Soon the ice was melted into a deep pit, and the woman lying flat in it also appeared in front of her.

Because of being sealed by the ice, this woman has been dead for nearly a year, but all parts of her body have remained extremely intact, just a little less angry.
"Impossible, absolutely impossible. How is that possible? She is a dead person. How can it be nine planets I?"
Seeing this, Ye Han still doubted that this woman was not dead, but now it seems that she is a four-person nine planets. How could she have died before she inherited nine planets’s power?
"Cold brother, look!"
At that time, Laner exclaimed and instantly attracted Ye Han’s attention.
Looking up at Ye Han, I was even more surprised that this phlogistic cold jade flute was actually connected with the female to transport the stars, and the phlogistic cold jade flute was connected with the stars in the sky.
"What the hell is going on here?"
Ye Han is going crazy. He should be happy to find the first nine planets, but what happened in front of him is really weird.
"I understand that Yan Han Yu Xiao is reshaping her body, and it won’t be long before she can be resurrected with the help of Xingyuan power!"
Finally, after a long meditation, Ye Han found the reason. Although the woman is dead, her body has not rotted yet. If she has enough stars, then she may be resurrected.
However, after all, this resurrection is caused by Xingyuan. Even if she is resurrected, this life is no longer a normal person. If Xingyuan Wu can spend all the year round, she will no longer be there.
"Xingyuan can also bring people back to life?"
After listening to Ye Han’s remarks, Laner was confused. She knew that Xingyuan was extremely powerful, but she didn’t want to believe that Xingyuan could revive people.
"Yes, nine planets can be resurrected with the help of the power of the stars as soon as his body is immortal, but in that case, resurrection is also a soul in memory, so it is difficult to recover!"
See blue son a face of confusion Ye Han busy simply explained.
"So she won’t remember what happened before her death?"
After listening to Ye Han’s explanation, Laner finally understood that this so-called resurrection is to make people have life.
"Theoretically, yes, but there is an exception to everything?"
Ye Han nodded without denying it, but inadvertently had some luck.
"You mean it’s still possible for her to get back her memory if she develops properly?"
Blue son smell speech busy nodded and then asked again
"Yes, but this situation is extremely slim and you have to take a long-term view!"
Ye Han nodded noncommittally replied again.
After listening to Ye Han’s so many explanations, Laner is finally initially white. Even if this woman can be resurrected, it is similar to a living dead. It takes a lot of effort to really resurrect her.
But she also knows that nine planets must not talk to a living dead person in the future, such as Ye Han, who will definitely think of some way to restore her completely.
"All right, Laner, you go first and I’ll inherit nine planets’s power!"
After a while, Laner beside Ye Hancai confessed to let her stay away for a while so that she could have a sufficient display.
Blue son smell speech also don’t neglect busy nodded light should be a then turned and walked towards the side.
See this Ye Han dare not neglect the palm has been printed and then toward the female body in the ice pit.
"Whew" as the two seals definitely entered the body, the nine planets Lingyu, who was suspended in her body, also suddenly jumped into a pale yellow light and drilled into her body.
After all this, Ye Hancai relaxed and silently prayed that the woman would come back to life while watching the jade flute hanging in the semi-inflammation.
Now that nine planets Lingyu has been included in the main body, nine planets’s work has been completed. If Xingyuan can cast her soul, then she will truly become a nine planets.
Others are different from others. nine planets needs to be tested by the stars, but she is not a soul. He can achieve the stars at will, because her body is born of the stars
Now, the most important thing is to bring her back to life. If he can bring her back to life, then everything will be no longer worrying, but it will take a lot of energy to make her recover completely.
But all this is another story. At present, what he needs most is to come back to life, otherwise everything will be discussed later.
In the sky, the majestic stars slowly got into the female body along the phlogistic cold jade flute, and the meridians all over the body dissolved, and she reshaped them first.
At that time, Ye Han’s heart was naturally nervous, and it was no joke to reshape the meridians. If there was a slight difference, it would probably be a failure.
Naturally, all resurrection steps are extremely important, and there must be no carelessness.
"Blue children’s vigilance must not be half relaxed!"
I feel that the situation is urgent, and Ye Han has to make some precautions. This time, I have a sudden change, so I will really regret it for life.
"Well, Laner will be careful!"
Laner heard the news and nodded in favor of Xingyuan’s resurrection. He didn’t know much about it, but he was also able to play an important role in it. At this moment, she didn’t dare to relax and avoid any accidents.
Ye Han nodded his head and made all preparations to deal with all possible emergencies.