In this way, the military adviser and a bald strong man jumped into the speedboat and plunged into the sea and headed for Takanashi not far away. In the past, Huang Mao’s boss watched the drifting away, and their faces suddenly showed a touch. insidious smile took out a thick Cuban cigar from his pocket and smacked it in his mouth. fine steel once hijacked and "captured" the zipp limited-edition lighter, and after a few seconds of lighting, he smoked. "Let’s go back to the base!"

As soon as the speedboat started, Han slowly turned a direction, and then the horsepower was full to roar. The speedboat disappeared like a small white dot in the vast sea.
“help! Help … help … "Small-eyed strategist and the bald strong man pretended to be drowning when they swam to the shore, crying for help and waiting for the island residents to hook.
When the residents of Zhenglaoyuan saw someone losing water, they quickly let go of the hoe and shovel diving and tried their best to save people. In a few minutes, the small eyes and the bald man were dragged to the island. They looked at each other, and their eyes were weak, and their lives were in danger. They gasped, "Help me … Help me …"
The bald man immediately cooperated with him and cried and wailed, "Brother … you can’t die! Brother, you can’t die!" Then cried and kowtowed to a group of bewildered aborigines, pleading and complaining.
Although the language is a little unreasonable, the body language is familiar to the aborigines, and the situation is gradually becoming white. Because the two simple aborigines directly carried their small eyes of playing dead to the old clan residence without saying anything, others also let go and followed the past.
"Old clan leader, save people, save people, someone is drowning!" Before I came to grandpa Aly’s hut, the aborigines couldn’t wait to shout lest anything should happen to the drowning man.
Grandpa Aly turned out to be two foreigners at first sight, and he had never seen such a black man before. I heard that the western ghost finally saw it today, and my heart thumped, but I quickly let people carry my small eyes into the house, and the big wooden case hand gently squeezed his wrist to take your pulse for auscultation.
The old clan kept his eyes closed for a while, which made him feel more and more strange. Because he was lying with small eyes, he didn’t have any symptoms of drowning or stroke and cold. Instead, his desire was too strong and his heart was too dark. Although he already knew fairly well, he still asked the bald man a few words and several important herbs.
Two strange-looking people came, and in a short time, the whole village was all over the village. Men, women and children kept gathering at the old clan’s house, and there was no difference when the second dry brother came. When the old clan saw it, he quickly sent the villagers back, glanced at them with small eyes and baldness, and called the villagers who sent them to one side and asked carefully, "How did you find them?"
"Back to the old clan, we were weeding the farmland. Suddenly we heard a sound in the sea. It was two people struggling in the water, so we saved them. One of them was already dizzy, so he was carried to you …" Several people truthfully answered that there was no official. The old clan is the chief executive with comparable prestige.
"Well, I know that you are busy …" The old clan thought for a moment and said slightly that he seemed to have a presentiment of danger coming, and his eyes looked out at the vast sea level. Suddenly, the petite and lovely figure of his granddaughter Aly flashed in his mind, and he seemed a little glad that Aly had left.
These days, Zhang Xiaoyan, the little witch girl and Qin Xiaowan are accompanying the dry elder brother plain to take care of Torre, but there is not much to take care of the three girls. Most of the time, they all go crazy together, and the dry elder brother has his own things to do. Since he is a village owner in Wangzhuang, he has to do something. Therefore, all day long, his parents have been short-lived in the west for a few days, and he realized that grassroots cadres are not so good and should have enough patience.
"Lord Wang, you must make decision for me ….." Brother Gan just arrived at the village and didn’t sit on a hot ass. A middle-aged woman with long hair and blue eyes rushed in, shouting and crying.
Brother Gan turned around and saw that it was a second uncle’s daughter-in-law in the village who had to call her second aunt according to seniority, so he quickly got up and greeted him, "What’s the matter with second aunt?"
"Lord Wang, you must help me to take care of our family’s killing you that day. Look at you. Look at her beating me …" The middle-aged woman pointed to her face and cried as soon as she entered the room.
"Well, you sit down and talk about the same wavelength, you sit down and talk about it …" Brother Gan thought that this time he estimated that he would be restless again in the afternoon, but he still poured a glass of water for the middle-aged woman with a smile on his face.
The middle-aged woman took the teacup and sobbed and cried, "Xiaotian is supposed that your second uncle is your elder, but there is no such master as him. You can’t blame me if you say that you can’t have children. The doctors in the city have said that it’s two things to have boys and girls. You can always beat me …"
Brother Gan just wanted to comfort him. He heard that the gate of the village department was kicked by a stout man. "You’re a disgraced bitch. You haven’t lost enough. How come you came to the village department to see if I don’t kill you!" With that, he swung his big mouth and fanned the woman’s head.
"Oh, my second uncle, you calm down and calm down …" When Brother Gan saw it, he quickly stopped it, but the middle-aged Han seemed to ignore Brother Gan and glared at him. "Xiaotian, please let me know that this is not your village master!" Say that finish "pa" a big mouth smoke the middle-aged woman’s head.
"Go home! Mata Niang to the old home! Mom, it’s worse than you, you old lady! " Middle-aged Han pointed to squatting over her head and crying. The woman cursed and lifted her feet, and she was going to kick it again.
Dry elder brother a look at his a kick to also get middle-aged women is deathless also not half-life, so nearly a meter bruiser slipped to one side before scold a way "what make? ! Huh? ! What’s the trouble? ! I’ll give you a good face. Oh, my God, right? ! It didn’t take long to learn to beat my wife! "
Brother Gan, no matter what his second uncle always beats women, the man is still a man. The middle-aged man was reprimanded by brother Gan, and his face was red. He had heard that brother Gan was so powerful that he didn’t expect it to be so powerful, but his nose snorted and he still didn’t breathe. "This is our family. Don’t worry about it!"
"I tube is your family today! Go ahead. What’s going on? !” Dry elder brother also cold hum a conveniently pulled up a stool to sit down.
"I … I …" Middle-aged Han was overwhelmed by the powerful aura of dry elder brother. He stammered and bowed his head and dared not look at dry elder brother.
Dry elder brother eyebrows a pick "you what you? ! You’re afraid to say it after you’ve called? Tell me what hit your wife! "
"This bitch has given birth to three daughters without eggs, and she hasn’t made a belt yet. Tell you how hard my life is!" The middle-aged man, who was shocked by the elder brother, complained with a full face of injustice. It looked like he was really wronged.
Dry elder brother is really this group of legal blindness to do nothing. I really don’t understand why his mother wants it so much, so he replied coldly, "I tell you that this boy and girl is not a woman, and both sides are responsible for your poor cultivation. You still blame others for failing!" And do you know the family planning law? I want to give birth to three daughters, and I’m telling you, I can’t even get through here without family planning! It’s good that you can raise your three daughters well and educate them! "
Nowadays, every child in the city is worried to death. There are no 300,000 or 400,000 roots from snacks and milk powder to growing up in college. It is extremely irresponsible to have nothing to do with it. If you want to change the poverty situation in Dawangzhuang Village, you must start from the villagers’ consciousness.
"Xiaotian unfilial after three big! My second child can’t do anything wrong to his ancestors! I have a successor! " Middle-aged Han Gen didn’t take Brother Gan’s words seriously and stared at Brother Gan firmly. Look at his posture. Who will stop him from "filial piety" and who he has to fight with? Chapter 496 It’s none of your business!
Dry elder brother is really language typical son preference by feudalism residual poison thought sighed "juwan daughter can’t filial piety you and two aunts? You see, four or five children in the village are not so old now, and no one asks if they can eat! What age is this? How can you still have this idea! "
"You don’t give me those who don’t have Xiaotian. You think what you want. Anyway, I’m going to settle it!" Middle-aged Han oil and salt into the cold replied