Mo Lin climbed out of his hiding place and waited for the pepper powder to disperse before he went to the ground. The first thing Yang did before he left was to snatch his fangs and throw them aside.

"It’s you!" Yang Li hated it and split. Look at him. He’s going to swallow Molin alive.
"Why did you do that?" Yang Li still wants to struggle with Molin, but a few more roads are added outside to tie Yang Li up like Zongzi and can’t move any more.
"This is my real sorry" Mo Lin will tell Yang that he was quiet.
"There is this" Yang from resentment.
"I don’t know what will happen, but you have to know that I didn’t mean to be difficult with you." Mo Lin said and walked beside Jing Mo to pull out the rags in her mouth first.
"Ahem ….." Jing Mo coughed violently, and her eyes were full of tears, and her face was still hung with a snot. She was so embarrassed that if she was seen by her admirers, she would feel distressed.
"Molin, you do good!" Jing Mo coughed up and found that Mo Lin was wiping her face with that cloth. She couldn’t help but be annoyed. "Let me go quickly."
Molin shook his head. "What are you?"
"I won’t tell you" Jing foam one leng eyes flashing way.
"If I guess it’s right, it’s with both our teams. It wasn’t an accident that we met in the forest just now, but the team waiting for you there, that is, our team, right?" Ink Lin unhurriedly asked
"You … how do you know?" Jing foam surprised way
"So that’s it. I guessed it." Molin laughed. "Your mouth is not sealed."
"You … Molin, you let me go!" Jing foam this just know by ink Lin cheated out of the truth.
"Since our three teams are intertwined, it is the enemy. I think Yang Li’s way to treat the enemy is very good." Mo Lin laughed and he stuffed the rag into Jing Mo’s mouth again.
"What are you going to do?" Yang from the ink Lin a lift up can’t help but drink and asked.
"Shh ….." Mo Lin carried him into the bushes and threw him. First, he blocked his mouth and dragged many branches and leaves to cover his body. Then he did the same thing and carried Jing Mo to face each other.
Branches and leaves will cover both of them, leaving two heads. Molin has done a good job of hiding, clapping his hands and saying, "You wait slowly. I will remember to let you go at midnight."
See Yang from angry eyes staring at his ink Lin whispered to his ear, "Sandy and I are childhood friends, so don’t count on me to see Jing Mo is not bad. Make such a good opportunity for you. You must grasp it."
Yang Li is even more angry. Jing Mo also mercilessly stared at Mo Lin.
Ink Lin laughed and threw them back to the tree to clean up the mess, making sure they wouldn’t show any flaws and went to look for Lin Bo and coolie.
Such as ink Lin from a nearby tree Tang Chuan just jump to cast a glance from Yang and Jing foam bushes wry smile way "this small unexpectedly so cunning fortunately not my enemy …"
The coolie was so nervous that he almost suffocated. He was only a dozen steps away from Moby, and the other person turned his back on himself and seemed to be tuba.
This is a good opportunity to clean up the ink, but the coolie hesitated again and again, but he just didn’t have the courage to do it.
He lacks confidence.
The coolie doesn’t have the true qi, and the two tools with attack power are his elaborate mechanical dog and the micro crossbow sent by Molin.
Although the mechanical dog has flashed Kouga, although the crossbow is already loaded, the coolie just doesn’t have the courage to rush out.
"Can succeed … can’t succeed …" There is no way to decide that he simply picked a wild flower and picked petals one by one, hoping that God could give him a sign.
"Success …" The last petal represents God’s revelation that the coolie’s need is a guide to inspire his courage, so he took this illusory omen as a pillar of courage and quietly approached Moby with a microcomputer crossbow and a mechanical dog.
Moby has been squatting for a while, probably because he ate a bad stomach. The coolie tried to keep his footsteps light until he was five steps behind Moby, then stopped and shouted "Don’t move!"
Mo Bie didn’t move, which made the coolie’s courage soar. He added, "Want Want bites his leg!"
Want Want is the name of the mechanical dog, and it is also the command signal of the mechanical dog.
The mechanical dog rushed to Moby’s side but stopped. The coolie was about to give orders again. Someone whispered behind him, "Are you letting it bite me?"
The coolie’s hair stood on end and he saw Mo Bie smiling behind him. He just wanted to shoot Mo Bie with a crossbow, so he came near and grabbed the coolie’s wrist. I don’t know how to make the coolie cry at once. Dad called Niang’s crossbow to the ground.
Chapter 13 There is a genius called hard work.