But it’s too clear that even if you cheat him in soaring, it’s not false to teach him earnestly over the years. Now he’s reduced to being beheaded, and the mysterious nature won’t resist xi he’s sword’s spiritual power to other bodies!

Not only that, but even though it’s a huge loss, he keeps …
Help Snow Chihiro with all your strength.
This also surprised Snow Chihiro, but she soon figured it out.
She knows that there is still an insurmountable gap between her dragon generals, and she doesn’t care about failure if she can fight heartily.
Now there are many teammates around her … If she can, she still wants her teammates to fight for a chance to win.
Level 79 strength
Each blow strength has risen to the level in the mysterious blessing.
"Chihiro takes the sword!"
Shi Qingxuan looked at Snow Chihiro for a while, but his face became more and more ugly and surprised. "Is there such a tactic?"
Looked down at the eyes and looked at Shu Jian in his hand.
She threw the sword at Snow Chihiro and shouted, "Chihiro takes the sword!"
"Ha ha ha ha ….. it’s really worthy that Lao Su takes a fancy to women at a young age. Even in our days, few people can have your realm and level!"
The dragon will laugh and admire.
He had a chance to stop Snow Chihiro from taking the sword.
But in a sense, he, like Snow Chihiro, is fighting into madness.
The stronger Snow Chihiro is, the happier he is.
Seeing Snow Chihiro’s double swords in her hand, her swordsmanship is superb. Holding a sword with one hand and holding a sword with both hands has little influence on her.
But the other thin sword blade cut out a firm but gentle but not as burning as xi he’s sword. Instead, it was as cold as March 9th winter …
Double sword alternation has different extreme attributes.
Add Snow Chihiro’s own true qi to bless Wan Jian’s firm but gentle and sharp horse.
It’s a fierce battle between two people, but the dragon commander has a feeling of facing three masters with their own advantages and tacit understanding at the same time
At that time, even he couldn’t help but have some hands tied.
And just after the two men fought fiercely.
The situation in the party will soon tell the outcome.
After removing the top combat power, the strength of the two sides is even … One side has been in a state of recharge for a long time, while the other side has been struggling for a long time and has lost a lot of staff.
Soon, all the teammates on one side of the dragon will usher in the end of group annihilation.
But even if they die, they are not afraid at all
I’m counting on you, shouting in succession.
Then they were sent away from this world by their former friends.