"I know what happened today, and I know what happened just now."

Xu retreated in astonishment.
"Huang told me."
Xu retired and turned around and wanted to call names, Huang. How did you become a big mouth with a spiritual advanced artificial intelligence?
It’s just …
"I asked Huang that he had a sense of self-determination, and maybe he would give you a bigger surprise after you trained him well."
Cai Shaochu raised his beer and motioned for Xu to drink a toast.
"Principal, how can you drink?" Xu retreated in astonishment.
"What can’t I drink? I’m the principal, not a saint! I am also a human being, and there is worldly desires. "
Touching Cai Shaochu gently, he took a sip of beer. "Your smoking posture should be unusual, right?"
"I don’t know"
Xu retreated and shook his head. "Before helping her refine the jade core spirit, it has been fitted for about one thousand times."
"Wow, you’ve dedicated yourself to your career."
Xu back black tiger tiger fierce drank one mouthful wine.
"Today, the members of the famine group recognized that you helped Yanzi too much and caused you trouble?
Interfere with your thoughts? "Asked Cai Shaochu.
Xu back gently nodded. "The headmaster’s smoke posture, waves and waves are all members of the Tongtian famine group at present, and Laves, Silver Surrender and Silver Six are also members of the Tongtian famine group.
But they are all foreigners!
I don’t know how to define the future. They have some contradictions and can’t figure out the answer! "
Smell speech Cai Shaochu laughed again at Xu tui and lifted the beer. "In fact, all your entanglements can still be summarized into one question."
Make a retreat and raise your head
"What is Huaxia?"
Xu back startled how or this problem Xu back is really some think impassability slowly shook his head.
"I’ll give you a word, and you’ll understand," Cai Shaochu said.
"What words?"
"Summer is summer!"
Xu tui Dai Zhu
"Let’s do it!"
Cai Shaochu raised his glass, drained his beer and threw it to Xu Tuiyi. "Remember to flip through this. It’s China that you and I are walking on!"
"Huang informed all the members of the group that I wanted a physical education class," Cai Shaochu suddenly said.