The martial arts are more focused on the shoulders, elbows, knees and hips.

In the past, Xie Cunguan was able to practice his shoulders like a wheel to get out of the wind.
But these days, like water, he can make a wind and turn his shoulders in practice. He can’t even splash in the water because of the speed, but after several days of groping and practicing, he can finally splash the water on his shoulders, and when he returns to his shoulders, he can actually discharge the water and make it leave his body in an instant.
When you turn around and call back, your shoulder collides with the spray and you can make a splash flower.
This is the performance of the strength shoulder. When he hit a dragon-tuned arm after he left the water once, he suddenly felt that kind of bones seemed to hum when he stepped on the ground with one foot, and it seemed that there was a small beep from the coccyx to the top of his head, while a feeling like hot soup spiraled up from the lower abdomen.
For a moment, Xie Cunguan had a feeling that he seemed to want to get up. This feeling was really cool!
After this feeling appears, when Xie Cunguan hits the tiger pounce again, he feels that the power from the hip to the hand is very smooth! There seems to be a sense of water-like hydraulic flow, but the speed is extremely fast.
He couldn’t help practicing Dai Jia five elements boxing again, and this feeling of Teng Yun was even stronger. He felt that he could hardly control the force in the physical force flow, and he couldn’t help but make a few more efforts in Shanghai.
This is also a new feeling that he has developed during this period. Sometimes he feels that the exhibition of Dai’s mind seems to be not enough after the exhibition, and he can’t help but show it to Shanghai.
This is how you practice boxing, and you will practice new things! The integration and development of the two boxing methods is definitely not the result of theoretical analysis, but through continuous practice, first realize and then realize.
That is to say, the theory can be promoted to a certain extent only after the body has been practiced, but the real integration still comes from constant practice
After practicing his shoulders, he practiced his crotch, and he hoped that his crotch could achieve the same effect.
In fact, everyone in Shanghai knows that there are actually two other ten true shapes that are very important, that is, civet cats and carp fight hard, and that is, they can really play like waves from the beginning to the end after practicing belly and hip swaying.
A total collar in the head, a force in the waist and a force source in the legs!
This is the importance of posture.
When Xie Cunguan practiced martial arts in the water for a while, Jian Xiuye had already arrived in Tokyo with two sons, Jian Zongqi and Jian Guru.
Xiaotiao Temple Gang, Qiu Jiang ‘an and Furukawa Yihe were all called for detailed questioning to understand the situation of Xie Cunguan.
Keno Xiu is a thin old man, and his eyes are always a little confused. It is no different from the old man sitting in the sun at the head of the village in rural areas, but once he hears something of interest, J and NG God immediately flashes sharp J and NG light. Obviously, the old man has entered the stage of saving energy for his illness.
This is also a kind of sadness that the hero is dying and the beauty is dying
He keeps it this way so that he can hit his peak when necessary.
However, Jian Zongqi and Master Jian are just like wolves. Brother Jian Zongqi seems to be forty years old, and his head is shorter and his body is stocky. It is said that he looks like his mother. The younger brother, Master Jian, looks more like Kenno, but he is tall and slender, but sitting there with J and jīng full of energy.
Furukawa Yoshikazu is the brother of Jianzong, but he still insists on answering respectfully although he is injured.
Sitting next to the three people is the Shirakawa gentleman.
Mr. Bai Chuanjun’s name is Tian Baichuan, a cousin of Tian Shengji who holds the small temple hill of the Black Dragon Warrior Stroke Camp, while his deputy is sitting there. Tian Baichuan is actually very depressed because Tian Shengji sent Jian Ye Xiu to set it up because he is not at ease with the skills of the Black Dragon Warrior in fighting martial arts.
This is what upset Tian Baichuan! He regretted listening to the words of Otokaoka and reporting it to Hokkaido. In his opinion, the assassination was inseparable from superb martial arts, but it was more than a calculation.
Your wind camp assassination ability can’t be better than Xie Cunguan face to face, so you can’t kill him.
At the beginning, when Tiaosi Okada advocated direct assassination, he was curious about this so-called "Wu Shen" martial skill and moved to test his mind. He sent three ordinary martial artists to test the result.
In this way, my impression score in the year-end family assessment will definitely be discounted.
However, Keno Xiu is a family who relies heavily on an old man, and he dare not turn away from him, so he sat there quietly listening to the old man cross-examine the three men and Xie Cunguan for every detail.
What makes Tian Baichuan feel strange is that Keno Xiu’s eyes seem to be getting brighter and brighter during the inquiry, which is to be continued.
Chapter 22 You are crazy, old man
"what!" The more the ship sounds, the more shocked and angry it feels. "Keno Xiu and his two sons came to Tokyo!"
Being a Black Dragon Club is just sitting in a tit-for-tat position with Tian Shengji. Naturally, he is very clear about the distribution of power in the family, and naturally he knows the position and strength of Keno Xiu in the family.
"It seems that Tian Shengji is very jealous of this picture!" After the initial shock and anger, the more I went, the more slowly I leaned my back against the chair seat, and a young man who looked capable said,
"Yes!" The young man replied softly that he was the head of the intelligence organization of the Ministry of Water Affairs of the Black Dragon Club.
As two adversaries, they naturally penetrate each other, and it is impossible to know nothing about each other’s deployment.
"Then what shall we do?" The young man asked the ship’s second minister
"Monitor each other and make corresponding preparations!" The second minister of the ship considered a "let the Ministry of Fire dispatch the most sharp personnel to be ready to help Tu Yuejia’s soldiers and guards stop Keno Xiu and others!"
"Then should we inform him?" The young man asked again
"Don’t inform him yet!" The second minister of the ship sank a little "just to examine his ability!" "
"Yes!" The young man nodded. "If there’s nothing, I’ll go out and do something!"
"Go ahead!" The more I nodded gently, the more I watched the young man go out and sighed softly. Once upon a time, I was as energetic as these children, but now I feel that J and jīng are a little weak as the years go by.
It’s been more than half a month, but Tadashi Koji hasn’t moved to thank the official, and he’s not in a hurry to assassinate him. It’s a competition for patience and kung fu.
There is a saying that there has never been a thousand Ri to be a thief, and there is a thousand Ri to prevent thieves. Therefore, Xie Cunguan did not put too much J and jīng force on this matter. On the same day, Li Mochi sent the small temple post to Wu Yunhua, the security minister of Longhan Tokyo Company, and asked him to let people watch the small temple post.
Moreover, in order to prevent Tiaosi Gang from discovering the belt mystery, Long Han has installed micro-satellite locators for Tiaosi Gang and others who often get in and out of the car, and let Li Mochi send them a copy when sending himself information about location changes to prevent them from being negligent.