"Granddaughter really doesn’t understand this. Now everything is up to the old lady," Su Miandao said.

"I know you don’t understand that if you really want to lose the election, it’s better to lose the election than to choose, even though you are not 100% sure."
Sue the old lady eased a sigh a way
"You don’t want me to be the boss everywhere. I can see that you are a girl with some thoughts. It is not easy for a woman to want a future. You have to have a plan. Sue can help you as much as she can," said the old lady.
Su Mian’s heart was somewhat touched. It turns out that relatives still know you no matter you leave Takuya.
"That … granddaughter think?" At this point she also don’t know so good.
Out of the Rong Xi Hall, she was thinking about one thing: Assistant Minister Jane, no, their mother and daughter said that they would not choose the ninth hall in Chapter 16 after the draft.
Sue the old lady told people to pick up the West Garden, which was very neat, and Su Mian looked at it and felt that it was her heart.
"Come back? What did you say, old lady? " Jane is always afraid that her daughter will suffer.
Su Mian wanted to think, but let’s not talk about it yet. Niang thinks that my uncle is the closest. If you really ask her, Jane, assistant minister, don’t say it? Her heart is uncertain, such as missing.
"It’s okay to ask about these years and I will probably talk about it." Su Mian laughed.
Before the mother and daughter had said a few words, they saw a woman coming.
"Handmaiden greet the second wife and say hello to Miss San."
"yes?" Su Mianwen
"Back to Miss San, a distinguished guest sent a gift in the front yard, saying that it was named to Miss San, and this thing was taken to Rongxi Hall.’ m and Third Master are also waiting for the second wife and Miss San to go." The old woman spoke very politely and didn’t come back for a few years. Now the second wife knows all the nobles.
"Well, then let’s go and ask for some money for tea for Mammy." Su Mian laughed.
She knows best that their mother and daughter had better rely on themselves.
That old woman is just a second door, and a wife has never been so highly regarded in her life, and she gave a lot of gratuities, which was even more ardent immediately.
When she left, Jane looked at Su Mian. "Where did you meet the distinguished guests?"
"Daughter, I don’t know. Let’s go and have a look." Real Su Mian thought of this distinguished guest and his uncle came to the backyard. If it wasn’t Yan Gui, there would be no one else.
When their mother and daughter entered the Rong Xi Hall, they found Mrs. Su’s’ m’ m sitting with no one else.
"Cotton girl this is how to return a responsibility? If you know the Nine Halls? " Sue asked the old lady.
Jane got a fright and looked at Su Mian eagerly.
"Granddaughter doesn’t know!" Su Mian plays dumb.
Mrs. Su stared at her for a long time and said, "Did you meet an unusual person in time?"
Sue cotton heart way the old lady is true and then pretend to be surprised to "mountain … yesterday? Yesterday, my granddaughter went to Fukenji Xiang to meet the heavy rain. There was a shelter in a pavilion. It was like … A 19-year-old male was also unable to avoid it because of the heavy rain. Then she stayed for a while … Maybe … "
"It seems that it’s the Nine Halls".
"This is the ninth hall to send you by name." The’m personally uncovered the contents of a red lacquer plate on the table.
Su Mian walked over and looked at the four pieces of cloth, all of which were green, light green and dark green.
Although she doesn’t understand, she can see that this is good material.
There is also a set of jewelry, but it is simple pink pearls. It is simple and valuable at first glance. There are no cultured pearls these days.
"So expensive, please ask your grandmother what to do?" Su Mian looked at it.