Yan Gui paused for a moment. When I was a child, my father, the world, and their emperors were all older. It was also polite to throw him away without saying that he had met his father.

It’s also a range to laugh occasionally. I didn’t dare to overstep it
But what is the feeling of affection?
Now that he is an emperor, his children are not afraid of him. What about after the queen and Taitai discussed it face to face?
If this were the case, which brave concubine dared to say those words openly to her children at that time?
Even if the father is very kind, he will be angry
But he doesn’t feel bad. Isn’t it normal for parents to imagine their children’s future? Having said that, he also feels that this is very good and can’t be changed. The so-called cotton students don’t have so many things.
When you are older, you will naturally understand Chapter 753 of 753.
This child has to compare with the fact that although he is six years old, he is older than his two milk-stuffed brothers.
There are sensible things everywhere.
The family is very funny talking in the Hall of Hearts and Music.
Nianyu is not close to Yan Gui, but it’s just a matter of time to lie down on him.
Su Mian can’t help wondering if this is strange. Compared with Mingshou, I’m a little afraid of Yan Gui, but Yan Gui is also good for him. Compared with Yu Yu, it’s strange to read Yu and Yan Gui.
Looking at it coldly, I saw Ming’ an coming over and hugging her neck. "Mother, are you better?"
"Well, how are you today?" Sue cotton consciousness hugged him and asked
"Yes, the teacher said that we can all learn to say that we are clever!" Ming’ an walked over.
Yan is holding the read royal talk this turn head feel this scene is a bit awkward.
Mianmian’s face is tender, and she looks like a teenager in her twenties. She is also six years old, although she is still young … This picture is held together … And she is wondering that Mianmian’s penis is a mother’s generation lover …
Just look at it. How inappropriate?
I’m going to live separately at the age of seven, which is only one year away. Is that inappropriate?
"Mianmian Aner is six years old." Yan Gui woke up.
This can get through the hornet’s nest. Su Mian is angry. "What is this rule? What happened to being six? I can hold it at sixty! I was told those rules. When he grew up and disliked me living together, he said different words for men and women at the age of seven! "
Ming’ an doesn’t understand that it is ignorant to look at Yan Gui’s forehead. "He is too."
"What’s the matter? I don’t believe who dares to say! " Su Mian stared.
"Okay, okay, don’t get angry with you. It’s you … He’s a boy. You’re always so bad." Yan regressed.
"Hum, I just hold my son!" Sue cotton a proud upward way
"Niang …" Ming Ann called 1 is very measures.
Because dad said too that’s him.
Sue cotton bad smile "son your dad want to call you live in another? Your cruel father forbid you to see your mother meowed. "
"Dad … mom …" Ming ‘an was so nervous when he was still young. What are you not allowed to see?
"Mianmian!" Yan Gui couldn’t help but be harsh when she saw her nonsense.
Ming Ann is really not allowed to see Dad. He cried when he was angry. "Meowed Dad, Ann, don’t! Ann wants a mother! Woo hoo! Mother! "
"… are you happy when you make him cry?" Yan Gui has nothing to say. I’ve never seen such a mother.
"Do you still say that?" Su Mianwen
"I’m really … really …" Yan was short of breath, so she just turned around and walked away, coaxed herself to go.
Su Mian knew that Hou Yangui definitely didn’t say that. She said that I was a modern person hugging my six-year-old child. What happened? This is not allowed, and there is a good one?
"Don’t cry, your father agreed." Su Mian coaxed with a smile.
This will be shocked. Ming Shou and Zhen Hao are also busy persuading their brothers.
Seven mouths and tongues
Poor TaiDian didn’t know how miserable it was to be cheated by her mother when she was six years old …
Saying that Yan Gui came out with her mind in her arms, she didn’t know where to go for a while and strolled to the Queen Mother.
The queen mother was a little silly when she saw that it was the father and the son. What was the situation?
"Why are you two here? What about his children? " The empress dowager cihui really asked 1
"I’ll be here in the Hall of Harmony in a minute." It’s hard to say that I was angry with the queen and I was holding a child conveniently, right?
Miss Yu is very serious about greeting "grandma is well"
"Good royal son to grandma here is delicious." The queen mother called him over with a smile.