After the words, Jun Hanxiao and Zhang Jin have been shocked.

Whether the emperor said this sincerely or not is enough for them to digest for a while. Chapter 47 What do you want to see me about?
After Zhang Jin left, Jun Hanxiao couldn’t help asking, "Brother, you just talked to Zhang Jin …" Are you kidding?
Your ink shadow glanced at him in a secretive way, and there was no expression on his face.
That look in your eyes makes your brother feel like saying-do I look like someone who will make fun of such a thing?
Of course, this is just his speculation.
But he is really a little scared by his brother.
Normal emperors, where would anyone say that to their own ministers?
Although Zhang Jincong will express everything to Zuo Xiang when he conveys his words, he will not say that it is all said by his brother, but even so, his brother will not play like this!
"Come on, don’t look at me like that." Jun Moying gave him an oblique look.
"I want to keep Feng Shao. He didn’t mean it. The queen didn’t make a mistake. I won’t waste her for a reason. Don’t worry about it for the time being."
Jun Hanxiao was just a little relieved.
"Brother British minister brother is afraid of you. Little Huang Sao will really lose his mind …"
Will you lose your mind?
I’m afraid it’s already lost …
It was not until long after your cold night left that your ink shadow played back this sentence over and over again.
"Emperor Linglong has brought it". First there was a knock at the door, and then Li Detong came.
Exquisite entered the imperial house without knowing what the emperor was looking for himself.
Kneeling on his knees, he trembled "handmaiden, see the emperor"
Jun Mo Ying didn’t even lift his eyelids. He looked at his hand with indifference and his face was expressionless.
Linglong was already in a panic at the beginning. After waiting for half a day, he didn’t see the emperor. Her intention to get up seemed to be that she didn’t notice her. When she wasn’t like her heart, she became more and more nervous and turned white.
Phoenix Shallow Jun Mo Ying didn’t go to sleep again after she left, so she got up early and let DongYang take care of her and then went out.
In the early winter, Yang had to follow Feng Shao and wouldn’t let the two men talk about it, so they were deadlocked.
Dongyang also wants to persuade Feng to frown a little impatiently. "Dongyang, I’m not a three-year-old child. Don’t treat me like an arm and a leg all day long?"
Dongyang leng leng slowly bowed his head.
Phoenix shallow also realized that his tone of voice was too impatient and hurriedly added, "I’ll just walk around and come back soon without worrying."
Then she went straight out.
Suddenly, I feel that it is not easy to have a child. If it weren’t for this, she wouldn’t have to be stared at everywhere now, and there is no personal freedom at all.
It is estimated that pregnant women will really get worse temper …