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Chapter 528 The picture is beautiful
To the east of Dingfeng Mountain, it is like spring at this time, with warm sunshine and slightly cool wind, but not so cold.
Two people standing in vain, Haikui holding Yuan Yuan’s waist, looking around, the grand palace-style building makes people feel refreshed at first sight.
Yuan Yuan hugged Haikui tightly. Although this was not the first time she followed Haikui, this condescending shock made her little dream flutter.
"It seems that I have to discuss with her master about the housewarming ceremony!"
Haikui looked at the magnificent building and sighed.
"She? Your wife? "
Yuan Yuan’s tone is insipid, but it is hard to hide his loss behind the insipid.
Haikui smiled and changed the subject. "Next, you find the previous designer and design a more magnificent palace building for me. I want to build the gate of my Longmen Sect!"
"Didn’t you say that Leng Yue sent the first and Longmen sent the second? How can it be built bigger than Leng Yue?"
"No one said that the second place can’t be bigger than the first place!"
Yuan Yuan pie pie, don’t argue with him this!
Fly down below, come to the construction site, only the last finishing work, fill a hole here, where to fill the color.
The overall feeling is quite satisfactory.
Hai Kui and Yuan Yuan turned around, feeling good, and left.
After having dinner with Yuan Yuan, Haikui was reluctant to part with her.
Haikui was in a good mood. When he came home, Han Wenxuan had put the child to bed and was about to take a shower. Then this guy was so bad that he sneaked on her while she just slipped into the bathtub.
Lying in bed in a comfortable position, Haikui took the person in his arms and asked, "When will you find your master?"
"I forgot to tell you, after my unremitting efforts and working day and night with the workers, the new sect of Leng Yue has been built. Would you like to go and see it tomorrow?"
Haikui said shamelessly and with some credit.
"Built? So soon? Only half a year! " Han Wenxuan was really surprised.
Haikui gloated, "That is, you don’t look at who your husband is. Can’t you do such a small thing well?"
"Go, give your face less gold!"
Haikui was very lost and sad. "Why didn’t you praise?"
"Nothing worthy of praise!"
Haikui feels heartbroken! Give a long sigh, "hey, I worked so hard to build a house with bricks on my back every day, and finally I didn’t even get a compliment!" "
Han Wenxuan pushed Haikui away and stared at him. If she could believe what he said, it would be a ghost!
"I want to see it!"
"It’s windy and dark this month, tomorrow!"
"Can’t wait!"
Looking at Han Wenxuan’s expectant eyes, Haikui couldn’t bear to refuse. "Well, let’s go and have a look!"
It’s really high and windy outside. In May, it’s still in spring, and it’s no longer as cold as in winter. I feel that the moon is far away from the earth, and the moonlight is not so bright and groggy.
The dim moonlight shines on them and flies from the sky, as if two people fly month by month.
With Han Wenxuan came to Leng Yue’s new address, the workers have slept, quiet, even the insects are quiet.
Haikui lowered his voice and asked, "How?"
A bug with a shimmering light happened to fly by Haikui’s eyes. He reached out and grabbed the bug, and then watched it struggle to escape from his palm.
Han Wenxuan looked at a large group of palaces in front of him. He didn’t know what to say, but his heart was very touched.
Haikui’s heart moved, and it seems that it will be another month before he knows Han Wenxuan. This is a gift he gave her for the first anniversary.
"You wait here, I’ll be right back."
Hai Kui teleported to Sizhou Province, where he had seen it before, but he just didn’t know if these bugs had finished hibernating.
However, the place where he went is like spring all year round. At this time, all the bugs should have flown out.
He stopped at the top of a small river and looked down. Sure enough, there was a flickering light in the grass by the river.
With a wave of his hand, the wind blows, and countless fireflies are scared to fly by the sudden wind. They are everywhere all over the sky, very beautiful.
Haikui reached out and took out the five-spirit magic beads, reached over and put all those fireflies into the five-spirit magic beads!
"I’ll lend it to you and let you come back after the performance!"
Haikui seems to be talking to the worm, and seems to be talking to himself, and the figure disappears.
He returned to Dingfeng Mountain, where Han Wenxuan was waiting for him.
Haikui smiled mysteriously. "I’ll show you something later, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our acquaintance!"
At this thought, it turned out that he was going to be an uncle of forty.
Han Wenxuan didn’t ask, but there was obvious expectation in his eyes.
Uncle, who is going to be forty, smiled mysteriously and waved his hand. The roofs of the palaces were covered with small bugs.
Haikui grinned at Han Wenxuan again, and then blew a breath at the palace. Fireflies were disturbed and flew up in succession. Suddenly, the whole palace was shrouded in flashing fluorescence, just like a fairyland.