Wang Haidong put on a nai expression and said, "That’s what I said when I asked my grandfather, but my grandfather said that he didn’t learn Su Biao in those years, but he just learned a little fur. Therefore, although my grandfather was a student of Su Biao, he didn’t really inherit Su Biao in the end. It was also a very regrettable thing for my grandfather at that time, so few people knew that my grandfather was still good at pasting. In recent twenty years, my grandfather has never pasted anything for a person. He said that there is nothing worth pasting."

This is Su Biao’s pride. Su Biao really deserves this pride. This is also true, but it was not Chen Dalong who said it, but Chen Dalong, a real person who was good at pasting Su Biao, said that Su Biao really became a masterpiece after the death of this master Su Biao.
Chen Dalong really only knows a little bit about it.
In the face of Wang Haidong’s true and false words, Jin Pang was also confused, and there was no doubt about this matter. After all, Su Biao’s fame was too great, and there was that kind of miracle.
Therefore, Jin Pang said with great confidence, "Even if Wang Zhanggui knows a little fur, it’s quite remarkable. It’s not a day or two before the antique market returns to Huilongguan without a life-saving paper coat, but it’s also that you, Wang Haidong, have seen through this kind of coat. My plan is to auction this big shaft and get a good price. Six hundred thousand is definitely worth the money."
The so-called directional auction is a kind of auctioneer’s French art according to the cultural relics law. According to the regulations on the circulation of cultural relics and art in China, auction companies generally adopt directional auctions to Chinese buyers.
State-owned units or natural talents are qualified for this kind of auction. The biggest advantage of an auction method is that it can avoid precious cultural relics and arts from flowing overseas to protect China’s outstanding cultural heritage. Of course, the black market is smuggled and the directional auction has made great achievements.
Wang Haidong nodded and said, "It’s also necessary to fry this thing. I do know that some emperors, six princes, and princes, hid it in the past. Later, I didn’t know how to live in the people. Finally, Liang Mancang got it, and I also bought this invoice from Beijing Craft Company in 1957, which is a good way to get it. Both of them are fried."
Prince Yi of Emperor Liugong said that this guy may know a lot of people. He is the sixth natural citizen of Emperor Daoguang, or people prefer to call him Ghost Six in novels. The famous Ghost Six has collected it. In this way, it is really a good selling point, and it is even better to have an invoice
Jin Pang’s eyes lit up when he heard this. "If this is the case, the auction price will be much higher. After all, this is an orderly thing, Wang Zhanggui. Are you sure?"
There are documents in successive dynasties with seals of emperors or celebrities, so the price of this law is definitely unusual
Wang Haidong carefully thought about it and said, "There should be nothing wrong with the old collection of Gongwangfu. If Boss Jin can check the archives of Gongwangfu, there must be something in it. I think your head office should have this way."
Not everyone can find out the archives of Gongwangfu, but who can have none at all at the auction house? It is very beneficial for this auction to find out this situation.
Sure enough, Jin Pang patted his chest and said, "If this is true, I must have found it out. I didn’t expect it. It’s a pity that this picture actually has such a history. It’s a good thing that passed through my hand, but I didn’t catch the right one. Since Liang Mancang has this big axis, is there any good thing in his hand? If it is found out, it will definitely be a big discovery. It is much better than digging out my old house."
Generally speaking, there is not much goal in digging out my old house. Although there is a general direction, it is just a chance to dig out my old house. But at this time, if there is something in my hand like Liang Man Cang, it will be much easier to have a definite goal.
This time, Wang Haidong just missed it. Although it cost 300,000 yuan, the bottom price of this Dong Chang big shaft was 600,000 yuan. Moreover, Wang Haidong and Jin Pang were both confident that they would not shoot Wang Haidong, but they walked over and said, "People are rich and content. Do you know how this thing came about?"
At this point, it also evoked Jin Pang’s curiosity. Wang Haidong told the story of Liang Man Cang, a story that has almost disappeared in this era. An old man who got up and fell down may be blackmailed. It is really rare to hear such a story in the big environment.
After Wang Haidong finished speaking, he said with great certainty, "I believe that there is absolutely no water at this time. What kind of person is Liang Mancang? You have seen him. It is estimated that it is difficult for him to lie. When I gave him 300,000 yuan, he actually thought about what to do if I smashed my own words. You said that such a person might lie? I don’t think so. "
Whether Jin Pang believes it or not, Wang Haidong believes it, and at this time, Wang Haidong stubbornly believes that good people in this world do have good results, but Wang Haidong never positioned himself as a good person again, but this does not mean that Wang Haidong does not believe this story.
Jin Pang was also very moved when he heard this. He nodded and said, "Very good, very good. At this time, there can be such a farmer, which is even rarer than a giant panda. If you seriously speculate, this story will certainly attract people."
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Ghost face jade makes the housework.
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Gold fat this guy is inseparable. At this time, he directly thought of speculating to make money. Wang Haidong stared at him and said, "Don’t take advantage of it if you want to speculate on this Dong Chang."
Of course, if you can benefit you; It’s true that the media exhibition will raise money once. Although Liang Man Cang said that there is no problem in building primary school funds, it’s a bit hard to say about tables, chairs and other supporting things
Being able to get these things from their primary school is also a help for them. "
Sometimes speculation is not necessarily a bad thing. If it can help people, there is no problem with speculation. At this time, Wang Haidong also agrees with this speculation technique
However, if direct commercial speculation is only for this purpose, then Wang Haidong is firmly opposed at this time.
And Wang Haidong believes that Jin Pang also has this ability. He can single-handedly arrange Liang Mancang’s village primary school, but what should be done by himself can be handed over to someone else to do Wang Haidong.
Jin Fat and Wang Haidong nodded and said, "There is no problem. It’s just tables, chairs and benches. I’ll ask media friends to call for this thing later, and at this time, I believe that this thing can definitely impress people. Maybe even the library will have everything."
But you don’t know that the power of speculation is something that can directly improve the learning conditions of students in poor areas. There are still many people who like to do it. After all, money is a real place. Now donating money to those charities may not be a good steel blade. Sometimes good steel may turn into someone’s car or abalone bird’s nest. It’s not necessarily true that some charities really make our people feel chilling. Qian Qi and ooxx can still refresh themselves, but they are greedy for donations. Who is willing? "
These words may be in the personal feelings of some angry youths, but the actual thing is indeed the case. Some people don’t want to do charity, whether they are rich or ordinary people with income. They all have a charity heart. One hundred thousand dollars is to do charity, three dollars and five dollars is also charity, but they don’t want to be fooled by others.
Therefore, this kind of directional donation directly to the school, even to a certain student, is quite convincing. Jin Pang is used to seeing the faces of those charities, so he is quite clear about this kind of thing.
Wang Haidong nodded and said, "That’s good to have you. This sentence is enough. Go back and check where Liang Mancang, a temporary residence permit, will know that you are doing things. I still rest assured."
Jin Pang is in a good mood after finalizing this matter. However, he is in charge of this branch and Wang Haidong is absolutely profitable at this time. At this time, don’t say that charity can raise the name of the antique shop. Even if no one does charity, Jin Pang dares to take charge of the Liang Man Cang primary school chair in the name of the main auction house. How much can it cost to package everything in a rural primary school?
Gold fat psychological abacus is scratching straight ring at this time, he suddenly thought of "by the way, Wang Zhanggui, why don’t you fuck yourself? Who dares not give you a face if you talk to the TV newspaper of the Education Bureau? It’s always much easier than me to come. Besides, it’s also an advertising opportunity for Jubaoge."
Wang Haidong wry smile said, "you and I don’t want to do this? But sometimes things are not as easy as you think, and I don’t know that I will cut out such things as ghost face jade. You say this is an actuarial treasure, but it is not necessarily a good thing for me. "
Of course, the ghost face axe is refined, claiming to bring god’s blessing. Jade is absolutely precious. At this time, Jin Pang will certainly not recognize what’s wrong with this, even if someone has been mixed up in the jade industry for a generation, it is impossible to encounter such a thing.
Therefore, Jin Pang said firmly, "Wang Zhanggui, this is your modesty. What’s wrong with having such an opportunity? I think it’s very good. Or, in this case, if someone else gets this thing, who will miss it? But if you get it, I don’t believe who dares to bother you in the river city?"
There is no saying that you are old, but the municipal party Committee remembers the Wangs. That’s a big family to protect a ghost-faced jade. It’s easy. It’s a bit irregular for the armed police to send people to guard the ghost-faced jade, but the special affairs office also has this scene. Real people also do it by watching the Wangs’ face.
Wang Haidong shook his head and said, "I’m not talking about security, but about our family. My old man is bent on letting me go into politics, and the importance of this ghost jade to the tourism development of the river city is also obvious. It’s hard to say whether our master will take my knife."