped Li Laoda’s mouth in front of the police station! However, I didn’t think so much about the brother who hit the loyalty hall. He is a member of the loyalty hall. Since the captain has spoken, he must carry out the conditions, so he abruptly slapped Li Laoba for more than a dozen times. Then he would be humiliated and swollen, and the steamed bread would hurt like black sauce purple.
Brother Gan has been watching all this with a smile, which has changed Director Meng’s face several times. He saw in his eyes that Bai Lihushan did this in front of the director of his police station, which made him shameful, so he got up and waved his hand to stop him. "It’s almost enough to go to Hushan. It’s not a vendetta!"
"Stop it!" Li Hushan asked the loyalty hall players in the eyes of the man who was looking at him and then glared at Li Laoba. "Hum! Lucky for you, today my eldest brother will fan your head into a * *! "
Li Laoba became much wiser after being randomly smoked. Li Hushan’s eyes were full of fear and he never dared to complain again. He also wanted to protect his only few teeth. He was whimpered by the loyalty hall players and even dared not vent his lips through his throat and eyes.
"Let’s go and go to the police station to make it clear!" Meng, director of the police station, was relieved to see that he had finally stopped. If it was really hands-on, he really couldn’t get it. Although he had a gun in his hand, that thing was just a deterrent. At ordinary times, it was almost the same for ordinary people who were timid.
Li Hushan a listen to signal loyalty hall players except Li Si, he was beaten Li Wuwu brothers smiled and replied, "Well, you can send your eldest brother home. I will follow the police comrades back to the police station to say the situation." He got up and walked to the side of dry elder brother. He can’t let dry elder brother go to the police station. What’s more, the master can’t worry him now.
"No, he hit my brother. If you want to catch him, you have to catch him and they all have to catch him!" At this time, the only one who shouted at Li Si was swearing and pointing at the dry brother. His eyes couldn’t wait to eat the dry brother, but he just put on a pose and really did it. I don’t know where he went, because he just saw it with his own eyes, and now he is relying on a dry brother who can’t dare to do anything to him. It’s just a Smith.
"Grass!" Li Hushan suddenly flew into a rage when he heard it, but his face was still smiling. A black line in the eyebrows was piercing a few steps. A guy waved his hand and shouted at Li Si’s head. Before Li Si could react, he was already seeing stars and fell on the ground. Before he came to howl, Li Hushan kicked his leg. "Mom is better than I told you to call me. I won’t be surnamed Li if I don’t fix your five little turtle grandchildren today!"
"Ouch ~ help … help … hit people in front of the police … help me quickly …" Li Si didn’t expect Li Hushan to be so awesome in front of the police, so he cried while holding his head and climbed to the top of the pestle with a face of shock, director Meng.
Don’t talk about him, even the police station was shocked by Li Hushan’s bad temper. They haven’t seen such a fierce murderer. They hit people and even violently attacked them in front of them. This is a matter of course. So before Meng, the director, said, a young policeman pointed to Li Hushan and said, "Stop it! Stop it quickly! " After looking at the director, he woke up and said, "The people around the director are watching. If you don’t talk, how can we stay in the town? These people don’t know how little they are!"
"These old whites are still small to educate me!" Meng, director of the eyebrows a pick coldly caught a glimpse of the small police took out a waist easily concealed pistol huffed, "stop for me! Don’t listen to good words. Why? !”
"Stop it, Hushan. It’s better to have a sense of accomplishment than to have a younger sister to help you with such a thing!" Dry elder brother see police chief flashed his "shots", it seems that his patience is really fast to the limit, something can’t be done too much, otherwise it’s not funny. See dry elder brother slowly got up and stopped Li Hushan and ordered, "You take your brothers to send your master home, and I’ll go to the police station with Director Meng to talk about the situation …"
"Let me go, brother. You and your master are going home, and your aunts and sisters-in-law are still waiting for you to go home for dinner!" Li Hushan immediately replied that he had to do this shit himself, so his younger brother was too much. He planned not to even hit people. What’s the matter? Li Hushan hit people a lot, but he never hit any good people to feel guilty. Besides, he didn’t think this group of police station people were good birds, or he could have been so rampant as the Li Jiawu brothers.
Dry elder brother a wave of his hand "let you go you can rest assured that I will be fine! Send the master home. Don’t tell the old lady and Xiaoxuan what happened here. Just say I met an acquaintance! "
Seeing Brother Gan has decided that Li Hushan will no longer insist that he believes that there is nothing to do with a few rural bullies in a small police station. Therefore, according to Brother Gan, the master will leave in the past, but he was stopped by Director Meng of the police station. "Go slowly to the office and explain the situation clearly. This is not a vegetable market!"