While waiting for the virtual world to fast forward, Baishi brought some popcorn from Q assistant.

After two bites of condemnation, he suddenly noticed an unusual element.
During this period in the screen, Sugiyama Jiang Xucai was just twenty-four years old, and he devoted himself to a fine arts institute and wanted to further his studies in oil painting.
And his classmates actually have a person named "Zhenzhong Xuan Ye"-the same surname as the former arrogant boss.
This reminds Baishi of the article "Save those who are lost in the art money jumping back and forth"
If there are two key words: "learn to paint" and "be true", Baishi can barely regard it as a coincidence.
But just now, as soon as Xu Cai of Sugiyama Jiang entered the classroom on the screen, she was pulled by Zhenzhong Xuan and asked what gift "Xiaokui" should give for her birthday.
Shan Jiang Xu is so rigid that he is secretly giving other teenagers a part-time love tutor, which makes Baishi very surprised.
Later, when he zoomed in to observe "Little Kwai" by the window, Baishi found that her drawing board was signed with three words-Luohekui.
….. what a small world!
No, it should be said that Mihua Town is really small.
Everything in the virtual world is based on reality and will be changed according to the needs of the "protagonist" and the planning of Baishi.
That is to say, these three people are probably the same in the real world.
Looking on for a while, Baishi found that the true neutralization was still in a state of unrequited love.
He jumped out of the corner of his eye and glanced at the stone flower in his backpack.
Besides DIY virtual world, stone flower has another function.
Maybe we can use it to solve the problem in the art exhibition hall
Luo Hekui asked Sugiyama Jiangxu to customize a special large picture frame to prepare it for a competition.
This frame is thicker than the normal frame. Draw the inner layer in two layers, and then start the machine to close the frame before painting the outer layer.
I want to play a little romance, just like the local party joint. This girl is also a talent
Apart from this, everything is going well in the virtual world.
Akio Sugiyama, after learning the skills for a period of time, pushed the whole kindergarten with his friends. He hammered the bully once and succeeded in becoming the overlord of the whole kindergarten and the generation of peace.
People have confidence, and Akio Sugiyama’s personality is very different from before. Sugiyama Jiangxu is more satisfied with this child.
After a few key points, Q assistant popcorn bucket bottomed out and finally rested and fast-forwarded to ten years later.
Sugiyama Xu became a famous artist. He held some art exhibitions, and his paintings gained fame and fortune.
When his pockets swelled, he bought an island near Hawaii, repaired it, moved to the island with his wife, and put it outside to make his own efforts in his later years.
Soon the screen rippled and a round crystal gradually condensed and crashed into the white stone screen.
[Completion is about to return to reality]
[Countdown to 5, 4, 3, 2, 1]
Chapter 5 Hiding a corpse in the cupboard?
-Baishi finished the real world a few minutes ago-
It’s cloudy, and the lighting in Shanjiang House is not good, and it’s even darker at the moment 2.
Conan, a terrible woman in a long black dress in the corridor, took Bumei and hid in the second floor.
Soon through the crack of the door, they saw a white-haired woman passing by with a candlestick in her hand.
Hold your breath and wait for the man to step back and ask with tears.
"What listen to you during the day to explore will encounter ghosts? ….. is it because it’s cloudy today that they all ran out? "
"I told you that woman is not a ghost." Conan didn’t look very good either.
"There is running water in this haunted house, and many rooms and windows touch the ground but there is no dust-there must be activities at ordinary times."
After the library incident, these children will be quiet for a while when Conan comes.
I didn’t expect that Amy Yeager would take them to the "haunted house" for adventure only a short time later.
The three children had planned to come late, but Conan dissuaded them and reluctantly changed the expedition to noon.
Conan certainly doesn’t believe in ghosts in haunted houses.
He didn’t want to come late because he was worried that some vagrants would use this place as a stronghold and clash with his three naughty classmates.
….. Is that he didn’t expect to meet someone during the day.
-Hirohiko and Yuan Tai have disappeared after each scream. He took Bumei everywhere to look for his little friend, but he almost bumped into that terrible woman in a black dress just now.
If they didn’t have time to hide just now, they might have disappeared like the first two children.
Just thinking about behind Amy Yeager suddenly let out a scream.
Conan’s heart thumped, and when he looked back, he saw the beautiful steps and stepped back several steps.
The girl shivered and pointed to the closet next to her. "I, I want to hide in it, but there is a person in it!" "