After Stuart Lei left, five people gathered together to exchange experiences, and Han Pang took the lead.

"Other skills can exert their greatest power on this basis."
"Good" Zhao Gang nodded with some regret in his eyes.
"It’s a pity that you all learned one thing, but I didn’t."
Stuart doesn’t know archery, but other weapons seem to be proficient in everything. Everyone has learned a unique skill except him.
Just like Zhou Jia’s study of the shield.
"Be content" Although Huang Ying is over 30 years old, she still has a graceful figure and is plump and hot.
"You’re an archer. We’re much more dangerous if we don’t go ahead."
"Yes" Han Pang nodded.
"And we just learned whether we can learn it or not, but you have been learning arrows for more than ten years, and no one can compare with that."
I don’t envy several people in Zhao Gang.
In fact, apart from Zhao Gang, several people have advantages.
Huang Ying is a woman, but she graduated from a sports university and is the only top student in China’s only 211 sports university.
After graduation, I am a Sanda coach with neat skills.
Wang Shizhong’s baldness is not malnutrition, but too much exercise and strong hormone secretion, which leads to undressing and being covered with tendons.
Han pang said little.
The bottom strong still dares to fight and fight. These days, with so many people wearing cross-country forests, the urban elite atmosphere has long been killed.
Only Zhou Jia liberal arts graduates are relatively common.
But …
He closed his eyes and knew that the sea was shining and a series of subtitles appeared.
Name Zhou Jia
Xiufan stage three strong (234/1)
Introduction to Wushu Shield (2/1) and Source Force (1/5)
The subtitles have changed a little, from the third order to the third order, which is not bad. In addition, two martial arts have been added at the most.
When he opened his eyes, he showed his face and his eyes flashed a ferocious look.
"Let’s give it a try?"
"All right!"
Chapter 1 Source Star
Huang Ying stamped her body straight and shot her arm like a drawn sword with a ray of cold light toward Zhou Jia.
Long Dao shield collided and returned.
The so-called double-knife-watching, single-knife-watching, hand-hitting, and miss Huang Ying didn’t stop there, shaking her wrist and chopping back and forth with the knife in her palm.