Cirengu was kicked fiercely, looked up and stepped back "unter den unter den", and Yang night here actually fell to the ground.

Slow down, Ciren Valley raised her hand and touched it, and said with a smile, "I didn’t expect such strength. It seems that I underestimated you!"
Yang night has also jumped from the ground, but this punch made his eyes a little fuzzy and his ears chirped slightly, so he shook his head hard to keep himself awake, and then carried his arm to make the hidden blade red and refined across his chest and shouted at Ci Rengu, "Hehe, I may not lose to you! Come again! "
Not far away, South Magic and Xiahou Chaojun and others didn’t leave, but they watched the confrontation between Yang Ye and Ci Rengu and saw that Yang Ye was hit hard. Everyone was nervous and held their breath. Later, they saw that Yang Ye pulled back a game and kicked Ci Rengu. Everyone’s expression was slightly stretched.
There is a scorching sun, and the expression of this guy who has been soft and similar is still dignified.
"What did you see in the scorching sun?" South magic twist a head to see the sun expression low asked
"Red Bi is no match for Ciren Valley" said the scorching sun with a serious expression. "His foot didn’t cause any great damage to Ciren Valley, but that punch of Ciren Valley hurt Red Bi."
"oh? Isn’t that Yang night very dangerous? " South glory illusion nervously asked 1.
"But Red Bi seems to be concerned, and he doesn’t try his best." The scorching sun shook his head and explained in a low voice.
At the scorching sun, Nan Rong Phantom frowned slightly and said, "Damn it! Assimilation is great, right? What are you pretending to be profound with me? "
"No, no," the scorching sun looked at Nan Rong and narrowed his eyes. "I want to see what will happen if Red Bi really tries his best. After all, I haven’t finished seeing how powerful Red Bi is."
"Yes, maybe this small strength will be beyond our imagination." Xiahou Chaojun took the words behind him and added.
South glory magic look at the scorching sun and then at Xiahou Chaojun a little nasty "are you going to the theatre? What if Yang Ye can’t beat Ciren Valley? What if he’s not Cirengu’s opponent injured or dead! "
The scorching sun raised his hand and patted Nan Rong’s magic shoulder and said softly, "If we can’t watch it, you and I will both get it. Your strength has greatly enhanced the night attack. I can see that." It’s not a shame to deal with guys like Ci Rengu at Yang Night.
Yang night blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth, and the horse raised his hand and rubbed off the back of his hand. The blood just rubbed off the corner of his mouth, and there was bleeding in his nostrils. The cheekbones on both sides were slightly swollen and painful. That was the power of Ci Rengu’s fist, but Yang night’s eyes were still mercilessly staring at Ci Rengu, panting.
A small lock of blood was also injured in the corner of Ci Rengu’s eye, and there was also a faint bruise on the other cheek. The belly coat was cut, and the flesh inside was cut. The wound turned flesh and blood, but Ci Rengu’s face looked at Yang Ye with a smile and was very calm.
"It’s nice to have a red dagger. I can tell you that I haven’t been hurt by fighting alone with the monk for so long." Cirengu smiled and patted Yang Ye with both hands. "It’s amazing that you are the first one to fight alone with me and can hurt my monk."
"Ha ha, thank you for your praise. This is just" Yang Ye also smiled, but his eyes were still fierce.
"But you hurt me, which makes me even more angry." Cirengu talked and laughed and became fierce. "I have to deal with you seriously. I am going to kill you and not torture you."
Yang night looked at CiRenGu eyes know that he is not a joke, but just met Yang night and there is no wind. After all, CiRenGu still has some taboos about the red smelting of the hidden blade, but now CiRenGu’s remarks make Yang night feel a little nervous and fearful.
Didn’t this guy just move real kung fu?
"Come on!" Yang night gave himself a strong momentum to raise my hand and slammed his chest.
Cirengu smiled, his head slightly lowered, but suddenly he raised his eyes and became cruel. At the same time, his body moved!
It’s too fast!
Yang night has just been surprised that Ciren Valley has reached him more than ten meters away from one thousandth of a second.
A punch is hitting Yang Ye’s abdomen and directly lifting him from the ground to hook him to the middle. Yang Ye’s surprise hasn’t come yet. In pain, Ci Rengu has jumped up and jumped to Yang Ye’s side, raising his leg high and splitting it straight to the back of Yang Ye’s side.
Like a meteor, Yang night speed quickly fell from the middle of the fall directly into the ground!
I was cold and then I had a sharp pain.
My insides seem to be torn. It hurts. Yang Yefa could not help but shout out the sound.
Ciren Valley slowly fell from it, and looked down at Yang Ye’s face with a smile and asked, "Does it hurt?"
Suddenly! Yang Yeqiang endured the severe pain and suddenly jumped up from the ground, and the hidden blade was refined and stabbed straight into Ciren Valley!
Suddenly, Ci Rengu didn’t expect Yang Ye to get up, so he quickly dodged, but he wouldn’t think that Yang Ye’s stab was a false move.
Cirengu mountain hiding at the same time Yang night has received the strength in a fierce rotation, a leg to draw an arc LUN Yuan sweep kick to Cirengu cheek.
The leg swung as fast as it was cut off.
"Pa" a rumbling kuang mountain far away Yang night heel is swept CiRenGu cheek.
This Yang night didn’t leave any spare capacity. It was definitely a kick with all its strength.
Of course, he knows that at the moment, this Ciren Valley will not be merciless to him, but it is better to fight to the death to defeat Ciren Valley.
Heel in Ciren Valley finally screamed for a very short time, but it was painfully shouted in a restrained way.
Then fly out of the body. Yang night finally kicked Cirengu out, which also made people not far away watch the war, such as Nanrong Illusion, the scorching sun and Xiahou Chaojun, clench their fists and look excited.
"Flop" A Cirengu fell to the ground. Yang night kept a leg-lifting sweeping posture and looked at Cirengu. I didn’t dare to have a slight neglect. I want to know that this foot is not fatal. This Cirengu may flash back at any time.
Unexpectedly, Ci Rengu slowly lifted his arms and propped himself up, then slowly sat up and smiled at Yang Night. He took a long breath. "Hehe, you are much worse than I thought." When talking, Ci Rengu slowly got up and patted the dust on his body. He walked over and looked at Yang Night and raised his hand and rubbed his cheek. He nodded and said, "In this case, I can worry about it and try my best to kill you without regret."
Just saw Ciren Valley get up like this. Yang Ye is depressed for a mother! That foot didn’t lift at all! He didn’t even get hurt!
But when I heard those words from Ciren Valley, Yang Yeh was startled and distracted. When I look at the past, the place where Ciren Valley has just stood is already like this!
Is surprised is also a moment when there has been a shadow flashing around Yang night just waking ring twist a soft rib has got a heavy blow.