"If the scabbard is thick, poison should be put in the interlayer, and poison can be automatically applied when the machine is started to draw the sword."

"The belt with scabbard should also be improved to stimulate fishing nets and lassos!"
With the "cold sword" stepping into the expert level, Goethe’s mind suddenly appeared a lot of ideas about "long sword"
About ten minutes later Goethe suddenly looked up and sighed-
"There is no sword!"
The sword method is profound, and he can’t think too much at the moment.
Find an opportunity to think carefully after you need it.
And now?
He’s going back to camp!
Ken Diels’s duel preparation has been completed by one third.
Goethe is quite sure to defeat the other side at the moment.
But …
Not enough!
He wants to beat the other side 100%!
So he’s going to finish, and there are only two thirds left!
Chapter seventy-one Strive to be assured!
Goethe raised his eyebrows when Goethe punched each other and the latter took a step back, grinning with his palm-although both sides were competing, they all stopped.
Goethe didn’t make many hermetic and breathing methods.
Art also didn’t make’ warrior’ skills.
Is the [body] to spell.
There is no doubt that Goethe still dominates after three baptisms.
Art is not a parallel product. Three baptisms, though not three extreme baptisms, have been completed once.
So Goethe was able to evaluate himself and Ken Diels’s strength in more detail.
In fact, in one punch, Goethe predicted that one third of the preparations for the decisive battle would be completed again.
It was Yate who suddenly punched Goethe to respond.
But the previous situation is different.
This time, as soon as I contacted Goethe, I felt that Yate’s fist had no strength.
Not weakness
But …
Take one’s strength
This made Goethe wonder.
Facing Goethe’s doubts, Art is a face of admiration.
"Your strength … is really great!"
Art hopes to find a more appropriate word, but after thinking for a long time, he still chooses to make it the most direct.
And after saying this sentence, the face admiration of the captain of the Grand Duke’s Fourth Guard disappeared, leaving a touch of pain and a corner of his eye to keep sweeping Silin.
Aside, Lin face with a light nai.
The ninth captain of the Grand Guard of Silin-with the return of’ Gejil’ a day ago, the ninth captain also appeared in the camp.