[Team] Eraser to wipe angry/fudge! What are you doing? It’s hard to meet a girl! I thought we agreed to travel to Suzhou city together! to be continued

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[346. Chapter three hundred and forty-seven Steal half a day]
Zuo Tangtang …
In an instant, Zuo Tangtang burst into tears. It took her so long to bring her soy sauce for nothing. What did she want to do?
The team information in soy sauce is still flashing and refreshing.
I haven’t made up my mind for a long time, so I just went straight to the ideological education of fudge from the bottom of my heart.
[Team] The pig’s trotters are stewed, and the rubber is fine. It’s really fine
Zuo Tangtang tried to explain the fact that it would make her more comfortable for soy sauce makers to stay here.
[Team] Eraser What do you mean nothing? !
[Team] Eraser to wipe the table/fudge. Are you embarrassed? Isn’t it uncomfortable to have a day without nagging? Look at the whole soy sauce! Who talks more than you!
Eraser wipes this pile of words. Righteousness words are thrown out. Seeing Zuo Tangtang in distress situation is also a good thing. If you send a message in a team channel, you will not be surprised by the people around you.
Many people accuse each other of talking too much. Who gave him courage and confidence?
Zuo Tangtang forgot to talk, but the team news continued.
[Team] Eraser wipes Meng/hoof sister ~ Don’t mind staying by for a while ~
[Team] Pig’s trotters stew?
[Team] Eraser Wipe Attentive/Let’s solve some things right away.
Eraser said with a smile, the difference is that Zuo Tangtang’s strange feeling in his heart is getting more and more strange, and a plot that she doesn’t want to think of somehow appears more clearly in her mind.
Could it be …
Zuo Tangtang was not sure when he saw a row of conspicuous red fonts in the center of the screen.
Tong Ruan Ruan Sugar was kicked out of the team
Oh! It’s true!
Seeing this row of fonts, Zuo Tangtang suddenly lamented the conjecture in his heart and then it really came true.
This fudge is really! Isn’t it usually witty? He didn’t notice that he was an eraser team assistant today!
[Team] Pig’s trotters are stewed! Eraser! It’s nothing!
[Team] Don’t stew pig’s trotters! ! !
Zuo Tangtang hurriedly blocked it by typing, but there was still no ability to watch the soy sauce makers suddenly be polite and polite, and let the onlookers wait for a while and then forcibly drag the fudge away to the corner.
The original chatter was very pleasant. The ordinary people in the Jianghu didn’t react. What happened one by one? Naturally, they didn’t find the fudge being dragged by the chain. You know, there is no interaction that can make people do this.
Doing so is generally a battle line.
After thinking about it with Zuo Tangtang, soy sauce is popular.
The feeling be nasty to catch up with Zuo Tangtang accidentally pressed the key and didn’t go to blow the horse whistle again. Zuo Tangtang directly chased all the way with flying skills.
Suzhou city
Passers-by come and go, and the ordinary people in the Jianghu are still waiting for Zuo Tangtang in the same place, and they will turn their attention to the fork in the road ahead when they cast a glance.
Which way is it?
Zuo Tangtang has some headaches.
The information of the next friend shows that Zuo Tangtang still occupies the right hand side of the screen conspicuously because it is not closed yet.
Your best friend has been killed three times. Do you want to send him?