The two children are a little confused. This problem is really too difficult for them.

"Guess your dad will be back soon. How can you have a good year this year?" Su Mian sighed.
The situation in Kitahara is very good. Now there are two tribes and Qi who haven’t taken it yet, but we also know that their luck is exhausted and there won’t be much change.
In the past six months, I haven’t even asked for a lot of food and grass, so most of the resources are enough for the daily life of the three armed forces. It can be seen that two-thirds of the wealth of the original people in the North has been shipped back to the hands of the big Yin army in recent months, and many things have not been seen by Su Mian.
"Dad won’t leave when he comes back?" Ming’ an remembers that Dad said before he left that he would not leave when he came back this time.
"Yes, I won’t go when I come back." Su Mian said how much she missed him. This trip has passed for half a year. Chapter 764.
Far North Yuan Yan Gui certainly didn’t know that Su Mian had returned to Beijing.
At present, the war situation is very smooth, and the day after tomorrow, we will attack Qidu. If we take Qidu Beiyuan, we will return to Tianli.
"When you get Qi, just go home with me. Your daughter was born for so long and she hasn’t seen it." Yan returned.
"Let’s go home after taking Qi’s capital. I’m not in a hurry. There are several tribes behind me. Don’t drive me away. It’s like a war. This time, I have to keep Liu to look after the children. I’m at ease." Blast way
Xiao Liu gave birth to a daughter, but Gao Feng was not disappointed. Isn’t the daughter fine? I don’t want it yet.
Yan Gui smiled and didn’t say it was right again, but it was like fighting.
At the very least, this generation of them won’t have such a big fight again.
Su Mian in Yanjing City rested for a day, got up early the next morning and waited for everyone to come.
The queen is back, and the concubines are naturally coming to inquire after her.
Xianfei headed all filed into the Hall of Harmony.
"Greet the empress. Greet the empress."
"Get up, let’s go to the Peace Palace." Su Mian smiled and waved.
When everyone got up, Xianfei laughed. "The empress lost weight when she went for several months. We all felt that the empress was down a peg or two in the harem."
"What’s the matter with the empress dowager empress?" Su Mian smiled.
Is it true that the virtuous princess is delayed? I can’t help but say, "After all, the Empress Dowager is an elder who is worried that the Empress Dowager is also healthy."
"Just sit down and have some tea. Let’s go and inquire," Su Mian said.
They thanked them and really went to drink tea.
I can’t help thinking about the Empress Dowager and Empress Dowager, but I don’t know what will happen later.
After a quarter of an hour, a concubine in Su Mian’s harem went to the Anning Palace to pay her respects.
The queen mother waited for Su Mian to wait yesterday, but she was a little annoyed. She didn’t come until today. It’s strange that she can be smooth.
Su Mian came to the first place and said, "Greet the Empress Dowager Empress."
"get up" cihui queen mother light way
They listened and knew that the queen mother was even unhappy, but they all bowed their heads and paid their respects.
"Some time ago, I really couldn’t come back. I didn’t finish processing many things, but my male and female servants disobeyed the queen mother’s request for pardon." Su Mianfu said.
Empress Cihui’s anger exploded. What do you mean she can’t come back? I have made an imperial decree, that is, I have to come back if I don’t come back! It’s reckless of her to say so!
"I’m just worried about you when I’m old. What are you doing in the queen’s harem? You should be in charge of the power and the emperor should be in charge, even if the emperor doesn’t have his own prime minister."
Does this mean that Su Mian is meddling?
Su Mian has not received this kind of words for many years, and she is also humbled and endured a smile. "Mother is absolutely right."
"Since the mourning family says yes, don’t do these things. You are the queen. Your duty is to take charge of the protection of the sixth house and arrange the concubines to be called Sun Maofan." The Empress Dowager Cixi frowned.
This statement was silent for four miles.
Everyone knows that the queen mother is annoyed, but these words are not heavy. Yes, the queen can’t monopolize the position, but … This time, Emperor Chen was either a queen or a queen, and she always occupied the position. There is always a reason to think that the queen mother should not say this.
Su Mianshi is humbled and reluctantly smiled. "Mother said that it is very important for male and female servants to be in charge of the protection of the sixth house, but don’t expect male and female servants to arrange concubines to serve you …"
Su Mian turned around and gently pointed to the concubines. "If anyone has something to do, the palace will never stop you from sleeping."