Half of the body has arms, and you can also hold weapons and add your own pliers. It is absolutely even more powerful, and their breath is even stronger than that of the masters. Such a strong degree can make it difficult for you to recover from the cold.

Zhang Tao appeared at the same time, everyone felt that Zhang Tao dominated the atmosphere and the deep and remote cold was naturally a joy, while the three giants attacked more sharply.
Charming earth defense and white flame are indeed an integration of attack and defense, while the other master is also a dual attribute, which is that his genus appears ordinary, but some are metallic and fire attributes
But to Zhang Tao’s surprise, the unique cold attribute is even rarer and more mysterious than the light attribute. This attribute has powerful phagocytosis and destructive power.
"Zhang Tao breaks one by one!" Deep and remote cold, a gust of wind will lift the giant aside and then say to Zhang Tao, now it is necessary to end the battle faster because of the low-level foreign body in the distance. 846.
Low-level foreign bodies in the distance are sleeping except for killing each other for food. Although several people in Zhang Tao are very far away from them, such violent fluctuations still wake them up.
If we don’t solve the problem as soon as possible, we will be surrounded by millions of foreign bodies. Even if there are things that can’t be solved, it will be difficult to cope with the deep and remote cold. Seeing Zhang Tao will be so excited.
Zhang Tao nodded his head, his eyes fixed on the evil spirit Lao’s side. The two dominant forces are really strong. Even if the giant’s body armor is very hard and the human body is stronger than the strong one, it is also pressed into the wind. It is the best choice for Zhang Tao to break.
It seems that I feel the sharp cry from the mouth of the malicious giant in Zhang Tao, which makes Zhang Tao feel dizzy! "Actually, it was a double attack of spirit and sound waves." Zhang Tao was surprised in his heart. It’s no wonder that the long-term attack was not so much more capable than his own combat scorpion.
But! Zhang Tao corners of the mouth appeared a smile, although you have more human body to become stronger, but you also have many weaknesses! For example, the law can send a field to the scorpion to sing in Kowloon [
A light sweep of Zhang Tao came to the front of a giant, distracted by the interference of two masters. Dealing with Zhang Tao’s moving lips, the sound wave was like a ten thousand needles drum, and suddenly the giant let go of his hands, and the weapon consciousness wanted to cover his ears.
Are the two masters ordinary people? Such a good fighter, they naturally know that it is brighter to grasp the white flame and golden light at this moment.
"Golden light piercing" and "scorching burning" hit the giant almost at the same time.
Golden light penetrating with burning nature is not weak. Zhang Tao also raised his right fist and launched a fist collapse! Three powerful attacks form a violent impact and hit the giant’s body.
Although the scorpion’s huge body is very conspicuous, such an attack is very powerful. The huge body is like being strangled by a whirlwind and flying straight out for dozens of miles, and finally it falls to the ground and makes an earth-shattering explosion.
Zhang Tao three people looked at each other and pursued such a blow. Although it was hard enough, this monster is a foreign body giant after all. I’m afraid it’s not so easy to be solved. It’s definitely the best choice to beat Reservoir Dogs while taking advantage now.
Three people appeared and suddenly found that there was nothing in the huge pothole. Almost at the same time, three people fled in different directions. When a color shadow appeared, three people attacked the charm Liao with double tongs, and the other was dominated by the scorpion tail, but they stabbed Zhang Tao in a flash.
"Beat-resistant guy" Zhang Tao mind a fiercely blue dream appeared in the hands but did not flash or avoid the sword and directly blocked the scorpion tail attack dang! "Great power" Zhang Taoqi’s power to understand the earth is also enormous, but such a blow made Zhang Tao feel numb in his right hand.
Charming Liao and another master chose to escape from the attack by attributes. It is also a surprise to see Zhang Tao and the giant in a stalemate.
Zhang Tao eyes * * now a little ShaQi belly Zhang Yue suddenly rushed out of the famous dagger flash stab theory is dominant or this monster didn’t expect to have such a thing surprise attack can often have a good effect.
Straight! The two masters looked happy. Although they didn’t know what Zhang Yue was, the dagger really penetrated the armor, so they found it and broke the flaw a little.
The monster seems to feel the chill of death and send out a sharp cry. He wants to kill Zhang Yue like a pair of pliers, but Zhang Yue is as ghostly as a live fish and slides to the other side of the dagger. There is a long trace behind it. This time, the monster is in a hurry and Zhang Yue poses a threat to it.
But the two masters will not sit idly by. Two men, one left and one right, launched an attack so that Zhang Yue can concentrate on this sharp dagger against the monster armor.
"The wind and avalanche are broken!" Armor dagger helps to shed like snakeskin! Zhang Taoli directly shattered its hard armor with one punch and splashed out with some blue blood.
"good!" Seeing the monster armor peeling off, the two masters are also happy to attack for a long time. It’s not that the strength is inferior, but because the tortoise is really oily and useless. Even if three people just joined forces to attack, it’s just a trace of armor.
However, the appearance of a famous dagger brought a glimmer of light, which broke the biggest threat. Zhang Tao’s forehead was raised and he hid from shooting a poisonous needle, and his right foot was kicked. Then his strength was out of the monster’s attack range. "The moon came back" to prevent a coward. Zhang Tao called back the name dagger and cut it happily. Zhang Yue
At the same time, the two dominant attacks have been brewing for a long time. Zhang Tao’s eyes are cold. Although this monster is extremely difficult and troublesome, it is finally over.
On the other side, the cold face is cold, and the black ribbon will cling to it. The black breath that is as terrible as a black hole will control this monster without giving it a half chance.
The dark attribute has strong attack power and corrosiveness, which can be said to be the strangest of all attributes. Of course, the extremely special attribute also has its own uniqueness. It is such an attribute that none of thousands of people is very rare [
Sniff! The black attribute keeps the monster armor making an erosion sound, but the monster armor is really too hard, so the erosion speed wants to kill and I don’t know how long it will take.
But cold alone is obviously not in a hurry. He has the ability to control the monster intensely. Although the method overcomes it, the monster also threatens him. It is better to let you cold and charm them break through.
Alone cold at this time, the black fog will completely surround the monster, and the corrosive sound will be heard. The monster’s crazy struggle is of no help, so the stalemate will come.
But the cold eyes look aside, and the fierce fighting is in full swing. He is a man who has occupied the wind one-on-one and has peeled off the monster armor.