Turtles are used to meeting each other and don’t blame the last person in a lead.

"It’s a unique skill to appoint the Gankun method by the elders of the Qingfeng Taoist Sect. No matter how fast the surname Zhou is, you can’t hide it."
Taoist priest Qingfeng is dressed as a Taoist priest and looks like a teenager with a dusting hand. You can’t see that he is a monster who has lived for thousands of years.
"Both of you are immortal."
Turtle side road
"It’s more than enough to add you and me to deal with that week, right?"
Johnson nodded slowly.
"If it is not discovered by West Asia, there will be no problem."
This is, after all, the site of the Ice League. Although there are many of them, they can’t compete with West Asia. Pay special attention to calling for help.
"Rest assured"
Turtle chuckles
"On this trip, I borrowed a treasure from a senior. Even the seventh-order exotic species can be trapped for a day or two."
"That’s good."
Johnson sang was relieved.
"I’m going to inquire about a situation you …"
His voice did not fall and his face suddenly changed.
"Not good!"
Good words are still in my mind, and several people in the field have moved separately.
The tortoise body shrinks into a mysterious pattern, and the tortoise shell covers it and sinks towards the square by emerging.
When Qiu Ye’s foot is wrong, the whole person suddenly retreats backwards.
The cool breeze Taoist waved and dusted, and a gleam of light flashed.
They can’t move slowly but quickly, but a golden light penetrates this place from time to time. Law protection appears in the middle of several people.
The harsh golden light came crashing out and directly penetrated a hole in Johnson’s chest.
The breeze long hand dust is broken on the spot.
It’s that the tortoise shell has been carried by the sacrifice for many years.
Yu Qiuye …
vanish from sight
"It’s a bow!"
Tortoise shell looks like a cold mountain.
"Zhou has already found us."
Chapter 143 Pure
Wait for the fake artifact-shoot the sun bow!
A thousand miles apart, an arrow can break the array law and seriously injure two seven-order immortal species. Even West Asia should be amazed at this means.
"Zhou Daoyou …"
"Really means it!"
She waved her sleeves at the same time with low emotion.
"Do it!"
As soon as the words sound just fell, six strong smells emerged one after another around him, hiding Johnson Sang in the underground residence and surrounded him.
There are other strands hidden in the distance.
Immortal species!
Seven-order longevity species of Bingmeng
There is a big roar loud.
"Sang Johnson, you are an ice brother, but you collude with outsiders in an attempt to assassinate the deputy leader. Don’t give in easily and wait for the leader’s mercy."
The earth trembles and the dragon sings and vibrates