Surdak felt that being in a white light was then deprived of the five senses.

For about a few seconds, when all the sensory parts return to the body, the white light disappears …
Surdak felt that he was in a floating island, and there was a sea of clouds in front of him, and countless silver minarets protruded from the clouds in the distance.
He suddenly looked at the sky by induction. The dome here is actually made up of several crystal stones.
A few angels swam from head to sky in an instant, stirring with a rich and majestic sacred atmosphere.
A king kong gate stands in front of us, which is about 100 meters high. The main body of the gate is made of obsidian with sacred breath. The porch columns on both sides of the gate are silver, and the top of the gate has a huge circular emblem. Surdak is hundreds of meters away from this gate. It feels like the front of a skyscraper.
The magnificent building exudes a solemn atmosphere, and the breath will naturally become lighter in front of the gate of Surdak.
"Duck, where are we?" Andrew looked around cautiously and asked Surdak.
"It is said that this is the only gate leading to the hell world-the King Kong Gate." Surdak looked up at the gate in front of him. He also saw that there were bundles of white light falling on this step. Every time the white light fell, some strong people appeared. They picked up the steps and went to the King Kong Gate in front.
"The big battlefield is in the gate?" Andrew asked again.
"Well," Surdak replied, but he was not sure.
Six statues of angels stand on the left and right sides of the gate. These statues stand on six circular platforms. Even the statues are carved to life, with a pair of white wings and sacred breath emanating from their wings.
There is a row of long steps in front of the King Kong Gate. More than a dozen strong people are climbing the extremely gentle steps. Only a few of these strong people are human. Surdak recognized some elves and saw a strong dwarf. It seems that everyone did not exchange ideas, but they all walked towards the King Kong Gate step by step.
Surdak learned that he had just been sent here, and the strong men stepped towards the King Kong Gate.
Ogres, half-elf archers and Na ‘nai natives followed Suldak closely.
A night elf holds a short green bow woven from rattan in his hand and looks at Samira, a half-elf archer, but nods to her kindly.
Sami Lamian Noodles was cold and didn’t respond.
There are many strong people gathered on the platform in front of the gate. The door is divided into several groups, and everyone seems to be waiting in line.
A human warrior with a sword on his waist, when the strong man saw Surdak, strode forward. He exuded the strong man’s coercion and said, "I’m Lei Gesi, the gatekeeper. Please show me your battlefield pass."
There is a legal resistance in his voice.
Surdak handed the big battlefield pass in his hand to the human warrior, and he looked through it slightly and said
"The knights of the Green Empire go to Roland Mainland to report that you need to queue up in order to enter the King Kong Gate. No noise is allowed in front of the King Kong Gate."
Lei Gesi, the gatekeeper, showed Surdak and his party to the front of the team with mixed races.
There are not only elves, dwarf warriors, but also orc warrior Surdak, who is full of muscles. At the end of the team, the two-headed ogre is very eye-catching in the tall team.
In front of Surdak, there is an elf warrior. He is dressed in a delicate red magic pattern with carved patterns. The whole outfit is decorated with silver magic patterns. He is extremely handsome. The only thing that affects the aesthetic feeling is his slender ears that extend to both sides.
A magic tattoo extends from his neck to his ears. When he sees Surdak, he is very friendly and says hello later.
"Hey, are you also strong in Roland mainland?"
"hmm!" Surdak nodded.
There is an exquisite blade hanging from the waist of the male elf. It has always been said that the weapons and armor of the elf kingdom are exquisite. Surdak, look at that blade. It is really beautiful.
The male elf’s eyes are magnificent amber, and when he smiles, he looks very kind, but he is not as cold and arrogant as the elves.
He speaks imperial language very well. "I heard that there are some people in the inferno who are ready to move. The situation on the front line is very tense. All ethnic groups are sending more people. Where are you from?"
"Green empire Bena province" Surdak replied.
Elf slightly one leng embarrassed smile to say
"I’m a fencing poet from the Republic of Rasmussel. My name is Lego."
Seemed to see Surdak’s eyes blank and immediately added, "It is a small country belonging to the silver moon Elves in the Elf World."
"Gulitim … brain flower!"
Samira still didn’t speak.
Elf warrior Lego lifted up her head and said cheerfully to Gullit.