Chu Lingyang has had too many pasts before her. Although romantic, at least they have supported each other through mountains and rivers, recited poems two months ago and enjoyed playing black and white chess with Yaxing. Even now, the past after rebirth seems to be a unique memory of the two of them; Accustomed to Chu Lingyang’s spoil for her, it is suddenly so indifferent that Gu Jinxi is not used to it and some can’t get back to God.

"If Miss Gu doesn’t have his business, then Chu will leave first." Chu Lingyang is cold.
"….." Gu Jin sunseeker RuRu lip looked at ChuLingYang that slowly toward the window to figure very not easy to summon up courage and finally drain to can’t promise to him and ask him to do something.
Miss Gu, Master Chu …
It may be much better for them to distinguish clearly in the future.
Thought of here, Gu Jinxi bowed his head. "I sincerely want to buy the news of my mother’s biological parents, Master Chu … a price!"
Aha, Master Chu!
ChuLingYang once his ears went wrong and turned to deeply coagulate Gu Jin sunseeker. Seeing her face, the decisive expression seemed to be like a determination. He suddenly felt as if something was blocking his chest and his eyes were going to explode with anger. "Gu! Jin! Hey! "
"Do you have a heart or not?" Chulingyang low voice growled out.
Gu Jin sunseeker smell speech little darling suddenly shivered violently. She knew Chu Lingyang too well, and her face was always calm. Now she had anger. Her heart hung in her throat at the thought of this.
"Sunseeker, do you have a heart? It won’t bother the Chu family."
Maybe that’s how God plays tricks on people. The more you worry about something, the more it brings you something.
Gu Jin sunseeker wanted to placate Chu Lingyang, but his ear suddenly came to him. It was not familiar with the clear voice. The whole person was stunned and suddenly raised his head. The original swinging house suddenly had another figure.
Wearing a blue-gray embroidered exquisite Xiangyun dark brocade robe, the broadband corset has long hair like a waterfall, the white jade carving and the dragon pattern treasure crown stands up behind the head, and the breeze lifts up. How many clothes are fluttering like a crown, jade eyes like a star, lazy and with a three-point casual taste; With his hands around his chest and lazily leaning against the window lattice, his mouth was smiling, so he stared at Gu Jinxi’s elegance and elegance. That kind of beauty is suffocating.
"So you are him?" Chu Lingyang had a hard time suppressing his anger and suddenly turned to stare at Gu Jinxi with a thick incomprehension and a cold and sarcastic color. "It’s not enough to be hurt by a Qin man once. Do you want to be hurt again?"
"I didn’t!" Gu Jinxi low voice also growled out.
"Sunseeker, are you abandoning me?" Qin Rui’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard this, but he bowed his head and looked heartbroken. There seemed to be a deep grievance in his voice. "What did I do wrong? Tell me I’ll change!"
Looking at Qin Rui’s pretense of being a koo, Chu Lingyang felt that his lungs were going to explode. "Qin Rui, are you so interesting?"
"Yes, naturally."
Gu Jinxi, but he Qin Rui saw a woman move his heart. Does he have to watch her marry someone else? Don’t forget that Gu Jinxi is his fiancee now.
"You …" Chu Ling Yang Qi suddenly seemed to think of something and turned to Gu Jin Sunseeker. "Jin Er Qin family doesn’t have a simple man. I can give you a pair for life. That’s the Qin family man who will give it to you forever."
Gu Jin sunseeker smell speech suddenly the eyebrows convex convex.
"Think about it yourself." Chu Lingyang turned his head and gave Qin Rui a deep look, then suddenly chuckled, "Jin’s weak body will take good care of me and I will come to see you again that day."
Gu Jinxi pouted his lips and just wanted to stop Chu Lingyang when he suddenly heard Qin Rui’s clear voice with a little hidden anger in his ear. "Chu Guzhu walks slowly, but he can take care of his fiancee."
Looking at Chu Lingyang’s trembling figure, Qin Rui deliberately bit his fiancee very reborn for fear that others would not listen to him.
Qin Rui!’
Gu Jin sunseeker looked at the light drink immediately, and he was so tired that his temples ached at the moment.
The chest seems to have a sigh of relief, but I have to turn my head and take a deep look at Gu Jinxi. The dark and deep eyes seem to be as strong as some kind of depression, and the feeling is as extreme as if the man is staring at himself. Gu Jin sunseeker felt as if Mangbei didn’t dare to move at all. It was not easy to recover his color slightly because he had rested for a few hours. Qin Rui’s face was so burning and blazing, and his eyes became pale bit by bit. The color in his lips gradually receded and he trembled slightly. It seemed that he could faint at any time.
Qin Rui seems to be aware of the fear in Gu Jin’s heart. I thought of her rejection and resistance to another identity. I immediately took a deep breath and pressed the hidden anger to the corners of my mouth. It seems that I am playing around with three points. "It seems that Princess Wang’s popularity is good. I did not hesitate to attract Chu householders to climb over the wall to the courtyard."
"…" Gu Jinxi suddenly raised his eyebrows when he heard this. "King Rui, what do you mean?"
"The real king is nothing more than a sunseeker. You call the king’s name." Qin Rui bowed his head and lowered his eyelids, making people unable to see clearly what he was thinking. From that slightly raised tone, Gu Jinxi could know that he was not sincere and could understand that no matter what, after all, he was his nominal fiancee, so even a man would be worried that "I and Chu Guzhu are friends."
Rare Gu Jin sunseeker unexpectedly explained 1.
"Friends?" Qin Rui’s mouth slightly evokes a little evil and a little charm. "Sunseeker told Wang Yang how you became friends with Chu Jia Jia, a cool capital in the distant summer?"
Both Chu Lingyang and Gu Jinxi show that they are not just friends as Gu Jinxi said. They seem to have other people’s methods to insert memories, which makes Qin Ruishi very unhappy.
Gu Jin sunseeker smell speech is some annoyed; Take a deep breath and raise your head. "When do I make friends?"
"Don’t forget that we have an engagement." Qin Rui heard that the original stock was forced to conceal anger and floated again, which made Gu Jinxi feel a little scared with a strong sense of destruction.
But suddenly she seemed to think of something. She looked up at Qin Rui.
There are some things that I have long wanted him to make clear, but I have never had a chance. Now that two people have met like this, it is said that it is better to choose a day than to hit a day, so let’s make it clear today.
Gu Jin sunseeker became the first to lower Qin Rui’s burning eyes. She felt that her voice was a little dry and itchy, and it was difficult to swallow the saliva. Only then did she say, "Some things should have been made clear."
"Uh-huh" Qin Rui raised an eyebrow.
"Emperor misfits must have a problem with this marriage."
I think that when housekeeper Xue of Rui Wangfu came, she was so arrogant that she was scornful and contemptuous. Even though she didn’t care, there were some things to say, "If Rui Wang has a beloved daughter, you don’t have to worry about our engagement as a deal."
"Miss Gu’s eyes are really anything can be traded." Qin Rui finally couldn’t help but have a thick irony in his tone
"You …" Gu Jin sunseeker fiercely raised his head and eyes wide with a thick incredible "you …"
"I what me"