The huge shock wave almost opened the sandstorm raging in the distance.

At this time, others rushed in, yelling at each other, flying in the sky, hiding in the ground, doing things, throwing out the spirit.
Suddenly the huge python is as dense as a hundred flies.
And the biggest one is to kill the dragon master in the front
The monster beast of the Black Sand Python King Jiufeng is as strong as steel and as thin as gold and iron.
But this group of people in Zhenlongge is not easy to provoke, and they are all strong and brave.
Soon King Python felt the pain.
Once again, it suddenly glowed with black light in a long hiss, and a huge energy fluctuation that made people feel palpitation broke out instantly and rushed to the dragon Lord.
However, the dragon Lord in the sky is not afraid of the pike, and he will retreat instead of advancing!
Another big bang, the dragon Lord was directly blown out by this huge energy.
However, King Python also felt bad about bleeding on both sides of his mouth. Two dark blood floated in the black sand of Sinochem.
Fang people have fled.
This black sand is highly toxic. Once it is contaminated, it will be either dead or disabled!
They escaped from the black sand and continued to attack the python king.
King Python roared again, his huge body began to twist, and his head was also aimed at those pesky flies, ready to attack.
However, a white figure hit the meteor again!
One shot broke it, and half a fangs ran through the whole Pakistan, and thick black blood kept flying.
The collision just now smashed half the helmet of the Dragon Lord.
A determined face and cold eyes.
"kill! !”
With the passage of time, the dragon Lord led the huge monster beast Black Sand Python King to finally fall to the ground with a long hiss.
The edge of the sand storm stopped instantly.
King Python is finally dead!
The biggest threat of several cities in the west has finally been lifted!
The sun shines on the dragon master’s bloody shoulders.
People cheered excitedly.
"Dragon Lord! Dragon Lord! "
Shout echoed in the marginal desert
At this moment, the Dragon Pavilion truly reached the peak of the western half of the Nine Cities Alliance!
Ye Long looked at the distant sun and smiled for a long time.
"The dragon Lord is mighty!"
The surrounding call is still going on
"The dragon master is so handsome and handsome that he drops the slag!"
Suddenly, a brittle and not very harmonious tone sounded in the crowd.
People turned to look at a girl with beautiful long hair who was shouting excitedly around the dragon master. It seemed as if she was more excited than them.
Suddenly several weapons pointed at her, and all eyes were locked in her body.
This inexplicable person is really inexplicable.
At this time, the dragon Lord also turned his head.
Immediately froze after seeing the figure.
"Xiaoxiao? !”
"Hee hee" Ye Xiaoxiao took a bite of Lingguo.
A moment later, a long line began to return from the desert.