The earth has become more and more swaying. In the past, the bustling cities have disappeared, and the busy streets have become inaccessible. The towns have been abandoned, the factories have been abandoned, and the scenic spots and playgrounds have also been abandoned. The earth is no longer brightly lit at night, but it has returned to darkness as in ancient times.

Although it is still summer, the air is already full of bleak and cold autumn and winter.
Now, the only lively place on the earth is the capital city center. Most of the people who stayed behind on the earth have moved here-the capital city once had a population of more than 300 million, and even a city center was dissatisfied.
Of course, not everyone has moved here, and the autonomous government has taken an attitude of listening to those who don’t want to move here. However, for security reasons, those people in the autonomous government have built fortresses in their places of residence, and they have left weapons for self-defense and can directly communicate with the workers of the autonomous government, so that those who live in barren hills or deserted cities can get support in the shortest time if they are in danger.
Xiaoyun has not moved to the center of the capital, and now Xiaoyun still lives in the suburbs, but Xiaoyun has booked a house in a scenic mountain area, which will be built soon, and Xiaoyun will move there after it is built.
The autonomous government will regularly live in the capital city, where outsiders replenish supplies, no matter where they live, they don’t have to worry about their living problems. The huge engineering construction capacity of human beings can also ensure that everyone can build a desirable residence
The fleeing government and the autonomous government have left a huge amount of materials, and they have left enough and perfect industrial systems, which makes the autonomous government have no pressure on material security. According to the current amount of materials, the autonomous government has a population of more than 2.5 million, and even if all of them don’t work, they can live comfortably for a hundred years, not to mention the highly perfect production factories.
To make such an arrangement, there is no need for the fleeing government to pay extra money, because human culture has created too much wealth, and the fleeing government has taken away their departments by law. Even if so many materials are left to the autonomous government, these materials only account for less than 1% of the wealth taken away by law, and the rest are destroyed by the fleeing government.
Running away from the government will not destroy the earth’s ecological environment or the huge buildings, but some things must be destroyed, such as precision equipment factories, such as scientific research instruments taken away by France. If these things fall into the hands of the robot group, it will make the robot group take a big step forward in science and technology, which human beings naturally do not want to see.
Three days passed quietly, and the government’s final action was over. Now it is time to leave.
At this moment, it is the night time in the capital city, as if it had been agreed in advance. People have left their homes and gathered on the ground. The downtown of the city has once again reappeared, but now it is prosperous and somewhat different. At this moment, no one is talking, and people are quietly looking up at the sky.
In the distance, a few flickering sparks rose slowly, dragging their long tails, and they were extremely bright, but a moment later they were dimmed by drifting away. Xiaoyun knew that they were the last people to evacuate the earth.
Everywhere in the city, the screen is playing the picture of the evacuation of the fleeing fleet in real time. From that picture, Xiaoyun saw one bright star after another in the universe-but Xiaoyun knew that it was not actually a star, and each star was a giant island with hundreds of millions of people. Because of the distance, they just looked like a light spot.
The number of stars is much more than that of the screen. Every picture was still, just like a picture hanging in a high-rise building, but it changed in a moment. Xiaoyun saw that some of the stars suddenly lit up, and with these stars, the remaining stars seemed to be inspired to increase their brightness.
Xiaoyun knew that it was installed in Taidao, and the giant engine started almost exhausted. The huge Taidao with a length of more than ten kilometers will push it to break away from the existing track and step into the vast universe.
At this moment, the fugitive head of government also returned to the capital city from Taitai.
"Goodbye, my compatriots." The Fuehrer’s voice seemed to choke. "Good luck to you and to us."
The Fuehrer didn’t say too many words at this time, only this sentence. Xiaoyun knew that the Fuehrer must have many, many words to say, and they couldn’t be finished in three or five days. Not only is the Fuehrer at this moment, human beings have many words to say, whether they are in the middle of the world or on the earth, but no one has said anything.
The fugitive head of government said nothing, nor did the autonomous head of government, General Emek, and there was silence.
There was some depressed crying in the crowd, but Xiaoyun’s expression was still indifferent. Xiaoyun was not used to showing his feelings, so the more agitated Xiaoyun’s heart was, the more indifferent his face was.
Xiaoyun turned around and slowly looked at this group of people behind him. Most of them are old people, and there are also middle-aged people with old faces and gray hair, but there are not more than Xiaoyun, and there are even fewer young people with more than one hundred years old. There are almost no teenagers and children at all.
Xiaoyun knows that if there are no accidents, he may be buried on the earth with these old people in just a few years.
Teenagers are the most hopeful, because their life is limited, but they are probably the least hopeful compared with the elderly. Because time has left a lot, Xiaoyun is old now, because Xiaoyun has no hope in life, or … There is only a small hope, which is negligible.
Xiaoyun heart some sad sigh gently after Xiaoyun withdrew his line of sight to put the line of sight on the screen.
The live broadcast has been going on silently, just like a silent pantomime. Xiaoyun saw that the stars were a little dim, which means they are getting farther and farther away from the camera.
Xiaoyun looked up at the sky-Xiaoyun knew that according to the route planned by the escape fleet, the escape fleet would pass only a few million kilometers away from the earth, then enter the sun, and then leave the other side of the sun for the final journey. Even on the earth, the escape fleet can actually be seen.
I don’t know how long it took Xiao Yuncai to see some dim light spots from one side of the sky when it seemed to be dawn. Those light spots were very dark and had to be narrowed, but as time went by, they gradually lit up, even if the sun had already risen, they could not hide their light.
The light spot gradually moved from the horizon to the middle of the sky, and then moved from the middle to the other side. At this time, the sun was about to set, and the light spot later came to the eastern horizon.
It was getting dark, and the spot of light finally fell to the horizon, and it was no longer visible in the sky, so it was quiet again. The moon, the moon and the stars remained the same forever.
"Goodbye, goodbye" Xiaoyun gawked at the place where the light disappeared and kept saying "Good luck to you and to us"
Chapter three hundred and fifty-nine Monkey
The crowd dispersed in twos and threes, so under the cover of night, the only lively place in the whole sun of the earth was quiet again
I don’t know how many people will stay up all night today.
The road is to choose what you choose, and what consequences you have to bear. The fleet is far away. Now these people who stay on the earth will regret it, but Xiaoyun thinks that few of the more than 2.5 million people who stay on the earth will regret it.
Xiaoyun certainly won’t regret that Xiaoyun knew that his life and destiny had been finished from that night more than 100 years ago and was completely changed. Fighting against the robot group is his mission in this life. There is no way to escape this mission, either to succeed or to die. There is no other choice. It’s as simple as that.
Xiaoyun is still staring at the sky. I don’t know how long it took Xiaoyun to sigh and go back to his home.
On the second day, Xiaoyun was informed that the workers of the autonomous government told Xiaoyun that his customized room in the mountains had been built, so Xiaoyun left the capital city with an automatic aircraft and came to his new home.
In the capital city, it was forbidden for individuals to own automatic flying machines, but now the fleeing government has taken most of the population away from this ban, which has released the fact that the automatic flying machines on the earth are almost manned. Because most public transport vehicles have been paralyzed, people need such things as automatic flying machines to meet their own transportation needs.
The automatic flying machine is a fool’s design. After only a few days of training, even a child can fly it freely. Xiaoyun took this flying machine and crossed more than 1000 kilometers. It took about 20 minutes to come to this lonely place, where few people set foot in the past.
It was a courtyard built halfway up the mountain. It used to be a steep cliff, but the great engineering power of human culture cut off the mountain peak and leveled the ground. A courtyard with unique shape appeared here. It doesn’t take much effort to build this courtyard. For the existing engineering power of human culture, it will take about ten days for an engineering team composed of three people to complete it. Of course, if environmental protection and ecological maintenance are taken into account, it will take three or four more days to build it. It is also because of environmental protection that the human culture government will strictly prohibit this kind of building from appearing before, but the situation is naturally different now.
The person in charge of the project has been waiting for Xiaoyun to arrive in the courtyard. After the automatic flying machine is parked on the ground, the person in charge will meet the file and Xiaoyun to complete the handover and say a note, and then he will leave on his own. So Xiaoyun is left alone in the hundreds of miles of Fiona Fang, a continuous mountain.
The micro-ecological maintenance system keeps the whole courtyard in a warm and spring-like environment, which will not be affected by the harsh environment in the mountains at all. Xiaoyun walks smoothly until he reaches the railing in front of the cliff and looks at the rolling mountains in the distance, lost in thought.
From a vantage point of view, the scenery here is actually very beautiful, thanks to the almost strict environmental protection regulations of human language. Everything here can be "original". It is the summer when the vegetation is lush. Xiaoyun’s feet are rolling mountains. The peaks are full of green vegetation or mixed with some beautiful flowers and plants. Occasionally, streams can be seen gurgling, and all kinds of wild animals roar constantly, which makes Xiaoyun unable to help but feel the illusion of being in heaven.
"Close the micro-ecological maintenance system" Xiaoyun said to his wrist and portable brain, so the micro-ecological maintenance system immediately closed the warm and humid mountain wind and blew it up, making Xiaoyun’s skirts constantly flying and his hair fluttering.
The sky is as blue as the sun, and the flowers and plants are pleasant. Xiaoyun stared at it. After a while, I don’t know what kind of monkey suddenly appeared next to Xiaoyun. The railing was full of curiosity and looked at Xiaoyun.
Xiaoyun smiled slightly and pulled out a piece of biscuit and handed it to him. Before the monkey, it seemed that no one had seen Xiaoyun, and I didn’t know that I was afraid to see Xiaoyun reaching out and handing out the biscuit. I stretched out my hand and took it directly, and then put it in my mouth and chewed it. Then I gave a happy cry.
"Delicious? Then take it all. "Xiaoyun smiled and handed over the last biscuit in his hand. The monkey nodded at Xiaoyun, and after eating the biscuit, he called Xiaoyun a few times. Seeing Xiaoyun didn’t understand his meaning, he couldn’t help scratching his head. It circled around the railing for a few times and then jumped out like a left arrow and disappeared into the cliff.
Xiaoyun smile will return from the place where the monkey disappeared and put it back in heaven and earth.
Just as this meditation slipped away, the sunset in the mountains was always a little earlier than that in the plain. At about five or six o’clock, the sky had become a little dim, and the mountain breeze blowing head-on became a little cold. Xiaoyun tightened his clothes and just wanted to order the intelligent system to maintain the micro-ecology and start it, he heard a little noise on the cliff in front. Xiaoyun looked up and saw that the original monkey appeared there again.
This monkey has a little white hair on his forehead and tail. This sign is obviously malicious. Xiaoyun recognized it as soon as he saw this monkey appear here again. Xiaoyun couldn’t help but shake his head. "Are you here for cookies?" Unfortunately, I have no cookies. "
The monkey squeaked in front of Xiaoyun, and then his mouth fell on Xiaoyun’s foot without knowing what it was. Xiaoyun saw that the monkey had been carrying something in his mouth.
After throwing that thing at Xiaoyun’s feet, the monkey squeaked again for a few times, and then looked at Xiaoyun with a look of expectation. Xiaoyun looked at his feet with some doubts, but it felt like some kind of fungus, but it was concrete and beyond recognition, so he ordered the intelligent system to "scan it and see what it is."
The camera closest to that thing at the railing adjusted its angle and aimed at it. After scanning for a while for two seconds, Xiaoyun’s wrist and portable brain automatically projected a three-dimensional virtual image, in which a portrait of a plant was heard at the same time. "This is the scientific name of a fungus … which is delicious to eat and has extremely high nutritional value. Over-exploitation of this fungus was rare more than two hundred years ago, and it only developed after more than two hundred years of protection, but it has not been removed from the list of endangered fungi until now."