Maybe he sang this song differently than I did, or maybe he had it before, but not because he expressed too much emotion and less than I did. I didn’t expect him to have this talent.

When he finished singing, everyone applauded fiercely. They were as surprised as I was. It seems that they didn’t expect it to be so perfect.
The Taiwanese shouted "One more song"
"One more song"
"One more song"
qu; One more song. "
However, Hyun didn’t smile as they hoped, and left to meet people, but most people still miss the song just now.
He came to our table and Xuanma came over and put his arm around his shoulder and said, "It’s great to show off your singing. I didn’t expect you to be good."
Others echoed it, but it was good. Even Chen had to praise it.
At this time, Xin looked at me and said, "How about the original song Forgotten Spirit? Not bad? "
When I heard Xin ask me this question, others turned to look at me, and their eyes sparkled with starlight.
"Well, it’s nice." Looking at them and looking at me, I nodded my head to praise Hyun.
When I heard my compliment, I suddenly looked at Hyun and found that he smiled, and his mouth was floating, and he was very happy.
I was shocked to see him smile. I didn’t expect him to smile so heartily because of my praise. Moreover, he smiled quietly and distantly. His eyes were black and shiny, and his lips were as beautiful as cherry blossoms. It was like half a year ago when the college met against a tree and slept in the afternoon. The stars were faintly drunk and the night fog was beautiful. The cherry trees were quiet and there was no separation, no sorrow and no resentment. Everything was beautiful as a dream.
Chapter 5 hongmen banquet (4
Chapter 5
It turned out that the best moment was just so much, and I was fascinated by watching him simply laugh.
The world is noisy and bright, and the worldly happiness and happiness are so much.
Others also saw his smile, which was like a beam of sunshine shining into people’s hearts.
Several of us were deeply absorbed in this smile, but I soon recovered. I coughed. All the people recovered and restrained his smile.
I was embarrassed to say, "Your song is better than mine."
"Thank you because the lyrics of this song deeply touched me."
Say that finish everyone then sat down.
Take this opportunity to ask me, "Where did your lyrics come from?"
Suddenly I was a little flustered when I heard this question, but I soon calmed down. "I have seen a relationship with my friends around me."
"Your lyrics are great. By the way, have you always lived in France?"
Hao asked me where I came from, and the words "Sure enough" came to my mind.
"Well, I live in France."
"By the way, your temperament is so elegant. What about your parents? They’re not with you? "
"It’s my mom and dad. They’re all very busy. The whole world has been flying around, so I live with Chen."
"Oh, that’s really lonely."
"I’m used to being alone, and I have a job."
"Ha ha yes."
"You sing so well, so who is your teacher?"
"These are all home studies. The teacher is a low-key person. Please forgive me for telling you."
"It’s a pity to see a teacher who has taught such excellent students."