"Leng Ruixi, you are like this …" She just wanted to say when Leng Ruixi immediately took a sharp look. "Don’t talk nonsense and sleep!"

Hmm … Han Yiqing has a hunch that it’s not going to be good for her to recuperate here these days! For such a long time, she almost forgot what kind of man Leng Ruixi is!
That’s a man who won’t even talk!
She shook his arm and looked at him piteously. "Leng Ruixi, if one day my innocence is ruined by you inexplicably, you can marry me …"
Thank you, Xiao Xi. The gift ╭╯3╰╮ washed 5 reading coins and gave away 4== Te moved me. Hmm …
Chapter 9 You go on!
Leng Ruixi was shaking. He never thought that she would say such a thing!
"What makes you think that?" He turned around and looked at her. The banter was obvious in his eyes.
He never thought about marrying her. To be exact, he never thought about getting married.
Han Yiqing didn’t know what the meaning was in his eyes. She pointed to the neck and asked, "Look! If this is seen by others! I don’t know what to say! "
This kind of a look will know that she was that what! Then who dares to have her?
"Then don’t say it." He was very calm. When he was so calm, Han Yiqing was not calm! It really is a man! Men are good! Even if it’s true, it’s okay!
Really, it’s always a woman who gets hurt! Han Yiqing nai looked up to heaven. She really shouldn’t have told Leng Ruixi such a topic.
She knows that Leng Ruixi can’t marry her!
"Forget it. I’ll admit it if I can’t get married." I hope no one will see it these days! Even she will think wrong!
Although nothing really happened between her and Leng Ruixi!
Seeing her so tangled, Leng Ruixi’s mouth evoked a smile. "If others see me, I will marry you."
"Really? !” Han Yiqing couldn’t believe that his ears were on cloud nine immediately … Leng Ruixi nodded her head with a finger. "What are you showing off in an ostentatious manner?"
"oh! I show off in an ostentatious manner. I was still wanted! I can’t get married in my life! "
"I dare say this because you will never let others see it."
ka! It turned out that he was ready to dare to say marry her! Really! But … Now she thinks about cleavage. She lives with Leng Ruixi in her life …
Oh dear! This scene feels a little chilling to listen to! How can she live with him! This is absolutely impossible!
"I will never leave the house after half a step!" She must have lost her mind just now! How could you possibly say such a thing! Let him marry her! They are not from the same world!
"Then you have a good stay" LengRuiXi didn’t say anything and turned your back on her and went to sleep.
What? He’s sleeping in the same bed with her now, so calm!
But at this time, Han Yiqing didn’t have the strength to argue with him and could fall asleep.
When Han Yiqing didn’t react, he blurred and saw a tall figure knocking at the door.
She didn’t think too much. She just turned over and went back to sleep, and then …
She suddenly sat up …