Qing Xuanxian, although there are a lot of beliefs in the azure world today, the quality of the incense obtained after refining and purification is even worse than before.

"Don’t say that incense fire is helpful to the strength of Qing Xuanxian, then many ghosts and gods in the underworld also need a lot. Look at what this Haoyang Venerable wants. Sure enough, there is no harm in communicating with others."
Haoyang venerable person ha ha smiled. "This alms bowl incense has enough firepower to condense a scene with a perfect level of incense. If you are sincere, you can also cast spells to refine secrets and so on. Being original needs to be a noble spirit."
"It’s not difficult and this alms bowl incense fire? Even now, a few people in the ten continents have gained merit, and it may be better for the dragons to master some sea handles, but they never flow out. "
Hearing the words of Haoyang Venerable Master, the road flyover couldn’t help shaking his head.
Although the Jade Emperor Pavilion can harvest some merits and virtues every year, there are not enough people in the door, and even if he still has some status, he can’t take it for himself.
"A merit in a alms bowl incense firepower? Although there will be no less merits and demerits with the operation of Qingxuan over there, it’s really a small world and I’m afraid it’s not much. "
After thinking about it, Qingwei thinks that it is acceptable to simply change the fire power of one alms bowl and lose two alms bowls.
It’s not that he made Qingxuan lose sight of the obvious benefits for a short time.
Even his avatar can communicate now, but Qing Xuan wants to help Qing Wei with the strength of health, so he is afraid to wait until he can exert the power of dharma series with the handle of the nether world of azure.
"Although it is a grand master series now, even if you want to break the barrier of human beings and immortals with the help of reincarnation, you may not be able to do it in a short time."
See all the people answer Haoyang honour person was disappointed put alms bowl.
"Two alms bowl incense fire! Or a bowl of incense firepower and a secret treasure! "
"What? You have! "
Well, Qingwei once again attracted everyone’s attention, and I couldn’t help wondering if it was a bit high-profile
"Virtue is precious, and everyone knows that our predecessors don’t blame Qing Wei’s big mouth."
Watching as cool as a cucumber sent brother Haoyang venerable man couldn’t help but spit out a sigh, which made him feel a little rude.
Without much hesitation, I listened to Haoyang’s venerable master laughing. "Just as Xiaoyou said!"
Said and handed the alms bowl to Qingwei and took out three things directly from the kit.
They are a golden lotus with nine leaves, a small golden seal and a golden rope.
Three treasures correspond to one defense, one attack and one tie.
After introducing the simple sounds to Qingwei, let Qingwei choose them directly.
Defense qingwei is still very confident in himself, so he directly skips the nine-leaf golden lotus.
But attacking the secret treasure and binding the secret treasure Qingwei still chose to attack that one.
No Haoyang Venerable urged Qingwei to be well-advised and took out a merit and handed it to Haoyang Venerable.
"Sure enough, incense fire has a big bowl for monks in Yuhuangge, or there are some difficulties, otherwise it is likely to make Qing Xuan’s strength go up a storey still higher."
"There is still enough merit left to forge an exquisite Xuanhuang Tower, and its defense should be stronger than that of Haoyang Venerable Jiuye Jinlian and my innate five emperors canopy."
Although merits and virtues can also be refined into magic weapons to upgrade his mystery, it is not possible for several merits and virtues to achieve a real qualitative change.
After waiting for decades, maybe the merits of the Tianqing community will make the defense of Wuji Xinghuang Banner take a step forward?
Therefore, in the short term, it is good to forge a defensive double secret treasure to save your life.
It’s really surprising that Qingwei made two moves, but he’s not worried about the right person in Shizhou. On the one hand, his own strength is his greatest confidence.
Then there were several transactions, and finally it was found that Mrs. Albizia, the organizer, got a sample
But it is not depressed, but smiling and sending them away after the end.
Qing Wei and Li Quexian were left behind by her voice, and some people couldn’t help but think about it.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-three Two old sisters warmly invited each other
"Sister, have you decided to invite Qing Xiaoyou?"
Mrs. Albizia, who was listening to the sound of Que Xian Yin, replied, "Although it is not up to the law, it will be better than Zhengyi and Tiandu in the middle of the scene. Now, if you make great progress, you can really leapfrog!"
From the sparrow fairy eyes flash across the order?
Being able to do this is not a real arrogant Uber, but it must have extraordinary inheritance and magical power.
I just heard about Qingwei’s record from Master and Sister Simon. It seems that it is still not intuitive enough.
"Although the higher the realm, the less you hear about it, but there are still a few cases in which the scenery and the law have crossed over the years. After all, some ubers have reached a certain level for legal understanding and luck even if they have not been baptized by the wind and fire."
"Not to mention this tiny friend’s two horrible magical powers, sister. If you have a spare spirit, please ask him to try it out."
From the sparrow fairy couldn’t help but take a curious look at Qingwei. Just three people sat down again. Qingwei noticed that the eyes of these two old sisters were a tingle.
"I don’t know what my wife left for the younger generation?"
Mrs. Albizia laughed. "I’m afraid I don’t know if Xiaoyou has any plans after attending this dharma meeting." Is it directly back to Yuanzhou? "
"I don’t want to hide this from my predecessors."
After listening to Qing Wei’s words, Mrs. Albizia left Quexian and couldn’t help laughing. "If it’s not urgent, there is a chance for the two of us to invite Xiaoyou to go together."
Two great masters invited themselves to hit a chance?
If it weren’t for the real fire crow and Xuanxiao Zhenjun, Mrs. Acacia’s family would be friendly, and Qingwei would have wanted them to prepare for bad intentions.
See Qingwei look away from Quexian with a slight smile. "It’s said that Xiaoyou’s strength is extraordinary, and Sister Simon decided to invite Xiaoyou to go to the abode of fairies and immortals in Shengzhou. It’s hard for others to find a good strength and trust it for a short time."
At the sight of the sparrow fairy, Mrs. Albizia smiled in her heart, but she didn’t trust most Terran monks.
Listen to the request lady with a somewhat nai laughed "into a fairy abode of fairies and immortals! But when the two of us came, we tried and found that the abode of fairies and immortals was picking on people. We both had strength, but we were a little old … "
"How does it sound like choosing a clotheshorse?" Qing Wei can’t help but nod his head and guess
"That’s true, and I have a rough guess about the owner of the abode of fairies and immortals. It should be that there was no trace a hundred years ago."
Well, it’s someone I’ve never heard of
Although a fairy abode of fairies and immortals is somewhat curious, it is far from exciting to say.
It is estimated that a scattered practitioner is not as rich as himself, and there may not be one magic weapon.
Besides, the fairy king of Taixu has been to the magic land for a few years, and another fairy king in the Middle Ages went to the cave house for such a trip, which was very inconspicuous in the form of the celestial layman’s cave house
Seeing Qingwei’s request, Mrs. and Mrs. Albizia can sigh for some reason that the mind of Daomen’s younger brother is really good, and a fairy abode of fairies and immortals has failed to make his breath fluctuate at all.
"I have a monarch, a god, a shuttle, and a fast day trip of 300 Wan Li. If you don’t talk with your peers, you can save a lot of friends." Mrs. Acacia smiled slightly.
Good sister, I don’t know how many treasures you have!
A daily trip of 300 Wan Li flies to escape the spirit, which is much better than the wonderful music and scattered people.
"In this case, the younger generation will no longer refuse, but it is not a bad thing to be able to return to Yuanzhou quickly."
Mrs. Albizia couldn’t help smiling. "There may be a fight then, but I am also very confident in the strength of Xiaoyou."
Seeing that Qingwei promised Mrs. Albizia’s heart, Brother Wanbao said that Xuanxiao Zhenjun’s words were extremely appreciated by Qingwei, as if he had prepared a magic weapon for him?