"Is it the king of viper who devoured the soul elves?"

"If that’s the case, I’m afraid the strength of the king of viper can not only reach the peak of his body, but also improve a lot."
"If you can get the soul spirit, you will be able to increase your strength, and you will be able to find the right human body for yourself."
"Are you trying to break into the cave house of the king of snakes?"
A group of high-order Warcraft who can resist flying and spit people’s words lingered outside the abode of fairies and immortals for a long time and refused to leave. They talked excitedly, but the abode of fairies and immortals was an ancient god beast, the king of snakes, and the abode of fairies and immortals was mournful. No Warcraft dared to set foot on it easily, even if it was sensed that people and Warcraft could resist the spirit spirit breath.
If Warcraft is to be transformed into a human form, it is necessary to breed souls to occupy the human body and be able to practice normally like humans. The speed and limit of cultivation depend on the talent and development potential of human body.
The wind-lifting method is aware of the danger outside the abode of fairies and immortals, but he clearly knows that it will be very dangerous if he does not step up his cultivation and treatment now.
Cast a soul-eating sunset arrow, and after just one contest, Feng Yang was exhausted. His body could hardly exert any strength, but he still sat cross-legged and swallowed Xuan Ming Dan, holding the beast Yuan Dan in his hand, and at the same time did not forget to cultivate the damaged Yuan soul force.
It is a comparison between the tombs of Feiyun Gate and the majestic ones. If the tombs of many powerful people in Feiyun Gate are equivalent to a lake, then the mournful ones are equivalent to a sea, which is not a grade.
The body is in a state of extreme exhaustion, and the progress of cultivation and the achieved results are extraordinary. Whether it is Xuan Ming Dan Jing or Animal Yuan Dan or moaning and resenting anger is outrageous, and the speed is absorbed by the wind.
To Feng Yang’s great surprise, there is a little snake with wings in his body. The little snake is wrapped in flames, but it doesn’t make him feel burnt. Instead, he feels that his body has been warm and unusually comfortable.
"Is this the viper king?"
Fengyang was amazed at this little snake wrapped in flames, but it directly increased the running speed of the attribute energy several times. It used to flow like a gurgling stream, but now the attribute energy swims as fast as a rushing river, and it won’t make the Fengyang meridians abnormal.
The flame wrapped around the snake’s body is like a strange fire, but it doesn’t burn the wind and lift the body, but it is like refining the wind and lift the body. The energy of the fire element is always absorbed by the wind and lift the body, so that the wind and lift the meridians, flesh and bones can be strengthened and tempered, and finally change.
A month’s practice of the king of the viper has brought strange special effects, which not only restored Fengyang’s body to its peak, but also made great progress. At this time, it has reached the peak of the Five Wu Zun.
Even in a state of extreme physical exhaustion, it takes about three months to reach the peak of the Five Arms Zun. At this time, it took a month, and the speed of cultivation increased obviously.
The progress of Yuan soul force is also considerable. At this time, it is already the middle period of the soul emperor. After a month of tempering, the tibia and meridians have all improved.
When his body reached its peak, Feng Yang was full of energy and vigor, and his body was full of violent forces, so he planned to practice Wushu.
Feng Ling, Xuanjie Intermediate Phantom of the Opera, Xuanjie Intermediate Broken Sword Dance, Xuanjie Advanced Tianxuan Serial Vector, Jiugan Seventy-two Palm all need to cultivate Wushu, and there are jade in Feiyuncheng Wushu Store, which will devour Yuan Soul, weird Wushu smoked on the moon, and Wushu engraved from the body of fire’ s beast has not yet started to cultivate.
Feng Yang intends to practice all these Wushu skills in this precious refuge, and even if he meets a strongman who is stronger than himself, he will not be beaten back.
Practicing martial arts will consume attribute energy quickly, and it will also bring a lot of burden to the body. This is also regarded as practicing attribute energy and strengthening the body. It is a way of practicing martial arts, which not only accumulates for a long time, but also can not be underestimated.
Mourning, a large number of Warcraft wandered for half a year outside a fairyland. I saw that there was no snake king breath and soul elf breath in the fairyland, but I sensed a human breath.
This makes a group of high-level ancient Warcraft, which enlightened the soul and wisdom, be mistaken by the wisdom that the king of viper has successfully merged with the body, so this looming human breath will be produced, and the soul spirit should also be defeated by the king of viper
At the thought of this, many high-ranking ancient Warcraft lost their patience to keep watch and left. They didn’t dare to rob their prey with the ancient god beast, the king of snakes.
One day after a year.
A figure is lasered out of the abode of fairies and immortals like a laser shadow. The speed is not clear, and the figure can be seen constantly flashing and flying. The ghosting is extremely vigorous and sensitive. In the dense forest, the trees are still dodging and dodging, and the speed is not reduced.
In the end, the phantom signs stay in a big tree, which seems to be completely unaffected by inertia. The moving speed suddenly stops and falls on the treetops. Although the branches are the size of a little finger, the young man is as light as a swallow. The tiny branches seem to have no weight, and even the branches the size of a little finger have not been bent.
"Phantom of the Opera Feng Ling’s cultivation of small achievements has such an amazing effect. It’s not the kui is a step-by-step intermediate Wushu." Feng Yang nodded and whispered that the body is like a breeze, and the branches looked around, but the towering trees blocked the line of sight. Rao is the first to see the distant place through the dense branches and leaves.
When the wind blows, Gen is not in the mood to observe the surrounding terrain, and because the flying speed of the viper is too fast, even if God watches it attentively, he may not be able to see the surrounding situation clearly. Now the wind blows, Gen doesn’t know which way to go out.
And he yuan soul force induction around there are many strong breath of Warcraft once trespassing encounter high-order Warcraft that is dangerous.
In this year, when the wind blows, you practice Wushu during the day. When the attribute energy and body consumption are almost the same, you can practice attribute energy and yuan soul force. All kinds of Wushu can be skillfully displayed. The strength level is promoted to the first Wu Emperor, and it is not far from the second Wu Emperor.
However, the strength of the Wu Emperor denied that he could walk around in places haunted by ancient beasts even if he didn’t know the terrible wind and sorrow.
If you can’t find a way out, Feng Yang can try to avoid some high-level Warcraft, but sometimes if you want to bypass high-level Warcraft, you will inevitably collide with him. For the five-level Warcraft, Feng Yang will choose to fight.
At this time, Feng Yang was intercepted by a five-level blood leopard.
Fengyang once met a five-level blood leopard in Fengxian Town.
The blood leopard is full of red blood, and its head is amazing. It is like a bumpkin in front of the wind.
Fengyang knows the characteristics of this blood leopard, and its great advantage is speed, followed by defense. Bloody skin is harder than steel like a protective cover.
However, compared with the speed, the wind has the advantage of increasing the speed, pulling the distance and pulling the sunset bow while retreating. Five heavenly serial arrows fly out and rotate rapidly, drilling the air everywhere. The airflow is diffused like ripples by the earthquake airflow, which is like distortion.
Although it is five arrows at this time, compared with the third day, the momentum of the arrows is even more frightening, and the rotation speed of the arrows is also much faster, which means that the penetration is strong and the power is increasing instead of decreasing.
Although the speed of the Five-level Blood Leopard is fast, it can avoid five arrows attacks at the same time, and barely avoid two arrows, but it is shot by the other three arrows.
Three arrows hit the blood leopard’s body, but there was a loud visible speed.
The rapidly rotating arrows have not been shot by the blood leopard’s bloody skin, but they have sunk into the blood leopard’s body. However, the fighting capacity of the five-level blood leopard is several times stronger than that of the outside world, and the three arrows have sunk into half, so they can no longer be progressive.