At this moment, Shuizhi is depressed and wants to vomit blood. This shit basin buckle actually makes him defend himself.

Especially this shit basin or his cronies, Langzong, buckle it for him!
At that time, water wisdom gave birth to a sense of family.
"Fire south! A bad time and cross-satellite delivery channel can’t be sent frequently. It is necessary to properly align the time line and the frequency of cross-satellite delivery channel to prove my innocence. "Shui Zhi calmly said.
"The problem is that just before that, as many as a dozen Blue Star Terrans arrived on Planet Y from the cross-satellite channel. We have reason to suspect that the Blue Star Terrans have mastered some kind of secret technique of strengthening or high-frequency cross-satellite channel transmission, which we have also considered," said Huonan.
Water wisdom is a bit stupid on the spot.
This is really a hundred arguments.
In a flash, Shui Zhi has a sense of fantasy.
A few seconds ago, he was the commander of the Eldar Sun Expeditionary Force, and now he is a traitor to the Eldar like a dream!
If you sit down, he will be the first Eldar to defect from the throne in the history of Eldar!
"Huonan, are you going to let me set a record for the defection of Eldar elders?" Shuizhi sneers.
Fire south tone is still very calm "we have several elders and big elders specially discussed many details about this matter.
Mainly because your confidant and personally ordered the commander of Y planet Langzong to insist that you betrayed the Eldar before he died, and many events were coincidental.
Nevertheless, we feel that there is still no possibility that the current blue star or the future blue star will betray an elder of our clan.
However, you personally ordered the commander of planet Y, Lang Zong, to pay attention to all kinds of mysterious coincidences before his death.
All this suspicion is up to you to wash it yourself, "said Fire South.
"How to wash?" Water wisdom brimming with anger asked
"How to wash nature is to kill! Killing enough blue star enemies will naturally prove your innocence. You are still the elder of the throne, Shui Zhi.
The Langzong may have been confused by some extraordinary means before the Eldar was faithful, and other coincidences are just coincidences, "said Huonan."
Shuizhi "…"
"What if I can’t prove it?"
"The consequences you say …"
Water wisdom again then fell into a long silence.
"The main reason is still Langzong, right?"
Fire south affirmed, "it’s like you married a wife to report you betrayed the Eldar and there are many coincidences. We can’t ignore this."
And you have to understand that the temple still believes in you from the root. "
After a long time, Shui Zhinai sighed, "Well, I understand. Can I mobilize other forces in Huoyuan Palace?"
Fire south directly denies "but you can let Chijing mobilize the elite strength of Huoyuan Palace to cooperate with you or meet you."
In addition, the Temple ordered that since the planet Y fell one after another, the strong fire chess of the nine satellite stars died, and the cross-satellite delivery channel of the planet Y was destroyed, the blue star brigade and the self-Eldar entered our Eldar soil for the first time in 2,000 years.
All kinds of temple resolutions go to you, and the post of commander-in-chief of the Eldar Sun Expeditionary Force will be taken over by Chijing.
After you wash away the suspicion, you will be the chief of staff of the Sun Expeditionary Force.
This is the decision of the temple. Execute it immediately! "
Aside, this order was read, which made Chijing beaming. After serving Shuizhi for nearly a year, he finally took the position again.
"Chijing ordered the elders of Xie Shengtang to believe!"
But this is a huge blow to Shui Zhi.
Since the self-cultivation came to the sun, he is still suspected of betrayal at this moment, and he has to prove his innocence. Even the commander-in-chief of the Sun Expeditionary Force has been dismissed.
At the beginning, it was the virtual game of the elder who forced him to self-repair and expedition to the sun. He didn’t volunteer.
Who will you talk to about this thousand grievances and anger?
Who will listen?
I’m afraid I didn’t think it would lead to such unexpected consequences even if I retired with an illusory real illusion.